A Special Message to Those Who Try to Fight The MURRR.

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  1. Ray

    He finished changing and jumped from his window. He started going from building to building. He soon arrived at the scene, standing on the roof of a nearby building. Through his voice modulator, he said, "Scan the building, is there anyone alive inside? How can we dose this?"

    Dylan: "Scanning now."
  2. *Snuggles Isa and beats Darky with a spoon*
  3. *glows all over Kitsune* Why are you so cute!?
  4. Because I kill people and bathe in their blood every weekend?
  5. no...that's why you are so youthful and invigorated...or was that only the virgin blood?
  6. Oh.. Isabellas eat everyone smaller than them! This is what makes them cute!

    Isabellas are virgins.. was Myrns talking to Isabellas or kitsines?
  7. The funny thing is, I'm mentioned in at least 150 of them.

    People who make me angry and what I do after that.
  9. Well, you or me GK.
    Plushius Maximus does so like to crush kill maim and burn in the name of Mur.
  10. Isabellas don't really dislike Mur and think Kitsunes are cute.. So Isabellas are on the side of Mur!
  11. Human blood is overrated. Now Elf blood, that shit rocks.
  12. Blair

    Fun. She texted and shivered as she turned on the tv. She noticed the headlines and saw all of their masked faces. Somehow the Reapers haunted her the most. She ran the words she said over and over again until she had to stop This is pretty big. Oh goodness Ray do you think this is just the beginning?


    She inhaled again and calmed herself. She was sore and she realized she had probably breathed in some smoke. She felt like she could rest but she forced herself to get up to keep looking. She threw on her mask and skidded into the next alley
  13. Enjoy your faux health products, homo saipens.

    Elf blood makes you Gheyar than Edward from that heretical text Twilight.
  14. Ray

    "Push over? He's a hero, whether he admits it or not. I don't get it either. Yeah, I wonder if he has either the power of flight, perhaps super strength so he can launch himself in the air... No one has ever seen him before, I'm sure this is gonna get people freaking out." His phone started ringing. "gtg" He answered, "Hello captain."
  15. Blair

    She bit her lip but saw his got to go. She sighed as she got a call from Leroy


    "Hey. Kid you okay?" He asked solemnly over the phone

    "Yes, I didn't even get to see your text about the thing. I got so freaked out when I saw it."

    "Okay. I just wanted to check on you. We may have found something on Mortimer but I don't think it's much." Her heart sunk

    "What is it?"

    "Spottings around Baltimore. I'll get back to you once I know more."

    "Thanks." He hung up and she sighed.
  16. Ray

    He kept talking to Bullock.
  17. Blair

    Still shaking about today she stumbled over to her suit and proceeded to put it in the wash again. That Hunter may have been a hero but something set her off about him. She kept shaking and she looked down to see her hands nearly frozen. Oh goodness. She curled up on the couch and mumbled to herself. She wondered if Reaper was out there. And if more people were going to get killed.
  18. (That's okay man. If you need to study study)


    Once she was at a decent warmth she got up from her space on the couch. She went over to the sink to wet her hair and reached for some kitchen scissors. She grimaced as she cut down until it was about chin length. She picked up some of the pieces, still grimacing, and went over to place them to dry. She then went to the bathroom. She had dye for when she was a teenager and her hair threatened to go white. There. She picked up the last little bit of dye and started doing her hair. She felt like she was cutting off a part of herself but she almost wanted to do a complete makeover. Even with the costume. She was scared. With the stalking and the hacking and the news. She made mistakes and she needed to make
    Up for it