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  1. The angelic princess is finally of age to marry, and decides she wants to find a man who loves
    her. Given five years to find a suitable husband, the princess sets out and starts searching.
    But every town she comes across holds men who all know who she is, who all worship and
    bow before her. The princess decides to expand her search, and finally comes across a town
    filled with people who not only don't know who she is, have never seen an angel before. But
    these people all hold darkness in their hearts, all creatures of shadows. Vampires, demons,
    incubuses, and more. The Prince of these lands, who is a cruel and evil man, falls in love with
    the angel. Not knowing who she is, he has his men kidnap her. But after many years, when
    rumors begin circling the town, the prince finally begins to piece together who his angel slave
    is, and his desperation to keep her hidden begins to take hold.
  2. She couldn't believe this is where her traveling had led her. It was strange, in all reality. This place was so different from anything she had ever seen. Buildings cascading around her, casting eerie shadows across the ground. People passed by her with their heads down, the black clouds hanging in the sky making them appear as if they were ghosts. Perhaps this wasn't the best place to find a husband, but still, she had to keep searching. Brunette hair cascaded down her back, eyes as blue as the sky looking around. Only a few people looked up as she walked, taking in her porcelain like features, staring before she disappeared into the crowd. How strange this place was. How dark. Very unlike her kingdom. But so interesting.
    "What'll you be having?" A woman asked from behind the counter, her crimson eyes meeting the angel's soft blue ones.
    "Surprise me." She spoke, voice soft with the remnants of a Russian sounding accent hanging on each word. She nodded and turned for a moment, setting down a glass of blue liquid in front of her.
    "You look new. Where ya from?" The angel smiled at her, taking a sip of the drink, eyes going wide in happy surprise.
    "Very far away. My name is Sansa Kortova. It's a pleasure." As she held out her hand, the woman behind the counter took it, offering a fanged smile to the girl.
    "Sansa. What a lovely name. I'm Valeria."

    They sat talking for some time, laughing to each other. Her head was beginning to feel fuzzy by the time the princess finally asked about the men in the kingdom.
    "Honestly, love, a pretty thing like you probably wouldn't want to marry any of the guys here. The people here are just as dark and gloomy as the city." The response made the girl sigh.
    "I see. That's a shame." She'd kept her identity a secret, only revealing her species to the woman.
    "The Prince is quite attractive, though. A bit sadistic, but extremely handsome." Sadistic? That most certainly wasn't the kind of man she was looking for. She was an angel, the purest of all of them. Why would she take on a husband like that?
    "Unfortunately I don't think I would be able to attract the attention of a prince." She giggled softly. "I suppose I should move on, then. I was given five years to find a husband and I'm afraid my time is running short." Valeria nodded, pushing away from the bar she'd been leaning against.
    "Well, it was a pleasure to meet an angel, Sansa." She held out her hand, which the girl gladly took.
    "And it was a pleasure meeting a vampire. I hope if I ever meet one again, they're as wonderful as you are." The two women shook hands, smiling at each other for a long while. Valeria looked out towards the city, then back at the angel.
    "If you'd like, you can stay here. We've got a spare room upstairs. Plus if you stayed, we could have a few more drinks together." Sansa couldn't help but chuckle, giving the girl a nod.
    "That would be lovely."
  3. A man walked past, his head down like everyone else. A hat hid his face in shadow. He wore a black trenchcoat with the collar flicked up, his back hunched slightly. His eyes flicked towards Sansa and he stopped dead.
  4. The angel sat at the bar, Valeria sitting next to her. They laughed and giggled, sipping on the cocktails in their hands. Her eyes shifted to look about the bar, and she couldn't help but stop as she met one set of eyes. She couldn't see his face well, but something strange stuck in her pit of her belly.
    "Valeria, who's that?" The woman turned and looked at the figure.
    "I.... don't know." She admitted, craning to get a better look at him.
  5. The only part of his face they could see, his mouth, curved into a wicked smirk. He slowly walked over to them. His steps were sure and determined.
  6. She didn't know why, but the butterflies in her stomach felt like they were dying, a feeling of panic beginning to set in. She needed to get away from this person. He was dangerous.
    "Valeria." She started in a hushed whisper, but the bartender smiled at the figure, raising a brow.
    "Can I get you something, hun?" She questioned, cocking her head to the side.
  7. He ignored Valeria, his attention dead set on Sansa.
    "Such beauty." He said, his voice silky-soft like a purr "This is not the place for you, my dear."
  8. She did her best to hold her composure, hands visibly shaken, but hidden under her coat. The corners of her lips turned up slightly as she watched him through wide eyes, terrified eyes.
    "Thank you." She responded to his complement. "I'm just visiting. I'll be leaving in the morning." Hopefully he'd let her go and the princess could pass this off as a bad dream.
  9. He frowned
  10. Sansa nodded at him slowly, eyes locked on him.
    "I'm on a bit of a quest, I suppose."
  11. "Perhaps I can offer my assisstance." He offered her his arm "Accompany me home and we can talk."
  12. Sansa looked to Valeria, who simply returned the gaze.
    "I'm sure the bed there is better than the rickety old thing here." But she didn't want to go with this man. She offered her best smile, shaking her head softly.
    "While I do want to thank you for your hospitality, I must regretfully decline." He gave her the heeby-jeebies.
  13. His lips tipped downwards.
    "Well, that's no good."
  14. Valeria nudged the angel, raising a brow.
    "It's rude not to accept invitations here." But she didn't want to accept. She'd rather be rude to this man. But, she was a princess after all. Clearing her throat, the girl stood, chestnut waves falling against her back. With a shaky hand, she slipped it around his arm, glancing at Valeria, who seemed to have some other ulterior motive hidden in her eyes. What was she doing?
  15. The man smiled widely.
    "Very good. Let us go."
  16. She was insanely nervous as the two walked from the tavern, eyes low as she pulled the hood over her head, hiding her soft features from the world around.
    "What is your name?" She asked softly, looking around before looking up at him.
  17. "My name is Casimir. What is yours?"
    Casimir led her down the dark street to a horse-drawn carriage.
    The carriage was grand and elaborate, but completely black. Its driver was sullen and ill looking, with pale skin and sickly black hair. Four ebony horses were ready to pull the carriage. Their coats were sleek and beautiful and their manes tumbled down in black waves. Their eyes were bright red.
  18. It looked like something out of a horror movie and suddenly, her conscious began screaming at her to run. She wanted to run. But dare she be rude? What if he was the prince? What if he was ready to attack? Or what if he was just being polite.
    "It's a pleasure, Casimir. My name is Sansa." She glanced at him before looking up at the carriage. Trust this man and get in, or strip her coat and take off into the night?
  19. He opened the door and put his hands on her waist to lift her up.
  20. Sansa couldn't help but freeze at the touch, heart racing as her hands fell upon his. She couldn't do this, couldn't get into this carriage with this man. Her mind yelled and screamed for her to stop, but her shaking body moved, sitting inside. Breathing increased and she put a hand over her heart, trying to calm herself.
    "If you don't mind my asking, who are you?" The angel was trying to stop herself from having a panic attack.
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