A Soldier's Story

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  1. This is a private roleplay for me and LovelyDisaster. It involves a soldier and a young woman falling in love and the soldier loosing his memory while on tour. There will be romance and sadness galore!
  2. Gregory woke up early to the sound of the bugle horn. He sighed not sleeping well the night before due to his night terrors. He went to breakfast than to his training for the morning. The list for the letter exchange had been posted he found his envelope and looked inside to see the name of the person hopefully a female he would be writing too. Lillian 'Lilly' was her name such a pretty name. He grabbed paper and a pen and started his letter.

    Hello Lilly my name is Gregory and we were paired through the letter exchange. I am on my second tour this time in Afghanistan, my last one I was stationed in Peru. I have no friends or family left which is why I signed up for the letter exchange. May I ask why you signed up? I'm not sure how to really start this letter exchange off. I am 26, and decided to become a soldier because my father was and gave his life for our country. I enjoy singing and sports. I enjoy being silly and making people laugh but I know when to be serious also. Well I'm gonna end my rambling now. I will attach a photo of myself so you can picture who your talking to.

    He ended the letter got a picture put the letter and picture together into an envelope and put it into the mail bin, for the next send out.
  3. After waking up in the morning and getting dressed, Lilly checked her mail. Nothing too interesting. Bills and junk-mail. Then she saw a letter from her partner in the exchange program. She read it eagerly and wrote back.

    Dear Gregory,

    I am glad to hear from you. I signed up because I wanted to do my part to support our troops. I also enjoy singing and dancing, since I want to be an actress. I am quite sure I will enjoy getting to know you through these letters. I also enclosed a picture of myself. I hope you like it.


    Lilly Le Fey

    She sends out the letter.
  4. Gregory had been out in the field when he recieved an concussion and a bad one and was put on best rest for a couple days, he was brought his mail, consisting of a lone letter and lunch at the same time, she read the letter and smiled looking at the picture
    Dear Lilly, its nice to hear from you, I was hoping they wouldn't pair me with someone who wasn't going to reply. I am glad to hear you want to support us, and we thank you. Thats great that you want to be an actress, ever done any acting? I enjoy dancing and singing around here from time to time to annoy the men, its quite entertaining for myself. I want to just ask you a bunch of questions, fave color? flower? movie? where is one place you would love to travel?
    Love from Gregory
    He signed off and left it on his side table and beginning to eat his lunch.
  5. After receiving and reading Gregory's reply, Lilly smiled and wrote back right away. She also had been hoping for someone who would write back.

    Dear Gregory,

    Yes, I have acted in a few local productions. The answers to your questions are these: Purple, any sort of lily, and Titanic. One place I would love to travel is France. Mind if I ask you the same questions? I also like to read, so I'd like to know your favorite book if you have one. Mine is Pride and Prejudice.

    Lilly Le Fey

    She sent the letter out right away and eagerly awaited a response.
  6. Gregory had been injured again in training and was put into the infirmary, he was broughten his letter by his bunk mate Matt, he read it smiling.
    Hello Lilly, its so nice hearing from you again.I forgot to mention how beautiful you are, and don't let anyone tell you differentlty I've hung your picutre, in my trunk at the edge of my bunk were I keep everything. What productions have you been in? Purple, roses, and ugh theres so many but a fault in my stars is one of my all time fave books and movies, im a huge sucker for love. I would love to go to France again it was so beautiful, myself I've always wanted to go Greece, I'll read anything aslong as it gets me hooked in the first chapter. I love pride and prejudice defiantly one of my faves. Do you want children, would you want to get married down the road? Do you like pets? If so which ones?
    Love Gregory
    He added another picture of him and sealed the letter and photo in an envelope, and laid it on his bed side to be taken by the next person to come in
  7. Lilly blushed when she read the part of his response where he said she was beautiful. She quickly wrote back.

    Dearest Gregory,

    Thanks for your complement in your last letter. You are quite handsome and I have your picture in a special place in my living room. I have done many Shakespeare plays and a few musicals. I do want to get married and have kids down the road. I love cats and have a little black female one named Pixie. I have really been enjoying hearing from you and hope to meet you someday.

