A Star to Light My House By (Savvy Savant and BarrenThin)

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  1. Gone Before Sunrise

    Greg House was, needless to say, shaken by the events of Eden. He had pushed everyone away. Got drunk often. Took Vicodin even more regularly than usual. Nobody could get why out of him, and the only person that knew could barely get anything other than insults out of him when she spoke. 'She' was, of course, Yvaine, the naive, stupid, blonde woman he'd met in Eden. Somehow, she had ended up back in his world.

    Naturally, the woman was confused, coming from something of a medieval culture. So it was left to a reluctant, annoyed House to guide her through his world and at least try to answer her many questions.

    Reclining in his chair at his desk in the hospital, he was looking at a porn magazine, even though Yvaine was just a few feet away. He really didn't care, and it was quite possible he did things like this simply to annoy her.​
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  2. Be Careful What You Wish For

    It was a term many people had heard, but almost none lived by. Yvaine knew this quite well, as someone who often used to find herself dreaming of adventures and quests like the ones she'd witnessed so many folk go on from her perch in the sky. When she used to wish of this, however, the absolute last thing she'd expected was ending up in foreign land.. Not once, but twice.

    She'd been dragged from her home to another world, where she'd encountered the man she now found herself stuck with. Some may have thought a journey to another world would be exciting, pleasing, fun... But the only thing the star felt was pain. The pain of being in a foreign world she knew nothing about, the pain of missing her own world and her place in the sky, and the pain of knowing that, despite making it out of Eden, she'd let others down.

    It seemed the blonde was spacing off a lot since she'd arrived here(no pun intended), as she was now. Maybe these were the things she thought about, or maybe, she had daydreams of returning home.. Or maybe of other things, for all anyone else knew. It wasn't terribly hard to keep her difference out of notice of the people around her, as "no star can shine with a broken heart".

    She seemed to be oblivious to House's antics... Either that, or she was blatantly ignoring him. It seemed the latter was more likely.​
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  3. House frowned upon noticing that she was ignoring him. So he stuck the magazine in front of her face. The woman looked a bit like Yvaine, and was in a rather obscene position. "On a scale of one to ten, how bad do you think her syphilis is?"​
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  4. The blonde frowned deeply at this, smacking the magazine away near immediately without risking giving it so much as a glance. If House was sticking something in her face, she had a feeling it was something she wouldn't want to look at. "I don't know, and I don't care," she replied with clear annoyance. ​
  5. "But syphilis is a very serious disease. You really should care." House spun his chair while he spoke, staring at the ceiling. "Besides, she looks like you. You didn't tell me you did porn."​
  6. "Maybe I'd care more if you didn't shove things I don't wish to see in my face," she deadpanned, staring at House quietly. She only huffed with annoyance at this, shaking her head with a frown. "Oh, but of course. Because someone looks like me, they automatically are me. Why I didn't tell you? Because I don't do it. And quite frankly, even if I did, you'd be the last person I'd be aching to tell," she snapped.​
  7. "Ooh. Touchy today, aren't we? Is it because you're on your period, or because I might be the only person in the whole world willing to sleep with you?"​
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  8. This only earned a cold glare. "...Why don't you try being dragged off to some pervert's world that you know nothing about? Of course, not without also going from sleeping during the day and shining at night to being expected to stay awake during the day and not shine at all?"

    "Even if that were the case, it'd take a miracle for you to have even a chance at sleeping with me."​
  9. "I'm in the business of miracles."​
  10. At this, Yvaine just stared blankly at the diagnostician, a variety of emotions showing through her eyes. Most notably, annoyance and disbelief.​
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  11. House grinned at her. He was really just killing time right now.​
  12. She just shifted under his gaze, turning hers away again. "Don't you have lives to be saving? You shouldn't be wasting your time chasing the stars." It seemed it was time for a subject change.​
  13. "Nope. No interesting cases and I'm dodging clinic hours." House made a 'sh' sign.
  14. Her brows raised at this, before she sighed and shook her head. "Offfff course..." she muttered, rubbing her temples. This was just.. Great.​
  15. His expression softened slightly, and his mouth opened, but it quickly closed tightly.​
  16. She noticed this, and tilted her head curiously. "...What were you going to say?"​
  17. "That you have a nice ass." It was highly unlikely that's what he was going to say, of course.​
  18. This caused a vivid blush to creep upon her face, but she was unconvinced despite. "I meant what you were actually going to say. Not some false compliment you came up with on the fly."​
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  19. "Nothing important. You do have a nice ass, though."​
  20. "By the way you're dodging it, I think otherwise."

    There was a pause, and she broke eye contact again, staring down. "Well.. Thank you, I think," she muttered.​