A Song of Blood

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  1. Deep in the recesses of an abandoned mine in the norther sector of Mal'Tara, Roman sat of one of the plush chairs that was raised slightly on a dais, one leg draped lazily over the side as his latest pet sat on his lap, attempting to please the bored lord. His mind was elsewhere though, barely noticing the clumsy attempts of the pathetic human woman who wanted his attention. Things were quiet, much too quiet for his liking. For the past one hundred years he and his brethren spent their time continuously tugging on the rope of power in their tug of war with Venator, neither side gaining any real purchase. This didn't sit well with the vampire lord, feeling the slight sting of failure settling in. He had not worked this long or hard to merely settle with an abandoned mine and a tattered chair for his throne. No, he wanted it all, and he was growing restless with the petty skirmishes.

    This fight had been going on for far too long, it was time to see an outcome, a final winner in this delicate balance for power. Something needed to happen, and as loathe as Roman was to bring this battle to the surface, he did not think that he was going to be able to avoid it. It was going to be more difficult now, humans knew of their presence, fearing to go into the dark alleys without a light in their fragile hands. They were pathetic creatures, no better to be used for food unless they could prove themselves useful, such as for playmates and even slaves. But Roman was no fool. Humans vastly outnumbered his vampire kin, and of they so choose, they could eradicate his clan without a second thought. Thankfully, Roman had laid low and tried to keep his family out of the humans eyes, even having killings be done in the south to draw eyes there and away from him. Today though, his mood was not going to be improved, and he finally turned his attention to the young woman in his lap, his dark eyes focusing on her.

    She was pretty as most humans went, and shapely enough. His eyes seemed to study her intently, noting the faint flush on her cheeks, the way her pulse beat on the side of her neck. Her breathing was heavy to his ears, her chest rising and falling rapidly and drawing his attention to her breasts, supple and full beneath the cloth that hide them. It wasn't enough to save her. His hands came up and framed her face gently, his eyes meeting hers and she seemed to lean into his touch. He rubbed his thumbs gently over her cheekbones, a caring gesture before he twisted his hands sharply. Snap. The sound of her neck breaking filled his ears as he watched the light fade from her eyes, then tossing her onto the floor near his chair. Beckoning to a nearby vampire, he sat up straighter in his chair, his face hardening. "Use her blood to fill the wineglasses,"he said coldly, dismissing him to his task and beckoning to another who was watching the scene as well. "Go and gather the brethren, we have work to do."

    He then sat back in his chair, waiting until the rest of his family arrived, taking the wineglass that was offered to him full of the young woman's warm blood. He raised the wine glass to his lips and took a sip, then hot liquid running down his throat and strengthening him, his lips stained red. Yes, they had much to do this night.
  2. Victoria heard the snap from her room, it was faint like the sound of a hummingbirds wings. She knew it was the sound of a snapping neck, her eyes went a lighter red as she bowed her head and continued to read a book the size of a law book. She just just in the middle of it, but she liked her silence. She was reading Romeo and Juliet, her father read it to her, she would remember his calming voice talking about a house divided. Making a funny voice for Romeo that made her laugh her heart away. It was now her favorite story, besides the millions of books she had of Edgar Allan Poe. She was fond of poetry and yet the thought of her father brought tears to her eyes. Not having enough courage to dry them, she let them collect on the pages with the others that had dried before them. Her fathers memories were just too hard to bare even as a vampire her feelings got the best of her. She ran her fingers over the page, letting the tears dry and some smear the ink on the page, she had another book under her bed, a stack of Romeo and Juliet books under her bed, for when her emotions got the best of her. Her red eyes scanning the page slowly, her bottom lip giving a slight tremble before she closed the book and set it on the shelf above her desk. The door opened when she placed the book back.

    The vampire she didn't dare look at, he smelt weak and her eyes returned to their harsh crimson red. He spoke of how the leader wished to see her and her lips formed the smallest smile. The coven leader reminded her of her father, his every move, even his voice was the same as her fathers. Most vampires here would assume that Victoria had a crush on Roman, but they didn't know her life. Being a close resemblance to her father, she was intent with every last strength she had to make him happy until she died once more. It was no more of a crush then a human had the chance to survive here. She remained silent, suddenly remembering that the vampire servant didn't knock and Victoria stood up calmly. The boy would need to learn his lesson, she wasn't to be intruded on. She walked towards the blonde haired boy, getitng close to his face as if she was going to kiss him. Placing her hand on his cheek gently her face showed no emotion as she rammed his head into the side of her door. His groan only making her more angry, she wanted him to scream in pain, beg for forgiveness. Her red curls bouncing as if they were excited to see pain. Grabbing him by his hair before he had a chance to fall to the ground, a slight bruise on the side of his face. Victoria watched him, the bruise wasn't enough, she wanted his voice to echo through the halls. Pulling his hair and with a single stroke ramming his head against her door once more and then smashing his face into the dirt of the floor. Closing her door once she heard the scream that pleased her.

