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The Ominous Monkey was a new, small-time coffee shop that had opened up a few weeks ago and got nothing but praise, high ratings and recommendations from its customers and local food critics alike. While Ivar Locksmith did not drink coffee, he still saw in the little shop a good excuse to invite some folks over for a little social gathering. It was a lazy early-fall Friday afternoon, and a week ago he'd invited his friends, their friends, and those people's friends along to sit around a table, drink coffee and chat. It was something he intended to make a habit of. The last time he did it was with some German place that had good food, but closed down a few months later because it was too expensive. It was a very long, convoluted conversation, but incredibly entertaining, and gave him plenty of material.

Ivar was a humble author. He'd taken up a degree in literature back in college, and somehow along the way got noticed by a few publishers. His books sold alright, not best sellers but quite enough to keep him off the city streets. These days he spent most of his time writing, so much so that some of his friends teased him about being a bit of a shut-in. When he wasn't doing that, he was looking for a new inspiration, something different to write about. He figured if this "hey there's a new restaurant let's hang out" thing became regular, he could be plenty social and still gain some inspiration at the same time.

After an early supper, Ivar took a look at his watch. 5:30. He'd said to try and come by 6:00. Soon enough somebody intent on being earlier than him would show up, and he'd wave them over and chuckle when they complained of him not having a set schedule. Naturally that was completely untrue; he had to set his own schedule or he would get lazy and stop writing, which would lead to all sorts of problems.

((Here's the deal:
A bunch of friends are going to have coffee together in the local shop, in case you couldn't tell. You're expected to play one of these friends, and join in the conversation/partaking. There can be as many friends as there need to be, and they can be as widely varied sorts of people as they need to be.

Weird things will happen. VERY weird things will happen. After about a page or so of normal, I will begin periodically making large posts in which lots of crazy things get thrown at the characters with no real explanations. This RP needs players who can roll with the most bizarre things in the world. This RP is about adaptation. This RP's title will probably change, several times.

If you want to join after the crazy starts, feel free to be a friend who was late or couldn't make it. Or who knows, maybe there will be other opportunities to play an inherently bizarre character involved in the crazy.))
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“--want to drink?”

“Hn?” The girl blinked slowly from behind her sunglasses, tilted her head inquisitively. Oddly triumphant in her swaggering posture. Her headphones belched frenzied, unintelligible music into the silence between them. The more lucid of the two, and therefore belligerent from envy for the other, was unimpressed. The literary tattooed intelligencinazi behind the register drummed his fingers against the counter.

“So you, like, want coffee?” He may as well have told her to go eat shit and die.

“Double soy latte with a Ristretto shot chaser,”
Fawn fired back without pause, “leave a little room in the cup,” dropped a few wadded bills on the counter and took her number from the perpetually apathetic barista.

The cans of spray paint in Fawn’s canvas backpack (to be fair, it was more duct tape than canvas at this stage of existence) clanged against each other as she plopped into the seat across from Ivar. “If this place wasn’t right down the street from my apartment, I would so still be sleeping, right now.” She pulled the earphones away and laughed, a sharp, cotton mouth sound. He caught the acrid bite of stale cigarettes and marijuana when she ran her fingers swiftly through her bed hair; a futile attempt to revive the limp tresses. She was still in her clothes from the night before. She fixed him with the languorous feline grin of one who did not wake up in her own bed.

Her charm was momentarily diverted to the barista, who was setting the pathetic shot glass next to an over-sized, spherical monstrosity of a coffee cup. "We meet again."

His response was a precise glare, followed by a low, ill-meaning grunt that meant the Ristretto was merely a double shot he had cut short, rather than pulling a single, concentrated shot for 25 seconds so take that you poseur bitch.

"Love you don't change," Fawn called to his retreating form.

“I smell pretentious hipster. This is hostile territory, Locksmith. Next time I pick.” She mused as she poured the contents of her pocket flask into her latte. She had not yet bothered to remove her sunglasses.

