A Spot of Coffee


Mimma smiled back at Jake's dorky smile and noticed Cassandra walk in towards our table as Arianna called out to her and apparently they were not pleased with Leo being here, she barely knew him but the way he made his entrance didn't leave a good impression. She frowned folding her arms and leaning back on the chair rocking it a bit, it was her habit. She arched a brow when Leo called her "Happy" as in the dwarfs, he was naming everyone. She commented back at Leo, "Oh really? I didn't know I thought you were snow white." She looked at Ivar with an annoyed face, half the people here were not of her type and honestly she couldn't go well with them. Ivar knew that and so she eyed him knowing he would understand. Mimma was a all happy go lucky girl or little miss sunshine as her friends called her at school but that didn't mean she was easy going for everyone. Despite her personality of a sweet person for guy she was the hardest to get girl.
Wen Jake was on his laptop he didn't notice a lot but even he could not ignore the hate that just seemed to boil over as half the table glared at Leo.

I guess im missing something then.

Jake looked up at leo the question all over his face but he stopped him self from asking. Then he closed his laptop.

Well sens Ivar invited me here i guess i cant keep ignoring all of you.

Jake turned to Mimma.

So Happy how are you doing to day if i can ask.
Cassandra's eyes narrowed at Leo, and shifted him the finger back, mouthing the words, "Rotate."

God, some people just don't really seem to fit in anymore, do the Arianna. I don't understand why Ivar would bring him back to a coffee meet. I mean, what's the deal anyways.

Cassandra was much of an introvert who had to push herself to go out to these little meetings that Ivar had. When finally was there, she pretty much kept to herself until someone spoke to her.

Looking around to see if anyone else she knew was there, she sighed heavily then looked towards Ivar. "Hey, when the hell is this thing going to start?! I'd rather not be stuck in the same room as Leo. In fact, I'd rather be dead than be here." She looked back at Arianna and smiled. "There's no one here I'm interested in, but I am interested in -Someone.-" She grinned knowing that the questions were gonna start coming out.

The words she mumbled were almost impossible to make sense of except for anyone that was around her.
"EEEIIGH!" shouted Leo, making a noise like a gameshow buzzer before moving over to Fawn. He put a hand on her shoulder while looking at Cassandra. "I'm sorry, the position of snarky, pretentious bitch-queen with unconnected thought-process has already been taken. Please report for personality reassignment."

He took a seat next to Fawn, squeezing in beside Jake and putting his coffee on the table. "No one's forcing ya to be here, Princess. I saw a hobo outside - maybe you can go tell him how awesome you are. He's got issues with daddy too."

He leaned across the table, reaching for the sugar but not quite making it. "Hey, Mimma. Snow White needs some sugar. Can you hook me up?"

Then he sat back and whispered to Fawn. "You got a marker pen?"

Sleep deprivation was playing havoc with his etiquette.

"Hey, Mimma. Snow White needs some sugar. Can you hook me up?" Leo spoke after he sat down with his coffee. Mimma silently pushed it towards him, leaning back in her seat and agreed with Cassandra. "Yeah Ivar when will 'it' start what ever it is you called us for, cuz I got fine arts work to do and I can't loose much time, so lets make the most of it." Mimma sighed and pulled out a note book of blank pages and her drawing pencil and started sketching the scenario of how all of them were seated around the table. It was better than doing nothing.
<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9ND3oghPL5M" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="390" width="480"></iframe>

“A tad famished,”
a dry laugh, followed by, “I like it.” Her paint-splattered fingers glided lazily over the surface of her phone, saving the phrase for later. “It’s like being a little pregnant.”

Cassandra and Leo were at each others throats again, why couldn’t they just hate fuck and get it over with?

The topic of love lives, her own and others, was of zero interest to her. The sous chef sending her a picture of his dick as soon as she gave him her number had left Fawn feeling a little bitter to the concept of dating.

Fawn was silent, more interested in browsing through the pictures of her street team’s latest mural. For a moment, she relived the first chilly rays of sunlight piercing the milky darkness as they hanged, spray painting furiously, like spiders on the edge of the I-45 bridge.