    His body lay on the floor, the blood slowly dripping out of his face, she walked down the hallway to Roman's room where he was currently. The wide table set and ready with glasses of wine and the human girl she noticed. A broken neck, she mentally shook her head, it wasn't enough. Victoria would have made the woman beg to die. But Roman, she could tell had a few things on his mind and wasn't waiting for the human to please him. She blinked and walked over to his chair, giving him a low bow, her black dress showing too much of her cleavage, but she had reasons for her dark and bright red attire. Before he had time to think she took her seat, in a long row of tables, hoping she wouldn't get a pathetic seating buddy. She wasn't in the mood and would possibly kill the whatever gender decided to piss her off today.

    The table was very clean, she enjoyed cleanliness, but by the way the wine glasses were filled with blood the table would get messy. But she stared at her glass, the small stain of her red lipstick as she pressed the glass to her lips, opening her mouth just barely to allow the crimson elixir to flow down to the back of her throat. She set the glass down and stared at it for a while. The blood slowly shift in the glass, she watched it in all its beauty. Tasted like a whore, Victoria refused to spit it out, she swallowed and took a slight shiver. It would have to do, she preferred business women, had fantastic jobs, great kids, preferably single and not dating. So when Victoria struck down their mother after making her suffer, the children would take the suffering as well, seeing her mother so mangled she no longer looked human only a pile of unexplained mass that had stained the carpet.

    It was wrong for her to end up like this, so violent. She blamed her uncle and the man who took her father away from her. At the thought of father, Victoria took a short glance to Roman, she would be fine as long as she had the image of her father shone in Roman. She had something to live for. Pleasing him, her mind fell silent as she waited patiently.
  3. Damien was out he was hunting, the smell of blood just made him feel so good. But human knew best not to show their heads outside at this hour, there was plenty of food in the coven, but he was bored just taying there he wanted to go out for once and not alway be beside his master. Damien is still loyal to Roman, but he needed to do something outside of the coven. Damien wasnt the oldest vampire in the coven actually he was young seeing the other vampires were so much older then him. But he was strong enough to defeat them all, he had no emotions for anything and master Roamn trained him to fight when they first met, when the coven wasnt formed yet. And thats why he could defeat a vampire thats twice his age.

    Damien was walking around the allys, with his brown robe covering his clothes and his head. You could just see a little from his face. His eyes turned red from the smell of blood. He knew that there was a human around he just needed to find him. Damien brushed his cheek where his tattoo was, the tatto was a little wierd, but it meant something to him thats why he maded it. Damien started to walk to the direction of where the human was and soon he was there. It was a pretty boy at the age of 19 or 20, he had a long dark hair and niced craved body, the boy looked drunk and Damien hoped that he wasnt, cuz he hated to drink from their blood when they were drunk. Damien walked in front of the boy and reached his hand to him so tat he could help him stand from the ground. When the boy stood up Damien grabbed his head very quick and bent his head down shoeing his neck. Damien showed his fags as he hissed and stuck his fangs in the boys neck, but soon he pulled out feeling the alcohol in the boys blood. Damien grabbed the boy by the lower part of his head and broke his neck. Just great he couldnt get a nice drink for once.

    Damien was heading back to the coven when a vampire appeared and told him that master Roman wanted to see him. Damien quickly walked to the coven as he entered the building. He went to where Roman and saw a dead woman on the ground and some glasses filled with blood. Damien walked to the table where the blood was and grabbed one of the glass and took a sip from it as he looked around seeing that he and one more vampire was just there, but more was starting to gather.
  4. "The pitiless moon, how delightful. I suppose i should find some way to advance my workings, no-matter. Roman is busy with his silly little war, so long as i'm protected from those sanctus fools i really don't care." Limatus was talking to himself again, as he was prone to do, whenever musing or simply experimenting, a bad habit he'd picked up over the many years, however it oft served him well. Raising a hand to push his glasses back in place, he stared at the moon. Crescent, sickle like. Ah it was a reapers moon, the last sliver of light before the blacked of all nights, anfd a chance to go hunting for fodder. Twisting on his heel he headed to the cabinet, a multitude of vials stored here, and right now he wanted one in particular, UV Fluid. His favourite toy of late, pouring a little into a test tube he mixed some hydrofluoric acid, before corking it, he repeated the process 3 times more but each with a different concentration of this acid, before putting them into a centrifuge and mixing them into separate layers. "Beautiful, now where was that mould. " New bullets, ultraviolet hydrofluoric acid tipped rounds, ah beautiful, not only would they cause a vampire to burn from they uv, the acid would bust and allow the uv to get to all vital organs quickly, regardless of where struck. Either that or a head shot would melt the brain.

