A Song of Ice and Fire Discussion/Theories/Conspiracies {Spoilers, Duh}

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  1. This thread is, simply put, a place to share your ideas about ASoIaF. It's worth noting that, while discussion of the show is fine, I would discourage anyone who watches but does not read due to the spoilerish nature of the later books. Also, if you have not yet read ADwD...

    Anyways, onward with the discussion!

    Might as well start with the ubiquitous question of Jon Snow's lineage. Personally, I'm a pretty big believer in the Lyanna/Rhaegar theory. My biggest argument to this is that when Ned went to get Lyanna from the tower, he encountered not just one but THREE white cloaks. Why would Rhaegar leave three to protect his mistress? His son, on the other hand... especially a trueborn son, if he wedded Lyanna in secret.

    Also, I was re-reading ASoS tonight, and I realized something with the song written about Tyrion and Jaime's injury. Hands of gold are always cold, after all, and there are only two golden hands: Jaime's, and the chain of the Hand of the king. Yes, he turns down the chance to be Tommen's Hand in AFfC, but this just seems like too much to be coincidence. GRRM isn't exactly known for including extra information and details that will never again be useful (though with the series unfinished this isn't concrete).

    Lastly, who the Hell is Azor Ahai? I'm not convinced by any argumen, but here are the best theories:
    -Stannis Baratheon. He's been named, obviously, but his "lightbringer" isn't hot and Melisandre isn't exactly the most reliable of people.
    -Jon Snow. His main claim to the title is also thanks to Mel, who looks into the fires for AA but only sees Snow. He also had that red sword dream and totally killed Ygritte (Nissa Nissa). Coincidence?
    -Victarion Greyjoy. Dead wife? Check. Fire/smoke/salt? Check. Mystical artifact with both heat and light? Check. Obviously it's not a one-for-one copy of AA, but it's not bad, and it's not hinged on Mel.
    -Daenerys Targaryen. She's got the comet, the rebirth, the death of a loved one, a prophecy, and freaking dragons woken from stone... sorta. Sounds like a good combo. Is it enough for her to be AA, though?

    And an interesting one a classmate pointed out to me: Bran Stark is the winged wolf. He's also a warg. Y'know what has wings and is totally badass? Dragons. This should happen.