((Be gentle.))
View attachment 2967Walking down the street, Arianna checks her watch quickly. Why am i even going to this thing? She thinks to herself bitterly. She shoves her hands into the pockets of her gray hoodie and carries on. the air is moist, rain will be coming soon. Walking a tad faster, she almost runs into a man just coming out of the coffee shop that has oddly high ratings. Apologizing, she slips into the doorway of the shop and looks around. It doesn't look that great. She thinks as she takes a seat in a booth. She breathes in the scent of coffee wafting from the counters and watches as people rush in and out, grabbing their caffeine to energize them after a long day at work.

Arianna wasn't that fond of coffee herself, but she loved the aroma it would give off. Stretching her long legs under the table, she yawns and taps her fingers at the quick beat of the song playing out of the speakers. The door dings when it gets opened, the cashier cha-chinging the money handed to her. She notices a girl with sunglasses on, probably hungover. Arianna says to her conscience in her mind.

checking the time once again, she finds that it is already five-forty-eight. They better be here soon, why cant they be early? For Arianna, being early is on time, if you are actually on time, that's pretty much late and you could get the cold shoulder until you buy her a lemonade. Her fingers still tapping the boring beat of the oldies music, she waits for her friends to arrive.
Ivar couldn't help but chuckle. "Well, nice to see you, too, Fawn. Their food's good, and you know that's all I care about." He made a brief gesture to the crumbless plate still in front of him, before his head turned toward the gently ringing door and watched Arianna take a seat in the opposite side of the restaurant. " 'Ey," he said, waving at her, and finally just shrugged and turned his grinning face toward her booth, intending to wave again whenever she looked in his general direction. "I think it's your fault," he joked at Fawn, "you're totally invisible, right?"
Guess it has been awhile...

Mimma hurried as she walked hastily past the people on the side walk. She looked at the time in her cell phone briefly, only five minutes to six. She kept walking though and then saw across the street, the meeting spot. Mimma took a deep breath, it was a while since she had last met Ivar. She walked in the cafe and it made the typical 'dling' noise, she looked around and finally saw him and she couldn't help but say it out loud enough for him to hear, "Ivar!" Mimma was definitely excited. She waved and then headed for where he was sitting and like usual she hugged him and took a seat at the table instantly. "It's been such a long time how have you been." she asked all excited. "You have no idea how excited I was to meet you after so long." Mimma was you typical teen girl with ambitions but apart from that she was a very loving, caring and compassionate person and she was known among her friends for being very loyal.
“She won't come over because you’re just too witty and debonair. Women are naturally intimidated by men they can’t manipulate,” Fawn retorted with a sardonic arch of her eyebrow and a long, loud sip of her latte. She didn’t always get Ivar’s choice of friends (she’d counted a lot of rocker chicks at more than a few of his previous gatherings). Perhaps he chose the strangest people he could find. Maybe they were his muses. Naturally, Fawn was suspicious of anyone who would have her for a friend.

Fawn set her cup down with an audible ‘clunk,’ and called over her shoulder to the other girl. They had only met once before, and Fawn's hair had been green at the time. It was very possible that she did not recognize her. Fawn was happy to jog her memory.

“The fuck is your deal Arianna? Are you as high as meeeshit!”
Fawn nearly toppled from her seat at the rapturous appearance of a teenage girl whom she had never met. It took Fawn’s addled mind a moment to process the scene playing out before her.

Oh my God, Locksmith. How old is she?”
Her shock quickly wore off as she caught the sweet, juicy scent of gossip material. With a wolfish smile, Fawn plunged her hand into her bag, rummaging a moment, and withdrew a fashionable mobile phone, snapping a photo of the bewildered duo.

“Totally tweeting this moment,” she muttered excitedly as she caressed the phone’s sleek screen. No doubt typing some ironic caption for the photo.
Leo pulled off his tie as he barged sleepily through the door of the coffee shop and made straight for the counter.

He stopped.

He looked at Arianna sitting on her own.

He looked at Fawn taking a picture of Ivar and Mimma.

He looked back at Arianna.