    "Such beautiful music they shall make when their organs are bursting alight still inside them, ah scienza, che ti amo."
    A small malicious yet refined smile crept onto his lips, as he ran his hand loosely through his short ruffled hair. " Scientia regeret omnia saecula saeculorum. If one does not question, one will never find an answer. " Using a pair of tongs limatus lifted a blessed silver cross "acquired" from the sanctus church. Blessed silver, was there anything more potent to a vampire? Dropping the still blessed cross into a large heating vat, limatus allowed it to melt before pouring out round tips and filled them with his new acidic ultraviolet concoction before inserting them into casings. Now he had blessed bullets filled with caustic UV liquid. If these didn't kill a vampire then nothing would. though he could only get seven bullets out of one cross...A shame, he would have liked more Lifting his suitcase onto the table he opened the hatch to the ammo compartment,before loading it with enough pullets to being down half an army of humans. To vampires it would do substantially less damage, even with depleted uranium rounds. Then there was the one weapon he was most proud of, his uv infused blessed steel knife. Given his abilities which were comparable to the two leaders, no vampire dared challenge him even if they didn't like him. Not even the so called "important" damien.

    Opening and closing his fist slowly, then flexing his fingers in a fanning pattern. A small laugh bubbled up his throat, this "war" had given him a large chance to test out his weapon craft, as of late he was lightly lagging behind the " ray" guns but his one were by far more concealable. His glasses shine with the sliver of moonlight before fading to reveal two glowing green eyes. Most vampires eyes shone read when hungry his shone green. "Chilled or warm? Chilled or warm? Right now i choose chilled after all i need to go hunting later." A small refrigerator filled with transfusion packets. Most his way of preserving the life of his "pet" and his assistant. Rosemarie. His current toy, after all in his long years he'd gone through several, and this was the latest model. A small grin plied at his lips again. He was in a good mood. taking two of the blessed silver bullets and a revolver limatus went to find roman.
  5. The room was dark, plunged in shadow and black that encased the area in a cold comfort embrace, soothing and seductive. Of course, he could still see, eyes wide and pupils open to their fullest capabilities. He could see them, their eyes of glass watching from the perch he had placed them upon. Immobile and fake, and yet still so very, very scared. Thin fingers ran across their bodies, imagining the shivers of fear that would course through them if they had the ability to move. Had they been living. Gently they swayed, going back and forth across the line up of stuffed toys, before choosing one, wrapping delicately around its soft body, bringing it down to his level. Such a sweet thing, all covered with downy fuzz, golden yellow and bright. A beautiful specimen.

    With precision only one who had practice and mastery over their craft could preform, a single thread was pulled free, long and red. He could hear the poor toy screaming, oh so silent in its pain. That beautiful face, so static and unchanging. He could almost see it crying, tears of glass beads rolling from glass eyes. Another thread, another scream that shivered through his spine, sending a pleasant numbness through him. A third thread, and he could hear them pleading, begging for mercy, to end this mad torture. How could he hurt something so innocent? The threads were left, and the relief he saw in those cold eyes made him smile cruelly. Oh such a naive creature, to think it was over. Fingers slowly wrapped around the left arm, one by one, holding it in a gentle and loving embrace.

    There was a horrible tearing noise, lovingly stitched fabric being torn from itself as the arm was pulled free, fluffs of white stuffing floating down to land in delicate little piles. The toy screamed, a small giggle rising up in his throat. Oh how he loved it when they screamed. The others could only sit and watch in silent horror as fingers dug into the chest of the small creature, voice becoming raw with its cries of pain. He pulled his arms away from each other. Again, that wondrous sound of ripped fabric and thread, the room exploding in soft white, covering the floor and himself in the innards of that poor, sweet thing. There was a long moment of silence, those in the audience too stunned to say anything, if they could open their mouths.

    It started as a small giggle, quickly overcome by silence again. Slowly, it built, giggles turning into laughter, Lyth falling back into the white pile around him, sending the fluff back up into the air. Oh how he loved that moment, that moment when the life just ended. By his own hands. Oh how he wished it were blood instead of stuffing, rolling over to lay his cheek against the soft white, a contented sigh leaving his lips. The knock on his door was faint, distant, like a dream. Not truly part of his reality. But very insistent that he answer, it increased in fever, breaking through his high. A growl pulled down on his lips, growling lightly under his breath as he was forced to stand up, brushing the white fluff that clung to his clothing off, holding his face into a pleasant smile to greet the young vampire that had been knocking.
    "Yes?" He asked, voice light, airy, masking the cutting edge he was sure was just lying underneath.

