A Solar Concern: The Tale of Seven Suns

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  1. A Solar Concern

    The Tale of Seven Suns


    It was not a natural system. A false place manufactured by beings too ancient to comprehend, too terrible to understand, too horrifying to grasp and too extinct to matter anymore (or so they say). An artificial system comprising of seven suns artificially put into stable, and impossible, orbits each with their own system of planets with their own systems of moons.

    Seeded with life and left to sprout all on its own it has been millions of years now and several of the worlds cultivated not only intelligent life, but nations birthed from their homeworlds. Some with terrific advanced technology.

    Some with the barest to justify calling them a space-faring nation but each individual, unique and well respected. Regardless they have flowered and raised themselves into the stars under their own power. You President, Emperor, King, Prime Minister or whatever title you hold, you rule one of the nations of the Star System simply known as Ysaras.

    Your nation has clambered it's way into space and become a space-faring nation and wielding it's own power. But your nation isn't alone in this system.

    It's time to take your place. Or fall into ashes.

    • Facts:
      1. There is no faster than light technology. All travel in-system is done at sublight velocities, insofar as anyone knows FTL is impossible for the forseeable future.
      2. Weapons come in six groupings (not counting traits that give special weapons) the basic six groupings are Laser, Particle Beam, Missile, Torpedo, Metalstorm and Railgun.
      3. There is no sign of the creators. However the more religious may believe them to be gods.
      4. *May be updated as questions are answered.

      Nation Creation Rules:
      The rules for making your nation are in the following link.
      Nation Creation Rules
      The rules for making your military are in the following link. (The link is also in the document linked above)
      Military Creation Rules

      1. No God-modding/moding.
      2. As usual, no auto-hits, etc.
      3. Travel-time is fairly significant. To travel from Praxis to Lumina for example (other than being REALLY hot) is approximately 4 months at top velocity for normal drives.
      4. Combat is generally 'arbitrated' by the GM (me) this is done through a combination of factors, 1st is strategy. (If one players plan is exceptionally good and the others shite, the first player would get a bonus), 2nd is forces. (If the OTHER player however had ten times the forces, they might get the bonus instead of the first player) the 3rd is the dice gods. In the end your peoples lives are in their hands :p But you'll just see the results ;)
      5. Follow the site rules, it's not that hard. (Considerably easier than the last forum I was GMing on :p)
      6. NO OOC ARGUMENTS. If you cannot resolve an issue politely you bring it to my attention or simply ignore the other person.

      Breaking any of the rules will lead to penalisations for your nation IC based on the severity of the issue. 2 Extreme examples to follow.

      EG 1 : Player 1 "auto-hit/kills" Player 2's flagship. Player 1's action is 'altered' to prevent it and loses several of their own ships in response.

      EG 2 : Player 3 "God-mods" annihilating Player 4's homeworld. Player 3's action is completely nullified and their nation is annihilated by *REDACTED BY ACT OF GM* in this case player 3 would also be permanently ejected from the game and banned from returning.

    • LIST

    • This is a link that has the code for the nation sheet template on the fourth post.
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  2. How close are these stars to their nearest neighbors?
  3. I shall join this :)
  4. The Praxis star to the furthest planet (and it's orbiting planet, true moons are not marked on the map at all.) is 35 AU. It's approximately 70 AU to Lumina, 75 AU to Psios, 77 AU to Ramenth, 120 AU to Sin, 125 to Vaoxin, 135 to Hell. This is of course no a precise scale and the stability of the system is naturally artificial. (A system like this would practically explode realistically)
  5. After Christmas is over, I will make a nation sheet.
  6. Damn this has a lot of work put into it. Is it pre-made or did you do it yourself?
  7. Love it, but I doubt I'll be able to post so I'll just save you the trouble of looking over another app.
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  8. After going over everything it seems far too unnecessarily complex, which is too bad. And 50 points seems like a lot after I took the traits I wanted. Ended up with this huge list of traits.
  9. Did it myself, a refinement of a system i've used over the years. This particular version took approximately two months of alterations.

    It's always been a complex system :p it's a bit more "wealthy" than my usual ones as I increased the available traits, removed some etc.

    Good to hear mate ;)
  10. How's the craic. I'm a Kadaeux mook from another site. I know my single post count is somewhere between awkward and scary but I've been RPing abroad since 2008ish and just recently jumped ship. That being said, I have no idea how the posting mechanics of this site work so I'm going to leave you kind folks a link to the Google Drive doc I've been building my nation with. Hopefully I can translate it into the awesome formatting I've seen users create on here. Looking forward to some good story telling.

