A Spring/Summer playlist of songs!

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  1. SO I am now working on a playlist of totally awesome Spring/Summer themed songs and I would love to get your suggestions of your favorites!

    These songs need to somewhere mention the season in the lyrics, or at least "feel" like a summer song! It doesn't matter what music genre they're in as long as it fits the theme. >:3

    To start us off, a popular new favorite. 8D


  2. One of my favourite 'summer' songs by my favourite artist <3 It doesn't have summer in the title, though. This one does!:

    As does this!

    This one also does not have 'summer' in the title, but being called 'In the Hot Hot Rays,' I think it can safely be considered a summer song. This one is probably my favourite. It just feels like summer.

    When I am at home with my playlist handy I'll have to post some more.

  3. Dunno if it's a "summer" song, but it's soothing.
  4. Lady Gaga- Summerboy. It's actually pretty peppy and light (at least for me?) Sorta reminds me of No Doubt for some reason...
  5. omg so many

    Destiny's Child: Jumpin' Jumpin'
    Destiny's Child: Survivor
    Destiny's Child: Say My Name

    . . . .

    Destiny's Child, the Survivor and Writing on the Wall albums, actually.

    Anything Owl City has ever made

    Anything Maroon 5 ever made but especially the Songs About Jane album

    aaaaaaaaaa so many! Woman I can't list them all! D8<

  6. Eliza and the Bear are pretty summery! :D

    RJD2 is pretty chill too :D

  7. Love this song! Totally reminds me of summer; heard it on How I Met Your Mother and fell in love (:
  8. I started listening to this group when I was in middle school during the summer coincidentally XD I still love them even now!

  9. NSFW, but first thing that I came up with;

    On that note;

    I regret nothing.
  10. Summertime -- My Chemical Romance
    I used to dislike this song, but it grew on me the summer before I started university. I have a lot of good, if slightly soppy memories attached to this song.

    Summertime Sadness -- Lana Del Rey
    The memories here are slightly more fuzzy, and relate to sipping cider by the river near where I live, and wandering in bare feet in a post exam heatwave.
  11. Gonna have to go old school. >_>

  12. I don't know why, but these songs have been on the top of my list.

    (Yes I am Panic! scum)
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