    "Master Roman would like you to meet with the others in his chamber."

    So formal. It was annoying. However, his smile stayed, nodding his head in acknowledgement as the vampire went on to inform others. A brief scowl crossed his features, wanting to tear the vampire boy apart for interrupting him, but restrained himself, bringing back his composure as he headed down to Roman's dwelling. He could smell blood even before he got there, tongue touching the tips of his fangs. They longed to bite into flesh, drink in the sweet red from a flowing tap. Alas, he was disappointed to find the prey already dead, the blood harvested and placed in clear glass for his consumption. Smiling politely, his fingers wrapped around the stem of the glass, bringing the sweet nectar to up to his lips. He so desperately wanted to finish it all, but allowed himself only a few sips. The taste was bland, the woman having been a bore to start with, and her blood had been left to sit.

    He wished she had been left alive for the bite.
  6. Rosemarie smiled faintly as she listened to Master Limatus converse with himself; as long as she'd been a servant of House Talviel, he'd had this habit, and likely for many, many years before that. She observed the pale, waning moon alongside him, not even flinching at his violent language concerning the potent ammunition he was currently producing. She had learned quickly in the beginning that silence was the correct response to most situations in the coven, unless her voice was directly requested, which was not all that often.

    And so silently she bustled about and assisted Master Limatus in his work, dressed in an odd combination of high heels, slinky evening wear, fetish gear and scientific safety equipment. The outfit reflected her purpose in the coven, which was to be whatever any vampire wanted her to be, whether that was maid, snack, whore, or laboratory assistant. While she belonged to Master Roman in the highest sense and the rest of the coven at his discretion, Master Limatus was her most frequent Master, having been the one to capture her, and she was usually seen in his company. She was no great scientific mind however and her work was limited to basic assistance in the laboratory, fetching this and that.

    When Master Limatus was finished producing the latest batch of ammunition, she followed behind him as he retrieved a blood pack from the refrigerator. He did not drink from her often, and she had survived longer than many of the other slaves and thralls in the coven, though each day was likely to be her last. Such thoughts were useless though, and she focused only on pleasing her Masters to her highest ability. With that goal in mind she removed her safety equipment and left it in the lab to enter the dining area, where several vampires were already gathered.

    Rosemarie knew her place here; there were small cushions to the side of the room where humans were to kneel until called upon by a vampire. She looked sadly at the deceased girl who had likely provided tonight's meal, in the wine glasses. Rosemarie had learned to love her life here in the coven, but she had not lost all of the values that had made her a great Sister; it saddened her to see a young life cut short, even at the hands of her beloved Masters. She would request that she be allowed to give the girl a proper burial later.

    Rosemarie distracted herself by observing the vampires gathered at the table. Looking first to Master Roman as was proper, her heart swelled with pride that such a powerful creature had deigned her worthy to keep alive, even though that right might be revoked at any moment. Seated near him were both Master Lyth and Mistress Victoria. She had never had the honor of hearing Mistress Victoria speak to her, but was well aware of the lady's oft violent temper. Master Lyth had always treated her rather courteously for a slave, but she had never been able to shake the shivering feeling his gaze gave her. Master Damien too was seated near Master Roman, though she did not let her eyes lay on him directly. He was quite strong for a vampire his age, and younger vampires were often said to be more impulsive; she did not want to incur his wrath.
  7. Eyes of dark red watched carefully as the party went on below him, a mass of jittering humans buzzing with excited chatter. They were having such a good time, totally unaware of their surroundings. If they had had an ounce of intelligence, they would have noticed certain doors were now locked, preventing any of them from leaving. A small smirk pulled at the corners of his lips, stretching out his back. It wouldn't be long now. His eyes drifted over to the front exit, where one of his coven was stationed. Spotting his gaze on them, they gave a brief nod. Things were in place. The smirk broke into a wicked smile, pushing away from the railing to descend the stairs. His fingers danced along the railing, a small tune humming in his throat. His presence turned heads, those who had lived long enough in the south end knowing exactly who he was. There was an unease and fear growing amongst the humans, some edging towards the exit. Not that it would do them much good.