She glanced up in time to catch Mimma buried in her sketchbook. So far, Fawn had liked her the best. She was the only one not trying to out sass anyone.

“Don’t worry, fangirl, you’ll have time.”
She looked as if she was about to ask Mimma something, but was interrupted by Leo tugging at her shoulder.

Fawn plunged her hand into her bag, and rummaged past the spray paint cans. 

“My thoughts are so connected,” she whispered back, locking eyes with Leo. She uncapped the vicious red felt marker, quickly sniffed it, before passing it to Leo. Their faces split into twin scheming grins, before they turned away from each other again.
Cassandra arched her eyebrow slightly at Leo ignoring his comment. "Dirty faggot," She thought to herself. Looking over at Mimma, she smiled knowing she didn't want to be here either. Not many of us did.

"Hey, Ivar; lets hurry up and get this thing started already."

The place was becoming fuller when more people started coming around and waiting in line. The poor guy running the cafe looked like he was gonna start pouring out sweat. She smiled at him once, then ran her fingers through her hair once more.

"Hey Mimma, wanna hang out or something after you're done with whatever you're doing and then harass the boys down at the mall?"

"It'd be completely interesting to see what they'd do, wouldn't it?"

Cassandra closed her eyes suddenly, and just listened to the people around her talking; ignoring Leo of course.

Cassandra closed her eyes.

Leo took the top off the marker pen.

Cassandra listened to everyone around her, ignoring Leo of course.

Leo leant across the table.

Leo put an X on Cassandra's forehead with the marker pen.

Leo sat back.

"Now you got an excuse to leave, home skillet."

Mimma sketched away and had a rough outline of the people at the table and smiled at herself, she looked up to hear Cassandra only to catch Leo mark her forehead with an X. Mimma smiled lightly finding it funny. Giving Cassandra's question a thought she was a bit puzzled, she wasn't sure if girls could even harass boys. "Harass boys at the mall ?!" Mimma repeated and asked some what innocently, "Not sure I've even heard of anything like that before, I'd rather 'try' flirting than harass them." She then thought to herself shortly and murmured to herself, "Not sure if I'll be able to do any of that." Mimma put her sketch book on the table and smiled at Cassandra, "I'd still love to hang out though, any of you girls interested?" she asked Fawn and Arianna.
Ivar was watching everyone, arms crossed, for a good few minutes. Finally he responded once he registered that people were asking him things. "Well, weren't some of you with us the last time? I thought this was what we were doing, sitting around and talking. Unless you'd rather I try and make up a conversation game on the spot, I..." he trailed off at that moment, because he thought he saw something out the window-wall at the front of the coffee shop.

In fact, everyone who happened to be facing that direction had reason to pause, for there seemed briefly to be a monkey standing upright a foot or two from the shop's entrance, with a black cloak draped over it. Then the monkey faded away, as if it was some kind of hallucination or terrible movie effect. Within seconds of the monkey's disappearance there was a brief tremor across the ground, enough to knock over a few edge-sitting glasses but not much else. It was still worrying, however, for the city they were sitting in was not anywhere near a fault line, and had no history of seismic activity whatsoever.

Ivar cleared his throat. "Um...did anyone else see...I mean..."

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As the Shaking started Jake immediately garbed his lapto and quickly absorbed him self in cheeking it over and making sure it was ok. then he slowly looked up as Ivar started to ask if any one had seen something or something like that. Jake had beryl been paying attention until the shaking started.

W......what the hell was that we have never had any kind of tremor's here before at least not that i know of.

Jake then looked off trying his best to check his memory and see if there had been tremor's before and he just didn't remember. After a few seconds he shook his head to no one in particle and looked at Ivar.

And what are you talking about we just had a earth quake.

