A Soul, Bound

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    Sebastian slipped on his white glove and smoothed his sleek black hair. He closed his closet door and walked out of his room, his footsteps echoing as it struck the marble floor.

    Prepare young master's breakfast. Buttered crumpets with a light honey glaze and a hint of cinnamon. Ceylon tea, four cubes, served in fine china.

    Dust and polish the furniture and surfaces in the main hall, library, guest rooms, exhibit, dining hall, lounge, study, and game room until they shine like a mirror. Ensure Mei Rin is briefed to finish the rest of the rooms by two o'clock... and doesn't break anything.

    Do a full patrol of the area around the house in search of pests, weeds, or assassins and quickly eliminate all of the above.

    Retrieve and iron young master's clothes, making sure they are all immaculate and free of a single crease down to the ribbons.

    Clean up the mess Bard made in the kitchen. Confiscate flamethrower until after guests leave. Save salvageable ingredients and dispose of ruined dish.

    He checked his pocket watch. Half the day's work done. Now I need to rouse-

    "Young master." He pushed the curtains apart to let in a beam of warm sunshine. The fact that it usually made young master cringe amused him greatly. "It is time for breakfast." He began reciting the details of his breakfast as he took Ciel's clothes and laid it on the bed, waiting for him to rise.
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  2. Young Ciel Phantomhive was having a rare pleasant slumber. Until, of course, it was interrupted by his butlers smooth voice and the light from the window managed to creep under his eyelids, brightening the darkness he preferred. He cringes slightly for a moment as always before opening his two different colored eyes a bit, laying there before sitting up slowly.

    One eye held the mark of the contract he held with the demon, contrasting his one human blue eye with the purple one, moving their gaze over toward the demon slightly as he recites the boys breakfast. He reaches over toward the bedside table, picking up the black patch. He'd stayed up quite late the previous night, working on paperwork that had been stacking higher and higher on the edge of his large oak desk in his study much to his dismay.

    He had very little motivation to face the day as he usually did, but managed to convince himself to go ahead with the cold steely approach as usual. He was the head of the Phantomhives, after all.
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  3. Sebastian knelt down to tie Ciel's eyepatch in place. He recited the options and presented the crumpet and tea. He then proceeded to dress Ciel in his day clothes while reciting the day's agenda.

    "Young master, today we will continue our lessons in preparation for Count Druitt's grand ball next week. I know you do not enjoy the exertion involved in dancing, but it is only proper for a gentleman to dance gracefully with his fiance. After tea, we shall take a ride through town to retrieve the package the Queen has asked you to deliver. We should be home by five o'clock, in time to prepare for the arrival of your dinner guests."

    He finished tying the ribbon around Ciel's slender neck. The boy's soul is so pure. It made his skin tingle with anticipation at how wonderful it would taste. Reaping such a pure soul from such a pure body. He covertly licked his lips as the handed Ciel his cane.
  4. Ciel stands up once Sebastian has finished, taking his cane. Black greyish blue hair falling over the eyepatch, he cringes slightly at the mention of dancing and lessons. The young boy hated them with every fiber of his being. And as for a fiancee? He had no need of one, but as it was tradition he must have one, he would, even if he was to get his soul eaten. And that was most likely going to happen before he even had a chance to marry Lizzy, so it didn't really matter in the end, he reasoned.

    Ciel walks over to the door waiting for Sebastian to open it, "Who shall be attending dinner, again?" He could only hope it wouldn't be anyone he found to be disruptive. His lack of sleep made him a bit more terse then usual, which wasn't a very good thing for anyone who had to be around him.
  5. Sebastian swung the door open and followed behind Ciel. "The ladies of the orphanage, I believe. They wish to discuss business with you regarding supplying their orphans with Funtom toys for their entertainment. I recall your only reason for accepting was publicity. If you were to donate a substantial number of toys, Funtom Co. will receive public approval. They should arrive at seven o'clock." He checked his pocketwatch.