    The chatter had died down, almost all eyes now on him. His smile pulled wide.
    "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen." He greeted, polite words with a cold tone. "I assume that most of you know who I am. Those of you who don't, learn fast." More and more, people began to edge towards the exit, worried about his intentions. Silly little insects. "Let me tell you how tonight is going to play out. While you were all mindlessly chatting away, I had my friends lock all but one of the exits." He watched as almost all eyes turned to stare at the nearest door out, wondering if some would try to make a break for it. "Obviously, its not that one." A malicious grin spread across his features at the despair and fear he could see in their eyes. "Now, many of you may die. Its likely that all of you may die. But don't lose heart! You have a 2 minute head start to try and find the exit!" There was a silence among them, none willing to move from their post. That or they were too afraid, shocked into stillness. "...I suggest you start running."

    There was a single breath, before the humans exploded into movement, flooding into the rest of the building, trying to find the exit. A lone woman remained, curled in on herself, sobbing pathetically in fear. It annoyed him, having prey that wouldn't run. Stepping forward, she was only able to utter a small squeak before her head was severed from her shoulders, blonde head rolling across the floor. He didn't drink from the body, not finding the blood of a coward at all appealing. He glanced over his coven, all traces of his smile gone.
    "Don't let any leave here alive."
  8. "Coeur really, did you have to do that so close to me? You've stained my petticoats."

    Marguerite pouted, dark-painted lips pursed in displeasure. Deep crimson was splattered messily across the underside of her frothy white petticoats, which were brand new and that she'd gotten especially for this exciting event. As much as she loved Coeur, which was not a small amount, he really could be so uncouth sometimes. Marguerite herself never killed her prey so...barbarically. She would have taken the time to calm the sniveling thing down with sweet words and soft hands before draining her; but she was not the Lady of the coven and such decisions were not hers to question. She removed a handkerchief from her pocket in a futile attempt at dabbing away the stain, but after two hundred odd years of drinking the stuff, she knew it wasn't coming out. She'd gotten a whole new outfit for this evening, a frilly laced number in the deepest midnight blue, complete with matching headband and wrist gloves. While she loved to hunt as much as the rest of her coven, she did not like messiness and preferred that she drain her kills neatly. Huffing, she gave her Lord a sour look, but she really couldn't stay mad at him. As her maker, he held no small amount of her love and devotion. He was, to her, somewhere between her father, her brother, and her crush.

    Scanning the panicked crowd, she giggled at their blind confusion. She turned to their resident barbarian, Taine. He was many, many years her elder and his body was much more powerful than hers, but she considered him her friendly rival in all things. His skill far outstripped hers but that didn't mean their little contests were any less fun for her, though she couldn't attest to how he felt about her, or them. Stepping over the headless corpse, taking care not to get blood on her shiny, patent black Mary Janes, she tugged his sleeve with a small white hand.

    "Taine, darling, why don't we make a game of this? The finest kill, hm?"
  9. "Ah, and the party finally gets interesting."

    He watched gleefully as Coeur sent the little humans scurrying for cover, snickering darkly at their weak attempt at escape. Coeur was right that all the doors were locked but one, Taine had double checked for himself, even taking the time to leave a few... distractions at many of the exits, and found that the peons had done their jobs well. He stretched lazily waiting for their lord and master, to finish playing with the last frightened human left in the room. From his vantage point on top of the railing he got a good view of the carnage as the elder tore the pathetic creatures head from its shoulders, and watched with satisfaction as the blood splattered onto the little shadow next to him.

    Ah Marguerite a delicate Lilly, all wrapped up in black lace and with more thorns than the most beautiful of roses. He couldnt help but smile at the little pout that crossed her face as she dabbed at the blood staining her clothes, her odd acquisitiveness never ceased to amaze him. He himself had little love of the clothing he was forced to wear at such public functions, preferring his mask and a good pair of jeans. One thing he could relate to however, was her lust for the hunt, though she tended to be far more... cultured in her execution, he could still appreciate her skills. Their little rivalry kept him in good spirits and served to motivate him even more for the hunt.

    Therefore, he was nearly delighted when she slowly made her way over to him, "Carefully avoiding the mass of blood across the floor of course", he smiled a little at that and even more as she tugged on his sleeve to get his attention. His head tilted inquisitively as she made her proposal. His smile became roguish as he gave his answer,"Milady a game sounds wonderful right now... sadly I think I may have ensured a head start." He jumped from the rail landing nimbly and slowly started to take off his tuxedo revealing rippling muscle, scars of every stripe, and tattoos the like of which are rarely seen outside of the east," You see love, my hunt has already begun." His laugh was wicked as he heard the first of the terrified screams turning into those of pain. "It looks like my little presents have been opened."
  10. Vixen could hear the screams, even through the door. They were delightful, rather like fine wine for an aristocratic human - only these held the edge of pure adrenalin that no pathetic human could ever comprehend, let alone appreciate. But as much as the sound of human terror aroused her bloodlust and hunting instincts, Vixen remained coiled on the empty side of the closed door, copper eyes glinting in the darkness. Ever since she had first been introduced to this game, the hallway beyond the only unlocked exit had always been her lair.