He shook his head, yawned, opened his wallet, and placed some bills on the counter. "Caramel Macchiato, please."


"Not with all this coffee."


"Every day."

"Come again?"

"Depends on the coffee."

The attendant slowly moved towards the coffee machine, keeping his eyes on Leo, who turned to his friends whilst slumping on the counter. It was as if he was about to fall asleep.

He looked at Arianna.

He looked at the others.

Then he grabbed a sugar pot and held it above his head. "Okay, first conversation, bitches. WHAT THE FUCK!?!"

His Caramel Machiato was placed on the counter, with a chaser of stern glaring from the attendant. Leo turned and took both offerings. "It's okay, I'm with General Electric."

"Excuse me?"

"Already have." Leo moved further into the shop, standing between the booths where Arianna sat and the others were gathered. He swayed there, about to drop at any moment, shaking a small mountain of sugar onto the top of his drink. "I'll stay in the middle," he slurred, "Link in the chain and shit! Yeah..."
Almost falling asleep out of boredom, she finally looks over at the girl again, seeing Ivar with the girl. hearing her odd comment, she realizes it is Fawn, the girl she met last time, her hair has been changed. As she slowly strolls over to her group of friends, she glances at everyone there and flashes a smile. "sorry, i've been exhausted today..." She explains softly. Yawning quietly, she sits down in a chair beside Fawn and grins. "Nah, not today." Leaning back, she cracks her knuckles out of old habit and listens to her friends' conversation. she wasn't much of a conservationist,only when she was high, or drunk, either one.

Closing her eyes, she begins to hum a row your boat. and wishes she had some marijuana on hand, she could use a good high right now, she is tired as hell. As she continues humming she opens her eyes and again cracks her knuckles. "how've ya been guys?" Arianna grabs a persons's drink out of their hands, receiving a dirty look and sips at it. making a face, she sets it down. bleh, black coffee.
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Mimma was quite oddly surprised, she never knew Ivar had such 'punkadelic' sort of friends and she arched a brow at one of his friends comment about tweeting their pic. Mimma was about to speak when another girl came and joined them odd how both the girls had some what colored hair.
"how've ya been guys?" the new girl asked and Mimma replied, "Fine until now I guess." She was referring to what Fawn had done but hastily turned her frown upside down and introduced her self. "..but never mind, I'm Mimma and you guys might be?" she asked.
Fawn tucked her phone into her pocket, before scooting her chair over to make room for Arianna.

"Seriously? You invited Leo? He's such a tool."
Fawn had known of Leo even before she met Ivar. They were both members of the tragically hip scene, and had glanced each other standing in more than one line for the toilet at parties. He even let her share his urinal, once, when the ladies room was at full capacity. Like a true gentleman. Leo's sleepy expression reflected from her sunglasses as she regarded him with that same, feline grin.

"Hey, sugar tits, I saw you leave with that bassist at the New Pornographers, last night. What happened? Did you get your shit pushed in?"
Fawn cackled before suddenly turning her attention back to Ivar and the new girl.

"But I'm being rude. I'm Fawn. You'll get used to it."
Ivar just watched them for a minute or so, still smiling, and when Mimma introduced herself he added, "You remember when I took on that part-time job as a tutor? Meet one of the students that didn't make me want to quit on the first day. Mimma, this is Fawn, Leo, Arianna." He pointed to each person in turn. "So, any of you not already have supper? Or--breakfast, I guess, in your case," he added as a slight aside to Fawn.
Jake slowly walked down the street holding his laptop under his rite arm.

Ivar hmm Jake
thought to him self I haven't seen him for a while. I wonder if I will know any one that shows up Ivar seems to know a shit ton of people.

finally reached the small coffee shop and walked up to the counter. Ill take a white chocolate mocha please.

The man behind the counter gave Jake a look like he expected him to give him some sort of smart ass c
omment then he turned away from Jake and started to make the drink.

Jake turned and examined the shop looking for Ivar and
finally stopping to look at a table of Ivan already full of a small group of people.

