A Steampunk Dragon Hunting RP reboot.

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  1. Hello! Welcome!

    This is a reboot of an RP I had earlier, following the adventures of a crew of Dragon hunters.

    Here's a bit of lore so far.

    Apollo's Rest
    Apollo's Rest is a large city that grew off of Dragon Hunting.
    It stands atop a tall mountain and is bordered by massive turrets.
    The building at the peak of the mountain is dedicated to dragon hunters, and features a statue of Apollo slaying Python.

    Dragons are hunted for many reasons, to keep them away from people, for their blood or scales, for their oil or meat, for sport... but the main reason they are hunted, are 'Dragon Crystals' that grow on the skeletons of Dragons, primarily around the rib-cage. Dragon crystals are mysterious sources of power to these beasts, theorized to be the sources of their 'magical' breath and their flight abilities despite their massive size. There's not a lot known about the crystals other than that their color corresponds to the dragon's abilities, and that they can be used for countless purposes.. They are still being studied extensively.
    A crystal extracted from a fire-breathing dragon.
    This variant is called "Pyrocite"
    Yep, get your hands on some of this from a dragon's carcass, and you can sell it for loads of money. But if you need a certain type or amount of crystal, you're going to need to know what to hunt.

    Different abilities are activated with different crystals.

    Abilities and corresponding crystals;
    Fire- PyroCite
    Ice- Cryocite
    Poison- Toxicite
    Lightning- Electrocite
    Wind- Cyclonite
    Water- Aquacite.
    Fireball- Explocite

    A story is up for discussion.
  2. I'm up for round two.
  3. Very tempted by this one...
  4. I'm down.
  5. I'm interested!​
  6. color me interested
  7. I still have some things I'd like to work out.

    Mostly two things, the level of magic in the story, and the level of technology.

    The political condition of the world is up for discussion as well. It could end up being a small or extremely important topic.

    I have a good idea of how dragons are hunted.
    (If everything goes right, Airship follows dragon, Planes manipulate dragon, a Hunter jumps onto the dragon and sinks a blade into various weak spots. Guns on planes and airship may be employed to fight the dragon, but at the risk of losses crystals.)
    Though if you have any idea for alternate tactics, do tell.

    *Ooc will be up by late Thursday.
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  8. Seems cool. I'm down.
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  9. I'll have something up this weekend!
  10. Alright.

    Sometimes not everyone gets the alert that the Ooc is up.
  11. Didn't even see it. Thanks for the mention.
  12. Also, the Overview will regularly have additional info added to it including things that players add to the lore.
  13. Is this open? I'm interested.
  14. Yeah, still open.
  15. Yes! I shall finish reading the stuff and make a character sometime soon.