    There was nothing quite sweeter than the expressions on her prey when they found her so soon after freedom, except for - perhaps - the taste of their blood.

    Not long had she to wait before the first clump of three humans finally found the open door and burst through, crying and hollering in relief. Fangs glimmering in the sudden outpouring of light from the room beyond, Vixen smoothed back her hair and greeted them with a vicious smile. "Hello, prey. I trust you've enjoyed life. Thank you so much for attending tonight." Voice low and savagely gleeful, Vixen crouched and launched herself at the prey, easily overpowering them and outmaneuvering them. It took merely moments for them to die, jugulars ripped from their bodies by her sharp fangs, and Vixen luxuriated in lapping at the blood that poured from their throats as the doors - the only way out - slid shut once more. All too easy, all to sweet. The surge of energy through her was dizzying and exhilarating.

    Because she was still young, Vixen's kills were messy, and she knew that the terror would be even heavier the next time humans came through that door, because now not only were there the fallen corpses of their fellows, but she - the vampire who would slay them next - was covered in blood and crazed with the hunt.
  11. Etrius laughed shortly as the girl's head dropped to the ground, them erupted into a fit of giggles when Marguerite complained about blood getting on her dress. "Oh don't be so stuck up, Marge. It was gonna get messy anyway." He grabbed a handful of the dismembered head's blonde hair and held the thing in front of him, contorting his face into a look of overly dramatic mock sadness. "I wish you woulda let me have this one, boss. She was so pretty and pure and vulnerable... and it's no fun to drink if I'm not the one that takes her purity." He shrugged and tossed the gruesome visage into the air, smiling as it bounced and rolled as it hit the ground. "Oh well, I smelled at least two more of them in the crowd. I'd join your game, but our definitions of fine are probably drastically different. Besides..." He lifted the oversized rifle from his shoulder and slammed the barrel into the ground with a mighty clang. "I'll be focused on other... engagements."

    With that he burst forward like a shot, dragging the barrel of the heavy gun behind him, leaving a trail of sparks and producing an ear-splitting sound of metal grating on rock. Within a few seconds, he was on his first prey, standing at the entrance of a narrow dead end hallway that some humans had packed themselves into in a frantic attempt at escape. Sadly for them, it was futile. Etrius pointed the gun at the group and, with a wink and a wide, evil smile, pulled the trigger. His sensitive hearing detected two nearly eardrum shattering sounds. The first was the small explosion as the gun fired. The second was the wooden stake causing a sonic boom as it left the barrel. More sounds followed, wet squelching sounds and screaming. Etrius chuckled.

    Dropping the gun, he drew his katana and looked at the mayhem. The steak had drilled through six humans, leaving sizable holes in their torsos and splattering gore all over the walls, floors, and anyone behind them. He charged in, quickly slicing through several more humans, making sure to cut the throat to let out as much blood as possible. The feeling of their blood splattering his face was euphoria, ecstasy even. He loved it and continued, dispatching every human until only one remained.

    This one, a young blonde girl, shaking, screaming, terrified, and covered in blood. Here was one of the ones he was hunting. He had found his virgin.

    With a maniacal grin still plastered across his face, he walked towards her, his shoes squelching in the wet, warm, red liquid bathing the floor. He pressed the tip of his sword against her throat and pushed her against the wall. Sheathing the sword, he grabbed her throat with one hand and let the other travel down her body, exploring the sweet young thing he now held in his grasp. "Don't worry, I treat the ones like you extra special. I'm always kind and gallant towards the women" he said mockingly. He knew she did not believe it and he did not want her to believe it. He could smell her. Sweet, innocent, pure, and full of life, and he was about to steal it all.
  12. So they had gathered, those that were still faithful to him and his cause. If he could call it that. He looked at each on of them in turn, quietly assessing each of them in his own way as if he was measuring them for auction. His eyes first landed on Victoria, some saying that her devotion to him bordered on obsession....while he knew otherwise. She followed him because she was weak, nothing more than that, the slight whispers that he heard about it being more meaning nothing to him. The fact was that she served him faithfully and without question, and should she ever prove false then he would kill her, simple as that. Next his eyes settled on Damian, the supposed right hand that Roman felt was a pointless title. There was no other power in this court except Roman, and Roman kept a close eye on Damian to make sure he did not get any ideas. Let him continue to think that he had Roman's ear, his time would come. Roman shifted in his seat, nails tapping on the side of his untouched wine glass as he continued his observation of those that had made their presence known in his court, his face carefully blank of any emotion he may have felt.

