A Sorcereror's Camp

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  1. Halo stood gawking at her mother. "What did you just say?" she asked blinking her eyes awkwardly. Her mother had just divulged something that made her lightheaded. Could it really be true? "We had to keep it a secret from you as our own parents did from us. It was for your own good." "You mean to say that I'm a wi...witch?" she asked rather alarmed.

    Her father walked over to her and placed his hands onto her shoulders. "We don't have much time for you to come to terms with it darling. Halo, we need to get you to the camp." "What camp? What are you guys talking about? Is this a joke for my birthday, because if it is, I'm not understanding it." Her mother sighed and rubbed at the tension knotting between her brows. "We will explain more on the way. Just go pack."

    Halo stared at them as if they'd gone mad but the seriousness of their expressions made her see this was no joke. "What should I pack?" she answered after a long pause. "Clothes. Leave all other possessions here. We need to get you to the camp before midnight. You will begin to access your powers then." "Powers?" "Just go." her father warned.

    As the vehicle sped through a wooded forest, Halo awoke from her hallucination filled slumber. She noticed they were driving in a place she had never seen before. Living in a rural town she hadn't really seen much forest around town. They were headed somewhere completely different. "Please explain this to me because I feel like I'm going to be sick." she said holding her tiny frame. "We are sorcerors darling." "Like witches?" she asked looking at them with disbelief. Her mother turned around and touched her forehead instantly flashing her with thoughts of what they meant. "As long as I touch anyone, I can communicate telepathically... along with other gifts. Your father has telekenesis. You ever wondered why when you were a child you could see stuff floating and we told you you were seeing things?"

    As if things were falling into place and making sense her other gave her a quick run down. "They will explain more to you at the camp. You and the others are being taken here to train. We are against an evil far greater than you will ever understand. We're doing this because we love you." "Others....there's more?" she whispered. Before her mother could answer her father and mother joined hands and chanted something. Out of nowhere a purple bright light sparkled and a gate appeared. As they passed the haze she turned to see the opened portal close, hiding their location to the world.

    It all was too much to handle at once but before she knew it she had been dropped off, hugged and left standing in the middle of a leaf covered road. There was a few buildings and the sounds of crows cawing filled the air. She turned around and saw a young guy with the same dumbfounded look on his face. He blinked his eyes and ran to her. "Please tell me you didn't just get told you were a damn witch and left here in the middle of nowhere?" he said panic in his eyes. Halo nearly toppled in laugher but he could tell it was out of nervousness. "I don't know what's going on but I'm officially freaked." "You and me both. I'm Halo Wesley." The boy held his hand out to shake hers. "Samuel Cyan... Sam's all right though. I guess we should see if we can find someone to shed some light huh?" Halo could tell he was a leader and nodded slightly before grabbing her duffel bag and following him down the vacant road not sure where they were going or what would happen.
  2. Moon stared at the two men standing in front of her. "you want me to go were?"
    the men sat down in two chairs sitting across from moon's bed. the light shined in the very bland, brown walled room creating a small box, in the shape of her window, of light on the floor. "We know its a lot to take in and we know you don't exactly know us, but your mother was one of the greatest witches of her time. you were gifted her her gift, unlike you human Father. Now pack your clothing and come with us." Moon stared at them in disbelief. "This has to be some joke to bring out the kid in me right? I mean come on I know I am turning 19 today but I am still a kid. Nice try guys but you aren't fooling me today." Moon stood and smoothed out her flowery, vintage couture blouse and chuckled at the men, beggining to leave. the door to her room was slammed shut by a strong gust of wind and she was thrown back onto her bed. "You don't have a choice Moon, you're going whether by choice or force." One of the men threw open her dresser drawers and started throwing her clothing into a old suitcase and the other man continued to speak to her.

    "Your life has been a hard one, and it will only get more complicated, but you are needed here just as much as the others." Moon gawked at the man. "Others?! How many of me...or us, are there?" the man chuckled, "More than you can count. You will begin to feel your powers flow through you at midnight, if you are anything like your mother I would put yourself in the corner of a room and wait it out until you can calm yourself...had to put out half the school with your mothers mental destruction." Moon looked at the man and held the locket around her neck, picture of her mother lay inside. "what could my mother do, like what were her powers?" The man smiled at her and said nothing. grabbing her wrist he pulled her outside and into a car. The drive was silent and barely anyone spoke. Moon was touched by one of the men and was instantly put out. When she awoke a bright light was shining through the windshield and the car was driving through a gate. Moon guarder her eyes from the light. The car came to a halt and one man pulled her out of the car and the other tossed her suitcase onto the road. "Good Luck Moon, and happy witching." With that the car drove off and Moon was left standing on the side of the road. "THANKS ASSHOLE'S!" Moon kicked a pile of leaves, then walked over and picked up her suitcase. starting to venture in the direction the road was going, because the way the car came from was blocked by a forest of trees. Moon grunted then noticed a man standing across the way from her. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mitch had already packed his stuff, this was his second year going to this camp. He practically lived at the camp. He stood across the road from a stop that he was told to pick a student up from. As he saw her exit the car, he was surprised how witch she actually looked. He waved at her as she spotted him. she walked over and smiled at him. "Hi, My name is Moon, you probably think I am kinda...well witchy for calling those guys asshole's but-" Mitch interrupted her sentence. "No need I was once a first year student as well, My dropping was a little more polite but from what i hear about you, that wasn't your family leaving you." Moon kicked the ground. "My mom died when I was 13 and my dads abusive, so no thats not my family. Mitch smiled at her. "No worries, you will be safe here and treated kindly as long as you don't turn bad witch of the west on us." Moon laughed and started walking along the road as mitch lead her. Mitch looked around it was a warm day today, it felt nice against his cold skin. Mitch noticed two people walking towards them and waved at them. "Hey guys." Mitch motioned towards a group of bushes and it opened to reveal a dirt path. "Hey Guys, my name is Mitch and I am a second year student at this camp, so you can follow me of you want to. The actual camp is right down this road."