Well I dont see any one I remember but that dosent mean i dont know them.

Jake turned back to the counter and waited for his drink the man behind the
counter turned back to Jake and handed him his his coffee. Jake handed the man a few bucks and nodded to him.

Thanks man

turned and walked up to Ivar's table full of people and sat down on the opposite side of Ivar setting his laptop on the table opening it.

Hey Ivar whats up everyone ells.

"But I'm being rude. I'm Fawn. You'll get used to it." Fawn replied, she was a eal odd person to Mimma but what the heck, Mimma was the sort of person who'd grow on people no matter what personality they were, Ivar though introduced everyone to her. "You remember when I took on that part-time job as a tutor? Meet one of the students that didn't make me want to quit on the first day. Mimma, this is Fawn, Leo, Arianna." He pointed to each person in turn. "So, any of you not already have supper" Mimma smiled gleefully and warmly. "Nice to meet you all and I only had bread and jam this morning so yes I'm starving." She replied and then looked over as another person made his way to the table. "Hey Ivar whats up everyone ells." the newbie spoke as her sat down but Mimma could have sworn she knew him. "Are you by any chance Jake?" Mimma asked, "I think we've met before, you look familiar, I'm Mimma." she spoke.
A groan muttered from her lips. She looked like she was about to die. Though the thought of coffee was sounding rather amazing to her. Sure, she'd end up with everyone else. But not until her work was finished. She had this report she needed to do, before things got a little out of hand and she completely forgot about it. Cassandra, mid 20's with brown hair, brown eyes, something that would completely blow your mind, continued to type away at her personal computer. It was one thing she could do, but anything else, like actually writing something other than; "Hi, my name is Cassandra." Was totally out of the world. She didn't have much of an attention span, nor did she really care.

Typing off the last word, she closed her computer down, and then stood up stretching just a bit. She'd been there since seven o'clock this morning when she was invited to coffee with whoever was to show up. Not exactly sure about what was going to happen, she grabbed her jacket and throw it over her shoulders walking out leaving her laptop behind.
Trying to remember the name of the coffee shop where she was supposed to go was a joke. Cassandra figured she'd walk by everyone until she saw people that she recognized other than just being stupid and walking in to every coffee shop, and then leaving.

Finally, within minutes of walking out from the office and down the street; she noticed the one coffee shop on the end. One that hasn't been there before. "Maybe that's where they are." She groaned hesitantly, and then headed towards it. The craving of her coffee grew stronger, and she much needed it. Walking in, she looked around and saw a few people that she recognized. Placing a few bills on the counter, she spoke softly saying,

" Latte please. "

Within minutes, she was narrowing her eyes at Leo.

" Seriously... he's here. " Lovely.
View attachment 2978Arianna gave the girl who just sat down a quick grin and hello before she wrapped her hands around the warmth of the coffee cup. She was always cold, no matter what, today she had her warm gray hoodie, jeans, and mittens on. After the girl had just sat down, Mimma, yet another person comes in, she finds out that his name is Jake. She pokes him in the shoulder and says hello before resuming to her humming.

Seeing Cassandra walk to the counter, she shouted to her, "Cass, come sit." She had met Cassandra only a few times, but she liked her well. She was a nice girl, polite, but not a preppy bitch. She looked around at the table of friends, lots of them looked the same as before, with the exception of Fawn, with her pink hair. Arianna had changed her hair too, instead of a light sky blue, it was a deep, blue.

She casually made a comment about the uncomfortableness of the seats and how the heating should be turned up. The ones who knew her would be used to her complaints, she muttered about such silly things, her friends had learned to shrug it off. When Ivar asked if anyone was hungry she replied, "Yes, i am a tad famished." Once again, for the third time in the short period of time she had been there, she cracked her knuckles, this time cracking her neck also. feeling content, she brushed the hair out of her eyes and stared at the ceiling for a bit.
Cassandra turned her head slightly, looking at whoever shouted at her. Pushing her finger up just a bit giving the "One minute sign." She grabbed her Latte, and proceeded towards Arianna. She smiled slightly whispering quitely. "Who the hell invited Leo? I mean, c'mon, seriously?" More people were coming in, one by one. It almost seemed like they were in a rush to get wherever they were going. She didn't care much though. Things were going to be interesting from here on in.

