A solution for white-on-white/black-on-black text?

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  1. It's a pain to have to highlight (or, on some mobiles, copy/paste text into a different app) just to be able to read a post. When I see the big break under a post from someone's illium allegiance or groups display, I never know whether it's blank, or just white text that I'm missing. Some folks will maybe figure it out and use the remove formatting key instead, but some most people either don't notice or don't care, since on their view it looks fine.

    Reading light text on a dark background hurts my eyes and gives me headaches if I have to read too much of it(my eyes are effed the heck up and are pretty sensitive), and so this problem probably bothers me personally a bit more than others

    I got to wondering, why do we even need white or black as colour choices? All the styles right now have either a white or black background, on which the opposite colour is the default text. It would save browsers who use the opposite style this headache if they could be removed.
  2. I just wanted to put out there that for me at least, removing formatting doesn't work for changing the color of the font back to default (I pressed it twice here....still green)

  3. It doesn't work if you click 'remove formatting' and then type, but it does work if you select the words you want to change and then click it. It also removes formatting like centred text and boldness, but those can be re-applied similarly, and most folks I've seen aren't over-liberal with paragraph alignment changes, underlining, etc.

    I can understand how some might see the extra clicks as too much trouble, but it's equally annoying to have to highlight or copy-paste a post, and to never quite know whether you're looking at a blank space, or missing text.
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  4. I am not going to be able to remove the white and black from the font colors list. It's tricky messy business and will take away the functionality when people wanna put black/white text on bgcolors bbcodes. D:

    Sadly, this is just one of those little problems people have to deal with when we have multiple color schemed styles. We had members vote a long while back if they were willing to deal with text color issues if they were able to get white bg or other colored styles. The extra style colors were worth people occasionally having to highlight text!
  5. Well Poo.
  6. Maybe a way to preview posts with the opposite background would be cool or something. Click preview in a white background so you can find all the text you colored white. I know when I make big thread posts I end up changing my entire color scheme to make sure nothing is still white when I'm done (and now I leave my quotation marks white so when I keep typing it's not in color). It could save time or something. Maybe people would be more prone to go back and edit.

  7. This is a good suggestion! I am not sure if it's possible. O_O But I till add this to my list and keep a look out for something like this.