A Spark

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  1. Inspiration had struck, as it so often did, between the snugly packed shelves of a library. A hard back book lay open on the table serving it's purpose as a shallow disguise. Alexis let her attentions wander through the world beyond the window, twisting strands of pale blond hair around her finger. A wrinkled old man on a simple bicycle caught her eye. He traveled unhindered by the trafic, always pedaling, down the street onto the sidewalk and back again without delay. This was all it took to convince her that she needed some means of independent transportation as well. A flying anything was out of the question, they drew far too much attention. Some motorized land based contraption would suit her fine. She could go out and get one easily enough, with the right help.
  2. A young man sat across the library. He could see the girl just barely from where he was, her golden hair outlined by the sun shining through the window. He had been sitting like this for some time, drinking in her perfect, delicate appearance. With a small sigh, he pushed his glasses gently onto his nose, for they had been slipping down his face, and focused on his book. He mouthed the words to himself as he read, looking up every once in a while, looking as if he was arguing with himself on the material he was reading.
  3. Alexis pushed back the chair soundlessly, leaving the volume closed on the table behind her. Gracefully crossing to another table she picked up a newspaper, scanning the faces of other patrons in the room. Clear blue eyes darted over advertisements until she found the one she wanted. Looking up over the edge of the paper she glanced around again. Was the messy haired man still muttering to himself?
  4. He looked up from his reading, trying to steal another furtive glance of this angelic girl. His eyes rested on her, as so many questions ran through his head. Who was she? What was her name? Where was she from? He was utterly captivated by her beauty and grace.
  5. Muttering he was not, nor were his attentions on the book. A smile overtook her face, showing even in the eyes above the newspaper. This may be easier than I hoped, she mused, dropping her attentions to the table. Laying aside the advertisements she picked up two scraps of paper from a small basket. Writing her mother’s name ‘Naomi Rellers’ on one and a brief note on the other ‘Found a friend, took a cab, gone shopping, home by dinner –Alexis’. Papers in hand she turned towards the young man and approached the shelves nearest his chair. “Afternoon.” She said pleasantly her eyes meandering over the books.
  6. When he had seen her approaching, he had buried his nose back in his book, trying to look as inconspicuous as possible. But when she spoke to him, his heart caught in his throat. He looked up in disbelief, his voice cracking as he replied, "Um....hi."
  7. "How is the book?" She asked pretending not to notice his nervousness. She cocked her head reading titles along the nearest shelf. Nothing even remotely interesting, so she pulled one out at random, dropping the note between the pages.
  8. He fumbled with his words, like he had lost all power of speech. He buried himself even deeper into his book, as if afraid to look up at her. "It's uh.....it's great....."
  9. She raised an eyebrow, the blond head rotated looking him over. Perhaps he was genuinely interested in the topic, that could be determined later, for now it only mattered that he was very distracted. "Do you plan to check it out today? Or are such studies only for the library?"
  10. He struggled to find the right words, as if a blunder would send him to his demise, and yet still jumbled and mixed them up, quite embarrassed. "I uhh.....I might check it....I mean....take it home....maybe....I guess." He pretended to be reading his book, not noticing that he was holding it upside down, a mistake he had made when she approached him.
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  11. She swallowed, her eyes widened in embarassment for him. His reaction marked an unprecedented depth of distress at her presence. What if he can't pull himself together? She started to worry, glancing at the clock on her wrist. There was still time, she would try to be patient and hope he came around soon. "I love getting books from the library. What else are you doing today?" She asked without looking at him, perhaps that would help.
  12. With this, eh coughed, as if choking in disbelief, "I uh....nothing really.....um....."
  13. "What do you like to do? Besides reading?" She queried looking at a higher row of books.
  14. He paused for a moment, trying to come up with something, anything. "I....I uh.....I skate alot....yeah, I skate" he lied.
  15. "What got you into skating?" she continued oblivious, his nervousness completely hiding the lie. She was pleased he was getting closer to using actual sentences.
  16. "Oh uh....you know....I'm just into uh......extreme....stuff" he lied through his teeth, hoping she wouldn't see his blatant dishonesty.
  17. Oh, now it is extreme skating? She smirked at the bookcase. Trying to impress was a good sign. "Would you be able to help me with a few things this afternoon?" She turned to face him, hands behind her back and a cheerful smile. "Although it's not going to be very extreme, I could really use your help." Please please say yes she thought, there wouldn't be time to find someone else. The worry displayed on her delicate features.
  18. He coughed, in utter disbelief at her question. He nodded, furiously, "Sure! Anything you want! I'm your man!" He tried to look impressive, but only succeeded in knocking off his glasses. He put them back on hastily.
  19. Relief painted a smile across her features but then Alexis watched his glasses fall and tried to maintain the look. Clumsy? oh yikes, well this will be interesting. "Good. So when you go check out your book, would you leave this at the front desk?" She held out the book she had taken from the shelf, one hand under it, one on top pinning down the label with her mothers name and the note tucked somewhere inside.
  20. He nodded furiously, dislodging his glasses again, his cheeks burning bright red.