A song of ice and fire (game of thrones) RP?

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  1. Okay, here's the deal, I would like to role play in a story set in the world of a song of ice and fire, that's Game of thrones just in case someone didn't know (which I doubt). However, I don't want to lead it. I'm not a good leader, partly because I'm not good at it and partly because I sometimes disappear for a few days.
    Therefor I am here for three reasons.
    1. To check if there are any others out there who also want to run around in Westeros.
    2. If there are other people who want what I want, to work with them in creating a proper story, time and setting in which we can act as our fan created characters.
    3. To find someone who can be our little game master, our own personal George R.R. Martin.

    Oh and before I forget; book readers keep the spoilers to a minimum. Let's face it, not everyone has read the books (even I haven't read them all yet) and the show watchers also want to walk the wall, traverse kings landing, become a faceless man or, (as in my case) wander Westeros as a wandering crow, without having their viewing pleasure spoiled.
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  2. Number one and two is me. I'm not versed enough in Game of Thrones to lead though. :D
  3. I'm definitely interested, and might be willing to GM as well!
  4. Well, that's two people at the very least. What did you guys have in mind in terms of a story and setting?
  5. Well, one of the most practical ways to do it would have been to set it in a specific location (my personal preference would be King's Landing), and have characters interacting there. BUT the thing that's amazing about the world GRRM created is how vast and varied it is, and I'd imagine that's part of why people would want to role-play it, so we can't cut it down really. We might, however, choose to just focus on Westeros for now and leave Essos out of the picture (since non-book readers won't really have much experience of that continent anyway, aside from the little we've seen through Daenerys' story-line). So we could have a set of key locations, such as:

    The North:
    - Beyond the Wall
    - The Wall (Castle Black)
    - Winterfell
    - An Inn on the Kingsroad

    King's Landing:
    - The Red Keep
    - Fleabottom
    - The Sept Of Baelor
    - A Tavern

    As far as story goes, I'd be inclined to go for AU, as it seems to be the easiest way to avoid spoilers. No canon characters, all originals- the events of the show never happened, it's merely the same setting and culture.

    Perhaps what we could do is build a set of specific fictional Houses ourselves, and allow a certain number of characters in each house, and then allow players to choose which house their character is from and what their role in that house is? Then of course we would allow for low-born characters or characters from different houses, some of which might have allegiance to a particular house (eg. servants, Knights, etc.)
  6. I personally wouldn't go for an alternate universe, but more for something along the lines of earlier in the timeline. That way we're still in the same universe, but can't interact and contradict any canon events. I'd personally go for a non-distinct time before Robert's rebellion.
    As far as your idea of houses goes, I see no issue. I highly doubt that every house in Westeros has been covered in the books, at least as far as my knowledge goes.
  7. That could work, the main problem is that an awful lot of the history has been written about in the books, and writing in an indefinite time period might actually complicate things. For example, if somebody wants to write about a character who is involved in the politics within the Red Keep, or who spends time at court, how are they going to do that without referring to the royal family (which would be the Targaryens, but which generation?). I think we either need to set a very fixed time-period within the universe of the books/show, and allow some amount of canon (which I'm reluctant to do since people might be put off by having to go and do a bunch of research about what happened, and we know how convoluted the series can be), or go for AU and set up our own story-line.
  8. Okay, let's say we do set it in an AU of the show and books, then what do we do about all the canon characters? Do we make someone else play as them or do we set our characters in the background?
  9. Background sounds about right to me, with cameos from some of the canon characters. Kind of like the Game of Thrones computer game.
  10. I would be tempted to cut out the canon characters. Playing them ourselves is never going to work because of character consistency/timelines, so I would set it in a Westeros without the current characters, where, for example, Winterfell belongs to House Holbrook, consisting completely of fictional characters etc. Of course, we won't have enough people to completely populate Westeros, so we might want to start with one or two locations (King's Landing and The Night's Watch, for instance), and then gradually expand on the world as people join?

    EDIT: only just saw Loxley's post. Background with some cameos could work, provided we were very clear about when we're setting it and the extent to which cameos are allowed to happen. (Eg. someone can't just write "and then Dany flew in on her dragons", etc.)
  11. Oh my god, that video game was terrible.
    But fine, whatever, cameos it is then?
    Since we got that figured out, what's the main plot? A war in westeros or the coming of the others? Or both? Or something else?
  12. Cameos it is then. As far as the plot goes, I think we need a time first: are we setting it straight after season 4? Or straight before season 1, for it then to go in a different direction from the show? Or somewhere in between?
  13. Sraight before season 1 I say. That will be a fun alternative! :D

    Plus, if anyone should want to, it does open up for the possibility to actually play an OC without all of them being, you know, dead. (For the record, I have no plans on an OC though.)
  14. before season 1 then.
    So Loxley, who are you planning then?
  16. Yeah, frankly I'd stay away from letting people play canon characters altogether, except for the occasional cameo (eg. someone playing a character in a tavern can quite plausibly come across Tyrion getting drunk and perhaps have him say a line or two, but they can't play him as a character for more than a post or two, and they have no 'claim' on the character, anyone else could incorporate him into a post of theirs at any given time, as long as it's plausible)
  17. I'm sorry, my laptop went full-blown retard there for a moment.

    And also, I did. I meant to say canon characters, not original characters. I fully intend to make an original character. I mixed up the two. I suck. >_>
  18. Alright then, who'll create the OOC & IC?
  19. I'm happy to create the OOC and IC but first I think we need to establish rules etc. for character creation, settings and so on- Westeros is huge so if we just start by getting people to create characters we'll end up with characters scattered all over the place and very little interaction.
  20. What background they may come from should be free for all. As long as they are all in the same place when the IC begins, right?

    Also, canon characters, yay or nay? I'm not talking about King Robert or Cersei or Danaerys, but characters that are actually believable to go on an adventure, like Bron, Tyrion, Jamie, etc. As said, I'm going original character, so it doesn't matter to me, but it may be interesting to have a canon character or two along for the roleplay.
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