    Limitus had decided to grace him with his presence, a revolver held in his hand before Roman glanced back up at his face. Perhaps the only real ally that he had in the court that he also really couldn't call an ally at all. Limitus was only there for protection, a fact that Roman was keenly aware of as Venator could easily grant him that protection as well. Limitus could easily be his rival, his mind knowledgeable in weapon craft that surpassed Roman, with made him valuable to Roman even though he did not trust him. A frustrating situation. The vampire that lurked in another corner also gave Roman a bit of concern. Lyth, while incredible talented with what he did, unsettled Roman. He did not trust the vampire nor did he care for the doll that he continuously carried around. Lyth had never questioned an order from Roman.....but he was prepared for the day when he did. Finally Roman glanced at the human that knelt in a corner, finding her incredibly useful in more ways than one. She was beautiful and could provide a way to the outside world during the day, her indoctrination into their way of life so deeply ingrained within her that Roman did not feel the need to worry about her forgetting her place. She was lovely, but expendable, and he life was about to become much shorter.

    The hall was silent, all of them waiting for word from their master as he sat up straighter, his anger bubbling just below the surface. Each of these creatures here were devoted to him and yet they had done nothing to prove it, nothing! They had grown soft in the bast months, growing used to their placid life with no thought of advancement, more importantly his advancement. The tapping of his fingers against the untouched glass stilled, his eyes meeting each of theirs before he spoke. "Why are each of you here?" he asked softly, his hand tightening on the glass as he kept his temper in check. He wanted to hear those answers, to hear the lies as each one of them tried to cover their skin.
  13. Lyth watched everyone who entered the room with a quiet disdain, though it never touched his face. His lips stayed put in a light smile, curved and pleasant, eyes bright. Not a trace of the contempt within their cold depths. These vampires, all pasteurizing and arrogant. It was...tiresome. Still, he sipped at his drink, his smile ever present, the familiar weight of Manno on his shoulder. Eyes turned to focus back on Roman, the smile lessening slightly as Roman began to speak. He seemed... agitated. Suspicious. Hmm, this wasn't a good start, a leader already in distrust of his team? This did not bode well. Of course, voicing that wasn't going to assuage Roman's fears of deception. Still, had they all done something to earn such scrutiny? Or was he always this paranoid? Hmm...trouble.

    "No one else is going to speak first?" Lyth asked quietly, glancing around at the others in the room, their faces stoney, unyielding. Void of any emotion that might have roiled under the surface. "Well, I suppose I'll be the first to share, though unfortunately its not a very interesting tale." The blonde downed the last of the blood in his glass, smothering a grimace at the dead taste that had begun to settle in the blood as he had let it sit idle. Ugh. "I am here, serving you, Roman, because I agree with the ideals you present." The blonde came away from the wall, setting the glass down on the table. "You hold a sense of refinement and culture around you. You hold respect, not demanding like some spoiled child." Bah, this sounded like he was such a brown noser. The blonde glanced around, before offering a sheepish smile. "Also, I hold the firm belief that your side is well prepared and able to kick ass when it comes down to it. I'd rather be on the side that is able to plan, and knows what the fuck their doing."
  14. Striding into the main hall Limatus noticed the whole of the "acquaintances" he'd met through the coven, including the ever creepy Lyth, the irritating Damien, the alluring victoria and then there was the leader himself...Roman. Clearly this was no ordinary gathering, perhaps a reason for the gathering...ah there it was, Roman wanted to know what each of them presented, why they were all there, and oddly it was the king of creeps that chose to speak first. Shallow and apathetic reasoning, commanding respect rather than demanding it, knowing what he's doing ? Completely and utterly pointless and if the usually silent Lyth spoke up perhaps limatus himself had better say something.