"Holy shit guys!" Kate shouted as she stormed into the coffee shop and up to their table. "Did you feel that just now?!" Without waiting for an answer she pulled a random chair over to the table and sat down next to some pretty random looking people she swore she had never seen before. Or maybe she had and her memory wasn't at its best right now since she was so focused on not being late to this get together. ~Well the plan was not to be late...But it seems that I am.~ She thought to herself with a grimance. "Right!" Her voice sounded really loud to her but she couldn't seem to calm down. "My name's Kate for those of you that don't know me. Hey Ivar!" She waved excitedly and then face palmed herself. "Now what the hell was up with the mini earthquake just now? I didn't think we got those."
Her eyes narrowed at Leo.

"Seriously. Are you ever going to grow up?"

She stood up from the table glancing around.
"I'll be right back."

Moving quickly she walked through the coffee shop towards the washroom stepping in, while grabbing some paper towel and wetting it, to get the X off her forehead.

"Fuckin' idiot."
She muttered to herself.

Walking back out, she noticed Kate going on about whatever it was she was going on about thinking to herself the girl is absolutely crazy. She wondered why Ivar invited her as well.

Cassandra moved to the table where she was sitting with Arianna.
"Sure, we can hang at the mall later. It's up to you."

"Hey Leo. I'll be nice, if you be nice. I'll put the bloody past behind us, if you do."

Her lips curled up a bit, as her head turned out towards the window watching the clouds move slowly by them.
Ryn paced in through the glass door of the coffee shop, conscientious of the black gig bag slung over her shoulder. Her red bangs were slicked back with sweat, and her face still held slight traces of red. Adjusting her bass slightly, she managed to get through the door without hitting anything. With a sigh of relief, she looked over at Ivar and nodded slightly, hoping not to get the attention of the usual crowd yet. Once she had her coffee, she's come and be sociable, but for now, the eyes boring into her back would only cause more discomfort.

Listening in to their loud conversation, she hear them babbling about some tremor. She chuckled right as she approached the counter, which caused the already distraught server to give her an almost resigned look. He seemed surprised as she ordered in a quiet, polite tone and set a few crisp bills on the counter. "Can I get a medium iced mocha?" Caryn knew she was a half hour late, but when you have a concert scheduled the same day as a coffee house chat, the gig took precedence. Bouncing slightly, she awaited her coffee. The longer she stood at the counter, the more out of place she began to feel, even though she knew it was all in her head. After a few moments, her mocha was set down next to her arm; she reveled in the cold that emanated from the Styrofoam cup. After a quick sip, she nodded and stuck a couple dollars in the nearby tip jar.

Ryn slid the strap further up her shoulder as she turned to the table. It was rather full, so she had to take a second to figure out where it was best to sit. After a second's hesitation, she settled in between Jake and Mimma. "Afternoon everyone." Her voice was a quiet alto that seemed to split through the chatter.

Out of any crowd, this girl seemed to adapt. In the few moments she had taken to walk in and sit down, she had been taking in the different people around her. A smile lit her tired face up, and seemed to rejuvenate her somewhat. She leaned the bass against her thigh as she took a deep sip of her drink, trying to catch her breath. Her head still spun slightly, but then again, she was the one who was stupid enough to forget her earplugs.

Mimma got jerked while listening to Ivar and then suddenly being horrified by that shake. Just then Kate ran in almost amazed it seemed or shocked bu the earthquake. She had met her oly once before. "Sure, we can hang at the mall later. It's up to you.
Hey Leo. I'll be nice, if you be nice. I'll put the bloody past behind us, if you do." Mimma couldn't help but laugh at that comment and just then Ryn walked in with her bass and sat right between her and Jake. "Heya Ryny how was the practice or was it a concert?" Mimma asked, one person she knew well. "You know now that you and Kate are here I think I'll need to edit my sketch." Mimma spoke with a smile and piked up her notebook and pencil once again yet all ears, she had fun with how people got annoyed by Leo.
Ryn swallowed and looked over at Mimma. "It was actually a concert. Ya missed it, but then again, There were so many ass-holes there, I don't know if you would have enjoyed it. There was a bar fight right in the middle of our last song, so we nearly got run off the stage. Thank god for good bar bouncers!" She exclaimed, waving her free hand lightly as if to brush the comment away. Tilting her head to one side, she peered over Mimma's shoulder at her most recent sketch. still drawing, hmmm?"