    "Now that breakfast is done, we may proceed to the music room to continue your violin lesson. Afterwards we may have an early lunch, then go to the ballroom to dance before tea."
  6. Ciel walks down the polished floors of the manor, shoes clicking slightly. "Yes, now I remember." If he were to gain more of the public approval it would prove to be quite beneficial to the Phantomhive's company.

    He heads down a flight of stairs, making his way toward the mansions large music room. Ciel didn't mind the violin half as much as he did dancing. If he had his way, he wouldn't have to learn dancing at all. He pushes open the doors to the large room and walks in, setting his cane to the side, sighing, "Let's get this over with, shall we?"
  7. "As you wish, young master." Sebastian donned his spectacles, pushing the extraneous hair behind one ear; then he handed Ciel the violin. "Let us start with scales, then I shall introduce you to Paganini's Caprice. Now, remember your posture, young master." He held up the conductor's baton and waited for Ciel to play.
  8. Ciel sighs slightly taking the violin putting it under his chin slightly, standing in a straight posture holding the bow in the other hand. Carefully he begins playing the scales, and almost immediately makes a mistake, stopping with a frown, trying once more. He's a bit more successful the second time, but still it wasn't perfect. The boy preferred sticking with paperwork and cases for the queen, not dandy making.
  9. Sebastian winced at Ciel's mistakes. To be honest, he could easily just take it from young master's hands and play the piece himself for the master's enjoyment, but according to the unspoken rules of nobility, the master of the house must be proficient in all things - including music. Humans really are delusional creatures...

    "Your posture, young master," he repeated. He flicked his baton under Ciel's chin and slowly, gently, tilted it up. Ciel's face, so full of effort and determination, made a perfect object on which the bright morning rays floating through the east window could alight.

    Ciel's one eye reflected it. It was pretty, of course, but he much preferred the other eye. The one the young master hid from the rest of the world. The one only Sebastian himself could see. The one whose mark could summon him from his chambers in the depths of hell to do its most trifling bidding. The one that was all his.

    "Make sure to maintain your grip on the strings," he said when Ciel's violin made a noise reminiscent of a nail scraping on a slate.
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  10. Ciel grits his teeth slightly in frustration, standing up a bit straighter, attempting to do as his butler instructed. Half of him wished to throw the noisy thing across the room and yell how ridiculous this was but he forces himself to maintain his composure and keep trying.

    This would be a long day for the young boy, as the activities planned where very definitely not to his liking. His thoughts drift a bit as he attempts the violin. Despite how he disliked the plans, it seemed like it would be a relatively peaceful day.

    His hand slips a bit, making a screech erupt from the violin. He jumps slightly, flying out of his own thoughts and quickly lowers both the bow and the violin to conceal the shaking of his hand, nails digging into the neck of the horrendous object.

    "Must we do this?! It is tedious, and quite boring!" contempt for the violin almost ooze from his words, but mostly from the frustration of being unable to do it, even after weeks of practice.
  11. Sebastian tilted his head and assumed a pouting face. "Now, now, young master. I'm sure you're quite aware as to the importance of maintaining a solid reputation as a nobleman. Perhaps if I assist you in your movements for now...?"

    Sebastian crouched behind Ciel and took his arms, tucking the delicate instrument back under the boy's slim chin. His large hands went over Ciel's small ones, long gloved fingers holding his in place on the bow. He placed his face over Ciel's other shoulder and and said softly, "Shall we play a scale, young master?"
  12. Ciel's eyebrow twitches slightly but allows the man to move behind him, and he nods slightly, "Fine..." slightly reluctant. The boy was used to being in such close proximity to Sebastian, as there had been many a situations that called for contact between the two in the past years.

    He forces himself to untense and shove his frustration back for now as he starts from the beginning once more, this time with the guidance of the handsome demon, and consequently doing much better.
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  13. From this close, Sebastian could almost smell the young master's soul. His demonically powerful hearing could pick up the blood rushing through the master's veins, keeping him so warm, so... not dead. He liked his victims that way.