    Lilly Le Fey

    She sent this letter of and ran off to go to an audition.
  8. Gregroy was out in the field training when the rain started he sighed knowing they wouldn't get pulled in just because of rain, he sighed finishing he duties and heading in once he was told he could, he swung by the mail room seeing he had mail he smiled. He took it to his bunk reading it, and getting paper and his special pen and replying
    Dear Lilly, no problem I only speak the truth, I hope you enjoy the photo I enclosed of myself and I'll send another one this time around too. Thats very cool, which productions specifically? I was in Oliver Twist myself as a young boy. I would also love to get married and have kids but I need to find the right women first though. I would love to get married in France actually, and have my honey moon in Greece, I think it would be beautiful. Nice I like dogs and cats myself we have a stray cat out around here we keep as a pet her names fancy, and we also have a pet tarantula his names spike. If you would like to meet me, I get home time in about 2-3 weeks if you would like me to come visit, I can make it happen. Ask me some questions this time!
    Love Gregory

    He walked back past the mailroom dropping it off, and heading to the dining hall where he grabbed dinner, showered and went to bed to get ready to start his next day.
  9. Lilly got home from rehearsal. She had gotten the role she had been hoping to. She hadn't had time to check the mail that morning, so she eagerly went to her mailbox and smiled when she saw a letter from Gregory.

    Dear Gregory,

    I have done Twelfth Night, Romeo and Juliet, and Grease, just to name a few. I'm actually in a production right now. We open around the time you get back. I would love to meet you. Hmmmm....Question time, I guess. What's your favorite food? Do you have any siblings?

    Lilly Le Fey

    She sent the letter off and went back home to rest and wait.
  10. Gregory woke up the next morning to the bugle sounding loud across the camp, he got up and got dressed, heading out the field for the day. Once in after the day he was able to check the mail, he seen a lone letter in his box and a smile came to his face.He read it and started to reply

    Dear Lilly,
    Very nice to hear, and I hope I can see it when I'm down and there. My only sibling is deceased, and im not close with my parents, and I like a very variety of food. I love pizza, steaks, etc. I also love cooking, I am amazing at it, people always ask me why I am in the military and not a chef, in a highend restaurant. Thats maybe what I would like to do once I retire. Have you always wanted to be an actress?
    Love Gregory
    He signed off the letter and set put it in the mail, and headed into the bunks.
  11. Lilly got home from her job at the local restaurant she worked at part-time. She was delighted to see a letter from Gregory and wrote back quickly.


    Yes, I have always wanted to be an actress. I started doing plays in high school. A chef, huh? I'm not a very good cook myself. I can't wait to meet you in person! Are you done with your tour soon? Just let me know when and where.
    Lilly Le Fey

    She sent off the letter and went to rehersal.
  12. Gregory woke up to the sound of the bugle yet again and headed out for assignments for the day. He was doing another raid that day, they excecuted the raid with ease and returned to base doing some training and off for the day. He took a shower and checked the mail room seeing a lone letter in his box, he smiled taking it to his bunk to write back
    Dear Lilly, thats great to hear that your following your passion and what you've always wanted to do I wish more people would now a days. I love cooking and can't wait too cook for you, what are your favorite meals than? I would love to cook you some of them when I'm there and about a week and a half till were off. Can' wait to meet you
    Love Gregory.
    He put the letter in the mail bin and went into the recreation room to see what the other men were up to.
  13. Lilly was finally done with her final costume fitting and could go home for the night. She was tired and hadn't been home since she left for her shift at the restaurant that morning. She still eagerly checked the mailbox, hoping to hear from Gregory. She shifted though the letters and finally found it. She felt refreshed just reading it and wrote back instantly.

    "Dear Gregory,

    Well, in a way, you are following your dreams, too. My favorite foods are anything with pasta and/or chicken. Rehearsals have been going well, and I can't wait to perform for you as much as you can't wait to cook for me. Opening night should be when you get back, so I'm doubly excited. Here's hoping you get back safe and sound.

    Lilly Le Fey"

    She got ready for bed and after one of the best nights sleep of her life, Lilly sent off the letter.