With another sip of her coffee, she looked around the table at the random mix of people. She recognized most of them, thank goodness. new crowds were always difficult for her to socialize with. "So, what've I missed?" She asked, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.

Ryn swallowed and looked over at Mimma. "It was actually a concert. Ya missed it, but then again, There were so many ass-holes there, I don't know if you would have enjoyed it. There was a bar fight right in the middle of our last song, so we nearly got run off the stage. Thank god for good bar bouncers!" She exclaimed, waving her free hand lightly as if to brush the comment away. Mimma laughed heartily at the story and her gesture. "Well then I'm glad I missed it." she commented back. Tilting her head to one side, she peered over Mimma's shoulder at her most recent sketch. still drawing, hmmm?"
"Uhh yah missed a bunch of people out of the frame hehe." Mimma replied back, as soon as she was done with her sketch she put the notebook and pencil away.
"So, what've I missed?" asked Ryn, "Nothing I guess that is if you felt the earth shake other wise yeah the earth shook just seconds ago." Mimma answered.
Kate bounced in her seat with impatience and stared at Ryn. "Hey ya!" She waved at the familiar face and then gave Mimma a small smile. "Make sure to get my good side, okay?" She giggled and tried to look at what the girl was drawing. "Is it just of all of sitting here or something?"
coming out of her dreamland, Arianna grumbled as she found her coffee cold. She shrugged it off as she did not like coffee anyway. glancing up at the boy who had come in. once again she began to hum a tune once again and chortled as Cassandra swore an insult that was directed at Leo under her breath. Arianna, being slightly clueless when large events take place, barely noticed the small earthquake-like sequence that had happened.

Getting slightly bored, she returned to her conversation with Cassandra again and apologized for her daze-like manner. Waving boisterously at Ryn and swaying back and forth to the music in her mind. She turned and looked out the window for a bit, mesmerized by some pigeons who were pecking at some crumbs on the sidewalk. they are so cute, she thought with a smile. Her obsession with birds was more than annoying to her friends.

Straightening up, she started to whistle one of her favourite tunes. her eyes began to droop and she laid her head on her arms, which rested on the table. She let out a sigh and shut her eyes as the voices of her peers continued. she was not asleep, oh no, she was cursed with insomnia. but she liked to just lay there, listening to the world.

Snapping her eyes open, she jumps up and asks Ivar, "What's your favourite animal?" She loved asking questions, but her favourite question was whats your favourite cuss word. hers was Shit, shit shit shit, in her eyes, you could put any word with shit and make it amazing. chicken shit, fuck shit, lullaby shit, etc. Arianna loved cussing, especially to her best friends.

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The evening was dawning on the city as Cain strolled briskly down the sidewalk, emerald colored eyes scanning the street for moving vehicles. Spying a few approaching in the distance, he quickened his pace and made it across the street with relative ease. Even though his mind had been slightly dulled from the herb, his marginal athletic abilities apparently were not. A bit past the corner was the cafe he had been instructed to arrive at, and he pushed through the door, the smell of coffee already waking him up a bit. Cain had never grown accustomed to the taste of such a beverage, but the smell was comforting, and he figured he'd come anyway for the sake of hanging out with a few friends.

"Hey, Ivar," he called to him, waving and offering a lopsided grin. In his present state he was as comfortable as he could be, wearing a black shirt with the word 'Immortal' written across the upper torso in grey text. His cargo pants were of the same color as his shirt, and were his most comfy choice for being out and about. His hair was buzzed short on the sides, and running down the middle of his scalp was a bright red mohawk, about three to four inches tall standing up. However, tonight Cain had neglected to style it, and it lay normally facing front, the sides shagging over a bit. He scanned the crowd tentatively as he walked through the room, silently praising his luck at finding an empty table, sitting down and facing the general area of people. At the moment he couldn't be bothered with recognizing anyone, so he figured he'd catch on after some period of time.

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