    "Caprice no. 24. Please try to recall the chords we will play." He began the first movement, brisk and commanding. The motion of the music up and down the scale requires the brief exercise Sebastian enforced beforehand. Ciel's little fingers under his, his body in Sebastian's arms, his scent fresh in his mind. Even a demon can't help but feel the forbidden thrill.

    The music ended with a final flourish of the bow.
  14. As they finally play the last chord, Ciel lowers the violin and bow letting out a slight sigh. Well that was over. Hopefully his teacher wouldn't insist on another round.

    The boy doesn't say anything, as nothing comes to mind to say. A second passes before he raises his head slightly, "Are we quite done for the day, Sebastian?"
  15. Sebastian frowned. "Your skills leave much to be desired... but if you wish, perhaps we can have brunch, then move on to the ballroom and continue the dance lessons." Sebastian opened the door for his master. "I take it you are alright with this arrangement?"
  16. Honestly, to Ciel, brunch sounded wonderful. Better then continuing to embarrass himself as he attempted to play a simple scale on the screechy thing. The event to follow the meal, however, was very unappealing. He sighs slightly again, setting down the violin and picks up his cane once again and walking out the door past Sebastian, "That's acceptable I suppose."

    He walks down the halls toward the commonly used dining room, vaguely aware of the birds singing outside the open glass windows, as his thoughts drift once again.
  17. Sebastian unfurled a napkin and laid it on Ciel's lap, presenting the several dishes Bard had arranged for him on the heavy dining table.

    "Your meal, young master, consists of a flaky butter croissant, skinless chicken seasoned with thyme and an assortment of savory fruits. For dessert, I have prepared a simple strawberry shortcake topped with dried vanilla and candied orange strips."

    He lifted the lid, stood back, and bowed. "I shall leave you to finish your meal."
  18. Ciel watches as Sebastian lays out the food with his cool steeled gaze and nods, "Very well." Picking up a fork to the right of his plate, eating small bites as he watches the garden outside through the open glass double doors, pausing as he lets out a soft sigh.

    The boy always appear calm and collected, and for the most part he was, but inside deep down a small fire was burning, growing a bit each day fed with hatred and the need for revenge for his parents deaths. And once that was complete, well, then a long awaited eternal rest would come about. He'd be free of all emotions all feeling all thought. He wouldn't be Ciel Phantomhive anymore, he wouldn't even be a whisp in the common air. But it'd be peaceful, not being at all. When he thought about it that way, Ciel wasn't so afraid of the impending fate.
  19. Sebastian was no longer in the room. No, he was already on his way to the study to discuss house matters with Tanaka.

    But he was still watching his master.

    Always, his perception never leaving a place as long as his master was there. It was his duty as a butler... as a demon in contract. He is always watching his master. His master is his...

    At first, it was just a possessiveness a cat would manifest over its dazed, trapped prey; but it was becoming something else. Caring for such a person made his chest cavity pump (he didn't really have a heart) and his mind clear. It was a rush none of his victims have ever given him before. It was getting harder and harder to conceal his excitement, his carnal temptation.

    He checked his pocketwatch. Master should be done in less than an hour.
  20. Ciel sits in the large empty room, and crosses his legs a bit pushing his empty plate away from him slightly, deciding to take a little break before going for the temptingly delicious looking cake sitting a little ways away. Putting his elbow on the table, he rests his head against his hand slightly as he lets his thoughts drift once again, this time to the earlier violin lesson.

    His finger taps slightly against the table a bit as he stares out the windows at the little robins singing and flying to and fro from their nests. Despite being used to having physical contact with his butler and never thinking anything of it, this time it was a bit different. He'd noticed it changing day by day, not only thinking of Sebastian as a pawn but a more legitimate companion. Of course, it was probably foolery. The man was a demon, not a human and probably had no such emotions for a meal such as himself. As he'd begun to enjoy each moment around him more and more, Ciel never let it show, and that was one of his talents. Keeping his emotions in check and successfully hiding them.

    He pulls the plate with the slice of cake over to him and lowers his hand from the side of his head, taking a small bite out of it calmly.