    "Impressive sentiments Lyth, if shallow and slight thought reasoning...I'm here for no such reasons, and Roman knows this...I'm here because we have an agreement, and i honour my agreements." Tossing the revolver to Roman, limatus raised an eyebrow. " And why are the rest of you here? Lyths reasoning might be shallow, but at least it's honest reasoning, more than most of you could say for yourselves. Who here has a valid reason ?" Limatus took the blood pack from his jacket before devouring it';s content like drinking though a straw. "Now Roman that revolver has two of my new bullets within. Feel free to keep them for an emergency, and weather any of you like it or not. I'm here not for Roman, not for a cause. I'm here because of an old standing agreement, and i never go back on an agreement. " Limatus headed away from the crowd, preferring to lurk at the side of the room shrouded within the blackness, leaveing rosemarie to either follow him or continue to hangaround with the vampires and Roman, Limatus didn't like a lot of the vampires but he held a small shred of respect for the king of the creepy...Lyth.
  15. Her day ended far more simply thenshe recalled. She was fully awake andconscious from her mind. Just enough to recollect her thoughts before it allgot out of hand. Was she dreaming? Being in such a strange warm room? She couldonly remember the sound of her own breathing. But she was in the room, shortlygetting her bearings of being in one of the covens rooms. Her own room flourished with colors of white and black. Speckles of red and the occasionalrainbow of colors spotted the room. She was surprised that even before she wasa full member of the coven, her room was made to seem like hers back at thehome she once had. But Coven Taviel was her home as of now and she made sure toremember it in case she wished to return to her human home. But it was burnt to the ground in her anger,wishing the pain of transforming to leave. Like a thousand chainsaws cuttinginto her flesh all at once. The pain was unbearable.

    Ariadne had been a member of thecoven for about 23 years as of yesterday. Not really something to be proud ofbut he took care in the knowledge that she was serving a better purpose andhelping her own in the process. A plan that even Roman knew nothing about, heconceived her as loyal and willing to do his bidding, but her own plan was farbeyond his own. The less he knew of the plan the better off he and the rivalcoven would be. Ariadne sat up from her bed, now coming to bonds with a longmirror, showing her features her mother and father blessed her with when theywere alive. Her porcelain was skin well rounded and flowing like paint. She wasbeautiful, like a goddess and it was her advantage near humans. For even theireyes get deceived by her charming looks and gentle voice. Her hair goldenblonde with shining curls that formed around shoulders and washed towards herlover back. Her hair grew faster than a human when she was full of blood.

    Her eyes sparkling cyan blue, theyhid many things. Concealed by beauty and the things males liked to see in awoman’s eyes. Want, Lust, and the curiosity that males used to their advantage.Course she was as deadly as a virus, hidden by this figure she was stuck with.Her dream had been to be different and she was blessed by a god she took notime in believing. With her power she could easily change a person’s mind, at aprice of course. But when she was on a roll the price didn’t matter.

    A soft knock came at the door and before she could answer it a male vampire held her gaze. A bloody face, abroken nose, and open head wound surely the act of Victoria. Ariadne had heardthe ruckus and that was what had drawn her from the dreams. The boy tried to avoid her face, as if he knew of her power but was frightened to show his face towards her. Clearly he had lost all trust in women and that red headed womanwas to blame. Ariadne couldn’t help but feel extremely guilty though her faceshowed nothing but a sweet smile. Roman wished to see her? What an interesting notification indeed. After giving the boy a quick kiss upon his cheek she wasclacking her heels down the hallway to the dining hall where Roman was waiting.

    She was a sweet woman, most knew itbut not of the power she held in her mind. Yet as she made her way to the hall most of the other coven members had found their way. She entered the giant room; Limatus was a smart fellow, a scientist of all sorts. It made Ariadne smile,his talents were known even to her and she respected them. As for Lyth, Ariadne could take care of him easily, he had a child’s mind so did the rest of them. Ariawasn’t fond of everyone else, especially not the human near Roman. Her mind could easily be infiltrated like a open book, she was here because she thrived to make herself useful out of the fear of dying.

    Ariadne turned her gaze to Victoria, who sat very silently and Aria gave a wicked smile. She was very weak in mind. Victoria hurt people for the sake of revenge that was already done for, she could easily be taken advantage of. Her small acts of bravery only hid her fragile state, or the fact that her body was running out of time, Ariadne would have to help the situation. The blonde’s eyes focused on Roman,the mighty man who had taken Aria under his wing and cared for her changed state. A short curtsy and she made her seat next to Victoria but stood.

    “Well Roman, I amhere because it gives me a chance to express myself. We all know some from knowledge and others out of fear, that you are the wisest of the vampires.Venator has weak vampires and their minds can easily be tossed around. As for us, you have a human pet who is scared of death and a team of three who willstand by you when you wish it. All the others respect you, but their respect borders on fear. While Limatus and you have a contract, very simple, his mind has the power to make weapons and frankly Venator has no choice but to flee. Lyth is very loyal and as shallow as he reasoning might be, he is being honest. I follow his reasoning to a point and he is a fine vampire.“ She tossed a light nod to Lyth, she understood his knowledge. “ As for me, my talent will help you and that is why I stay. Because I respect and have the talents to help you make and keep this coven strong. That is why I am with you”<o:p></o:p>