    Mitch motioned for everyone to walk down the path. "Just keep on the path and we will be there in no time." Mitch smiled and looked ahead at the other two teens. "So what are your guys names?" Moon Smiled at the other two teens. "My name is Moon, its nice to met you, first year here..and so far...not liking the camp. I hope your guy's arrival was a little more pleasant than mine." moon chuckled and continued on the path.
  3. Halo was the first to spot the guy waving down the road. "Hey... um Sam... do you see that?" The guy she had been walking for the better portion of an hour with looked up and sighed in relief. "Yes. Thank God." They both walked over to them hurriedly and listened in as the young man introduced himself as Mitch, a second year. Halo stood a bit behind Sam with her face drawn down. She listened intently but even now, everything was still going too fast for her liking. "I'm Samuel. Sam for short. Nice to meet you guys. We were worried we'd be lost forever. As for my drop off, Mom kind of just scared the hell out of me. Something about my bloodline, gifts at midnight and poof next thing I know I'm standing alone in a forest." He ran his hand through his dark hair and shrugged. The group followed the path that Mitch had apparently opened up. Sam looked back at Halo that trailed behind them still quiet. His eyes softly telling her it was okay for her to talk.

    She was a pretty girl with wavy long blonde hair and striking blue eyes. Even as her demeanor kept her silent and withdrawn, she was just really shy. Having spent almost an hour with her so far, he could tell she was socially awkward and had taken her under his wing almost like a protective older brother would do. "Hi, I'm Halo. I still have no idea what's going on. My story sounds a lot like Sam's. I'm kind of just confused about it all." Her voice was soft and almost a whisper. Sam smiled at her warmly and she smiled back.

    "So what is this place? I'm guessing none of this is fake and we're all actually witches and well warlocks? How is any of this possible. You say you're a second year Mitch, what are we training for?" Halo felt as Sam did, confused and wanting answers. She looked up at Moon. She was very pretty and had deep cobalt eyes, much like hers. When she looked at Mitch he happened to be turning to answer Sam and looked at her. She turned away instantly her gaze dropping to her feet and a blush rising up to her cheeks.
  4. Mitch nodded and listened as Sam and Halo spoke. "yes I am a second year and we are training for well...I am not really sure, until this year I believe it was a just in case kind of thing but now I think we actually have a reason, I am sure that they will announce it during orientation. I feel your guy's confusion with the whole drop off though. My parents didn't even tell me where I was going they just said hey you gotta go to this camp cause you have no choice, bye." Mitch chuckled and looked at Moon. She wasn't happy and didn't look like she was enjoying the fact that she was brought by force."Listen I don't want to hear ya'll complain, your parents brought you here i was brought by men in suits...no scratch that I was hauled here like a package by men in suits. Oh sure they explained things but by explain I mean they said. You're a witch and you gotta go to this camp whether you want too or not, and frankly my dear we don't give a damn whether you really like it or not." Moon huffed and puffed as she continued walking through the trail. Her snow white hair blowing in the slight breeze that blew through. As they continued though Moon kept quiet, she didn't want to come off and a whiney little girl or a snob and frankly she was just flustered. The path continued for a while, but eventually came to an opening and it looked empty. Moon stood staring. "what the hell" Moon muttered under her breath. Mitch looked around this was different, normally there were adults waiting for new arrivals.
  5. As if Samuel had a magnet to him, Halo stood close. Even though they were the same age, she was much smaller and had no previous encounters with other people truly. She was a home schooled girl that had been sheltered her entire life. All this was different to her and for someone with the same surroundings for nineteen years, well she didn't like change. The sun was creeping through the resisting leaves of the canopy above and lit up their surroundings feeling warm on her face. She looked up and closed her eyes.

    Sam turned to look around in all directions and then centered his gaze on Mitch. "So is this the part where we're attacked by others?" He asked sincerely worried. He had expected this other guy to know where he was going. Halo tugged at the edge of her white shirt looking around feeling herself panic slightly. What if Sam was right? She didn't think that Mitch would lead them to an ambush. Of course she didn't know the guy but he didn't seem like the type.
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