It was just a few days ago, Cassandra was offered another job at a place that seemed like it was going to go down the drain. She wasn't exactly sure if she was going to keep the one she had, or give it a shot. Looking at Arianna, "So what's up? Find any love romance lately?" Cassandra cackled a bit, and then smiled as the waiter walked by them.

View attachment 2979Arianna nodded and waited patiently as her friend got her Latte and came towards her. Once Cassandra sat by her, she had asked her who invited Leo, in a more.. crude way. chuckling, she shrugged her shoulders and glanced at the arrogant drunken boy. "You'r guess is as good as mine hun."

She too watched as the people milled about, shoving by each other, to busy with their own lives to care about anything else. That is ridiculous, people have to learn not to be so... her thought is cut short as Cassandra asked her about Arianna's love life. She answered, chortling, "No one has appealed to my taste yet, what about you?" She really was curious, she loved to know what is going on in people's lives. it was like a fetish to her. while she waited for Cassandra's answer, she fiddled with a napkin, tearing it and shredding it, until there was confetti on the table. She wipes it off the table and slides on her black mittens her grandmother had made her as a child, they were warm and they still fit.
Jake turned to a young girl as she asked if his name was Jake. A little suprised that this girl knew his name quickly ran through his memory of any one like her. mimma hmm i think we may have met at another one of Ivar's little get togethers. Jake then gave mimma a large dorky smile and then turned agen quickly to another girl with blue hair as she poked his sholder and sed a simple hello and then started to hum to her self. Jake tried to suppress thoughts about the girls sanity as he checked his lap top for the coffee shops wifi settings.

As he was looking for a good online gaming site one more girl walked up to the table and sat next to the girl with blue hair. Jake nodded a hello at her and then went back to his games. Then after about 3 mins almost as a after thought he looked at every one at the table.

O if you dont know me my name is Jake

and then he was back to his games.
Cassandra ran her hand through her brown hair that hung almost past her waist line. Her hair was something she was most prideful of. Of course, it took her forever to grow it this long; and in fact, she's never dyed it either. She looked back at Leo and smiled some. "I guess we just better make the best of this, aye?" Sighing heavily, she was more interested in Arianna's love life than her own. But, for shits and giggles she told her anyways.

"Yes, in fact I'm with someone." This was the point where she figured she'd start asking all these stupid questions about relationships, and how I could handle one. "We should probably make more room for others. I mean, two of us can't take up an entire booth at a coffee shop or could we? " Everything seemed almost impossible to Cassandra. It wasn't that she didn't care enough it that, she continuously tried and tried and nothing seemed to work. She wasn't even sure if her current relationship was going to die in a matter of days, because of the fact that they never really spent any time together for the both of them were always working or with other people. How stupid she was for not inviting him with her to the coffee meet.
Leo continued swaying in the middle of the shop, a few feet from the booth where everyone was sitting down and making snarky comments about him.

He swirled his Machiato and yawned. "So everyone still hates me then?" Then he raised both hands, "IT WAS FIVE MONTHS AGO, PEOPLE! MOVE THE FUCK ON!!!"

There was a momentary pause in the conversations. No one liked to talk about that night, and just looking at Leo was a bad reminder.

He sipped his coffee and continued slurring. "Well... I'm Sleepy...so...."

He pointed at Ivar. "Doc."

He pointed at Jake, who was engrossed in his laptop. "Bashful."

He pointed at Mimma. "Happy."

He mimed at Fawn with a snorting gesture. "Sneezy."

He pointed at Arianna, who had finally come over to sit with them. "Dopey."

Then he gave the Cassandra the finger. "Grumpy."

He sipped his coffee again and asked Ivar, "So what's the occasion, chief?"