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    Ah, the magnificent kingdom of Stormhold... Where the impossible was possible, dreams came true, pirates sailed the clouds and fished for lightning, witches tried to cut out your heart to eat it, and...


    A lonely star resided, in the castle at the peak of the kingdom. It'd been a long time, to say the least, since Yvaine had seen anyone she'd cared about....

    Oh, right. Probably because they were almost all dead. Even the people she'd met upon being dragged out of her universe, and into a bizarre kingdom called 'Eden' less than a week ago had perished.. Though, their deaths were much less.. Pretty, than those of the friends Yvaine had had before then. But, one still remained;

    A man she'd met in Eden, named Gregory House, that had somehow been dragged back to her universe with her..

    Admittedly, Yvaine probably would've been happy to have a friend again; if it weren't for the fact that, one, the man happened to also enjoy picking on and messing with her. Two, he also constantly flirted with her. Three, the man was completely unfamiliar with her world; a world of magic- that was of a medieval culture, rather than a modern one.

    Which was probably what had Yvaine so stressed out.

    Since her return, she'd spent less time trying to get back into the sky again, and more time trying to figure out a solution. Luckily, as the last royalty- or the closest thing to it -in the kingdom, since Tristan had passed away.. Yvaine had access to the best information sources in all of Stormhold. As such, she'd been spending a lot of time in the library... And all of her time trying to make sure House didn't get himself in trouble.

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  2. House, sitting alone, stared at the bottle of Vicodin with perhaps the most worried expression he'd had since coming here. It was almost empty. Three pills left. Almost reluctantly, he took one, pocketing the bottle before going to find Yvaine.

    "You know, my leg might feel better if you kissed me."

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  3. This made Yvaine- who had been reading quietly -'s cheeks turn a flustered red. "..Will it really, or are you just saying that?" She probably wouldn't have bought into it, even with how naive she was.. If she hadn't been exhausted from this constant search for information that might help.​

  4. "Oh, yeah. Certainly. Hormones. Medical shit. A kiss on the dick would work even better."​
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  5. This made Yvaine turn even redder, obviously extremely flustered. But, hesitantly(and without looking directly at House, out of sheer embarrassment), she did place a brief, soft kiss on his lips.​
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  6. House blinked and looked over his shoulder at nothing in particular. "... You actually bought that?"

    "... You're more hopeless than I thought, Blondie."​
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  7. Yvaine was bright red, at this point. "I-" she started to object, or maybe defend herself... But cut herself off. "..Just.. H-hush."
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  8. House snickered. "What? Embarrassed? Don't be. Your naiveté is adorable."​

  9. She almost let herself say what she'd originally been about to... But seemed to decide against it. It wasn't difficult to pick up how embarrassed she was, though. "That isn't why I'm embarrassed... Sh-shush."

  10. House shrugged. "You could always kiss my dick to calm down."​
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  11. This took Yvaine's embarrassment to a whole new level. "Wh-why on Earth would I do that?!" ​

  12. House watched her quietly. "... I'm guessing you're a virgin, Blondie."​

  13. "So what if I am?" She still wouldn't meet his gaze. Most likely because of the fact she'd kissed him, and was still extremely embarrassed about it.​

  14. "D'awww. The immortal star is a virgin."​
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  15. Well, talk about embarrassing. At this rate, with House teasing her, her blushing would probably never die down. "S-so what?" she repeated, trying to calm back down. She very obviously didn't know- and, probably didn't want to know -what he was making a big deal about this for. Regardless, it didn't make it any less embarrassing.. And all she could do was keep her eyes away from House and try to stop blushing.​
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  16. "You might be the most stupid, adorably innocent immortal ever."​
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  17. She wanted to object.. But held back. "Yeah, well, you'll just have to live with that 'til I can find you a Babylon Candle."

    "Besides.. What would you know about immortals, anyways?"​
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  18. "I've seen plenty of celebrities. They're immortal, right?" House shifted. "And what's a Babylon Candle?"​

  19. Yvaine tilted her head. Considering this world was medieval... "'Celebrities'? Never heard of that, before. What are they?"

    House's second question did earn a faint grin. "I thought you knew everything?" she teased, playfully.​

  20. "They're like strippers, usually. Sometimes literally."

    "I know more than you."​
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