A Spy's mistake (purple rose and cryptic writer)

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  1. A simple job gone wrong by mistaken identity has landed a random woman in the mess of a spy's world.
  2. Eveanna headed inside the dimly lit club with her friends.She tugged self consciously at the silver cocktail dress even though it reached just slightly above her knee and was ahalter top that covered most of the skin towards her upper body.It was fairly modest compared to what most of the girls were wearing but she wasn't exactly used to the attention she was gaining from male admirers.Evey had been 'persuaded' to come to the club with her friends as a sort of pick me up after she'd found her long time boyfriend in bed with her co-worker.She hadn't let him get away with the satisfaction of seeing her broken hearted and had instead angrily punched him in the nose;successfully breaking it as well.That was a week ago and her close friends had tired of her moping and finally decided she needed a night to let loose and forget about him.That is what brought her here now in a silver cocktail dress,black heels and her hair thrown into a messy-yet attractive updo.Heading over to the bar,she ordered arandom fruity cocktail of the menu and paid for it.With a sigh,she sipped it catiously before deciding she liked the taste.
  3. His cellular device chirped, which was unusual for this time of night. He answered as a female voice spoke on the other end of the line. "Agent MS. One of the guys you were checking upon is in a local night club." With those words spoken, Samson hung the phone up and stepped away from his window, which he was gazing out of just before night had fallen. After awhile, Samson had gotten dressed in the appropriate night club attire then walked outside but stayed within the shadows. Samson sneaked his way into the night club then squinted his eyes, since it was a little dim in the building. Once his target was sighted, he had to make it seem like he wasn't really looking for anyone so he went towards the bar and ordered himself a couple of Jack Daniels shots.
    His eyes diverted towards a female beside him as he smiled a little bit before taking a shot. "So, you come here often?" He asked her while seeing his target head over towards him. Once his target walked past him, he excused himself from the female he was talking to then walked over towards his target. "Agent SS..." Samson spoke right before grabbing him and taking the fight outside. A few minutes later, he returned and went back over towards the bar and threw a twenty dollar bill on the counter top then smiled at the female and walked away.
    "We'll meet again." He said with a smile and a wink then walked away. He picked up his cell phone and dialed a number. "It's been done." The female voice was firm and replied. "Good but now the female you was talking to is in danger." Samson raised a brow then tried to go back into the club but was stopped by the bouncer. "Once you leave, there is no going back in." Samson sighed as he basically had to wait until the female was fixing to leave the club and there was no telling what time that might be.
  4. Eveanna was surprised by his sudden appearance beside her and eyed him curiously over the rim of her drink."So,you come here often?"She couldn't help but laugh at his cliché pickup line."Honestly no,but maybe if you're here I might just come more often."Evey replied with a flirtatious smile.It was unlike her to flirt so openly but the handsome man before her was intriguing and she desired to know more about him.At his sudden departure,she watched him leave with curious eyes and wondered where it is he was heading.He disappeared in the crowd of people and she returned her gaze to her drink with a sigh of disappointment.'There goes that hope.'She thought bitterly,turning her gaze in search of her friends."We'll meet again."His voice startled her and she quickly turned to see him beside her.His wink caused her to blush deeply and she watched the man leave.After failing to find her friends after a couple more drinks,Evey headed out of the club.As she walked,she thought she felt someone watching her and shivered slightly in fear.
  5. Samson saw the female leaving the club then saw another agent trail not too far behind her. He knew that he had to intervene and that he did. He walked over there beside her and smiled while talking softly. "Told you that we'd meet again." Another wink came from him towards her, hoping to see that blush once again. Samson saw a restaurant up ahead then invited her for some late night dinner. "I know it's late but I would completely understand if you say no..." Samson lowered his head. "Though it would break my heart." A sly smirk started to appear across his facial features as the other agent slowly backed off.
    How could he tell this female that he live was fixing to get turned upside down? How could he face the fact that it was basically his fault? Samson head felt like it was fixing to explode from all of the thoughts. "So, how about that dinner offer?" His brow raised as he waited for her to respond.
  6. Eveanna was startled once more by the sudden appearance of the handsome man she'd met in the club earlier.A blush heated across her cheeks at his familiar wink sent her way."I guess you were right after all."She replied with a warm smile."And dinner sounds nice but I'd like to know your name first before we go."He was a bit strange at times but his mysterious aura somehow drew her towards him.She knew there was something different about him when she first met this man but though he seemed intimidating,she didn't feel threatened when in his presence.
  7. His brow raised up when she asked for his name. He tried his best not to seem hesitate but knew that it probably wasn't working. "My name is Michael Holliday." His facial features grew into a smile as he grabbed her by the hand and led her into the diner nearby and sat down at a table near the window. Samson smiled over at the female then raised a brow towards her. "So, what is your name?" Samson asked just as a waitress came over and introduced herself as Maria then asked if they were ready to order. "Uhm, I'll have a glass of water with a burger and some fries. Thanks." Maria smiled down at him after writing his order down then turned towards the female, waiting to hear her order so that she can write it down.
  8. Eveanna was slightly suspicious of his name,noticing his slight hesitation."Well that's an interesting last name."She muttered.When the waitress turned to take her order,she glanced down at the menu."Could I please have a root beer and a cheeseburger with fries as well."She replied with a gentle smile.Maria nodded and left to place their orders."My name is Eveanna."She replied with a smile.
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