    (Bit of a work in progress, but I'll be there shortly.)
  11. I'm going to assume the sheets for things like fighters are still in construction, since they seem not to exist.

    Also: an example sheet would be incalculably helpful.
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  12. Google Docs confused me—didn't navigate past Capitol Ship Design in the Military Design document.
  13. Alright, I am going to start on my NS.
  14. This sheet isn't done but, I am working on it.

    • Nation Name
      The Republic of Alijan

      Nation History

      Significant Political Figures
      Inquisitor - Marcos Justo
      Members of the Science Advisory Board - Cláudio Queiroz, Hugo Rocha, Melissa Azevedo, Eduarda Andrade, and Isadora Flores
      Generals of the Military - Rogério Cardoso, Augusto Justo, and Caroline Martins.
      Advisors - Raul Ventura, Suzana Ferreira, Carla Vaz, Patrícia Reis, Érica Canto, and Alice Nascimento.

      Nation "Style"

      Nation Species

    • Total Trait Counts
      Fifty Traits

      National Traits
      Party Please
      Rule for All
      For the Greater Good
      Science Forum
      Science Advisory Board

      Population Traits
      Not One Step Back!
      We Act As One
      Good Schools

      Star Navy Traits
      Capital Warship Obsession
      A Gift for the Stars
      Fleet Unity Protocols
      Battlestar Compensatinga
      Siege Mentality
      Superior Training

      Ground War Traits
      Elite Infantry Formations
      Combined Arms is Key
      Orbital Support
      Siege of AR-558
      You Shook Me All Night Long
      Shoot to Trill
      Long Term Training

      Technical Traits
      Accelerated Repairs
      Sound Off
      Virtual Intelligence
      Master Shipwrights
      Secure Lines

      Economic Traits
      Intersolar Stock Market
      Bulk Traders
      High Grade Manufacturing

      Foreign Policy Traits
      Non-Aggression Pacts
      Great Alliance Negotiators

      Espionage Traits
      A Weston Moment
      Obsidian Order

      Psychic Traits
      Empathic Mind
      Predictive Omniscience

      Advanced Technology Traits
      Enhanced Lifespans

      Honourable to a Fault
      Public Outcry
      Dangerous Cults
      For Science!

    • Territory
      Homeworld - Alithafi - Average World, Average Size, Oceanic World, Small Moon, Military Satellite Network, Research Space Station, Orbital Shipyard (free), Orbital Military Station.

    • Treasury

      Naval Budget

      Army Budget

    • Navy

      • Capitol Ships
        Offensive -

        Defensive -

        Special -

      • Escort Ships
        Offensive -

        Defensive -

        Special -

      • Naval Strike Craft
        Offensive -

        Defensive -

        Special -

    • Armoured Forces
      Offensive -

      Defensive -

      Special -

    • Infantry
      Offensive -

      Defensive -

      Special -

    • Aerospace Forces
      Offensive -

      Defensive -

      Special -

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    • [tab=Nation Summary]

    • Total Trait Counts: 50

      National Traits: 6
      Population Traits: 6
      Star Navy Traits: 7
      Ground War Traits: 5
      Technical Traits: 3
      Economic Traits: 2
      Foreign Policy Traits: 4
      Espionage Traits: 6
      Psychic Traits: 4
      Advanced Technology Traits: 6
      Flaws: 2

      • [tab=National Traits]

      • Population Traits:


        Manifest Destiny:

        Martial Pride:

        Genetic Augments:


        University of War:

      • Star Navy Traits:

        When in doubt FIRE EVERYTHING!:

        Hangar Queens:

        Hello Dave:

        Atmospheric Capable:

        Battlestar Compensatinga:


        Orbital Support:

      • Ground War Traits:

        Space Marines:

        Combined Arms is Key:

        Strategic Response:

        Sweep Scorch:


      • Technical Traits:


        Industrial Autoprinting:

        Gravity Plating:

      • Economic Traits:

        Bulk Traders

        Point Defender Gun

      • Foreign Policy Traits:

        False-Flag Operation:

        Extra-Judiciary Measures:

        Discipline by Decimation:

        Eugenics and You:

      • Espionage Traits:



        Counter-Intelligence Unit:

        Secret Police:

        Obsidian Order:


      • Psychic Traits:



        Telekinetic Crush/Explosion:


      • Advanced Technology Traits:

        Anti-Gravity Technology:



      • Flaws:

        Cult of the Red Hand:

        Religious Intolerance:

    • Good World:

      Ring System:

      Average Moon:

      2 Orbital Shipyards:


      Military Sat Net:

      Orbital Elevator:

      Antimatter Ring:

    • Treasury:
      Naval Budget: 3.85 Billion
      Army Budget: 120 Million

    • Navy:

      • [tab=Capitol Ships]

      • Escort Ships:

        Ship Class: Pocket Carrier
        Ship Type Name: Dawnguard
        Ships in Class: 20
        Crew Experience: Veteran
        Prow Armaments:
        1x Rapid Fire Missile Launcher; (Antimatter)
        Port/Starboard Armaments:
        1x Rapid Fire Missile Launcher; (Antimatter)
        Aft Armaments:
        1x Rapid Fire Missile Launcher; (Antimatter)
        Defensive Hardpoints:
        1x Heavy Armour
        1x Medium Shield
        Point Defence Clusters: 4
        Engines: Gravity Drives
        Special Hardpoints:
        Patrol Sensor Suite
        Hangars: 2
        Cost: 5.535 Billion Each. 110.7 Billion Total.

        Ship Class: Assault Destroyer​
        Ship Type Name: Trebuchet​
        Ships in Class: 2​
        Crew Experience: Veteran​
        Prow Armaments:
        1x Prow Torpedo Launcher (Antimatter)
        2x Fixed Particle Beams​
        Port/Starboard Armaments:
        1x Railgun Broadside
        1x Dumbfire Rocket Broadside (Antimatter)
        2x Particle Beam Broadsides
        Aft Armaments:
        1x Rapid Fire Missile Launcher; (Antimatter)​
        Defensive Hardpoints:
        2x Very Heavy Armour
        2x Heavy Shield​
        Point Defence Clusters: 2​
        Engines: Gravity Drives​
        Special Hardpoints:
        Space Marine Company Troop Bay​
        Cost: 10.935 Billion Each. 21.87 Billion Total.​

        Ship Class: Destroyer
        Ship Type Name: Reaper
        Ships in Class: 12
        Crew Experience: Veteran
        Prow Armaments:
        1x Prow Torpedo Launcher (Antimatter)
        1x Turreted Metalstorm
        Port/Starboard Armaments:
        1x Laser Broadside
        1x VLS Cluster (Antimatter)
        2x Railgun Broadsides
        Aft Armaments:
        1x Turreted Metalstorm;
        Defensive Hardpoints:
        1x Very Heavy Armour
        2x Heavy Shield
        Point Defence Clusters: 2
        Engines: Gravity Drives
        Special Hardpoints:
        Escort Sensor Suite
        2x Division Troop Bay
        Cost: 7.335 Billion Each. 88.02 Billion Total.

        Ship Class: Destroyer​
        Ship Type Name: Harrower
        Ships in Class: 12​
        Crew Experience: Veteran​
        Prow Armaments:
        1x Prow Torpedo Launcher (Antimatter)
        1x Antimatter Bomb​
        Port/Starboard Armaments:
        1x Laser Broadside
        1x VLS Cluster (Antimatter)
        2x Antimatter Bomb​
        Aft Armaments:
        1x Antimatter Bomb​
        Defensive Hardpoints:
        1x Very Heavy Armour
        2x Heavy Shield​
        Point Defence Clusters: 2​
        Engines: Gravity Drives​
        Special Hardpoints:
        1x Division Troop Bay
        1x Grappling Cable Array​
        Cost: 7.335 Billion Each. 88.02 Billion Total.​

        Ship Class: Frigate
        Ship Type Name: High Guard
        Ships in Class: 24
        Crew Experience: Veteran
        Prow Armaments:
        1x Prow Torpedo Launcher (Antimatter)
        Port/Starboard Armaments:
        1x Laser Broadside
        1x Railgun Broadside
        Aft Armaments:
        1x VLS Cluster (Antimatter)
        Defensive Hardpoints:
        1x Heavy Armour
        1x Medium Shield
        Point Defence Clusters: 3
        Engines: Gravity Drives
        Special Hardpoints:
        Escort Sensor Suite
        Cost: 3.735 Billion Each. 89.64 Billion Total.

        Ship Class: Corvette​
        Ship Type Name: Unborn​
        Ships in Class: 32​
        Crew Experience: Veteran​
        Prow Armaments:
        1x Fixed Railgun​
        Port/Starboard Armaments:
        1x Dumbfire Rocket Broadside (Antimatter)​
        Aft Armaments:
        1x VLS Cluster (Antimatter)​
        Defensive Hardpoints:
        1x Medium Armour
        1x Medium Shield​
        Point Defence Clusters: 4​
        Engines: Gravity Drives​
        Special Hardpoints:
        Escort Sensor Suite​
        Cost: 1.935 Billion Each. 61.92 Billion Total.​

      • Naval Strike Craft:

        Carried by Pocket Carriers
        20x Patrol Wing; 80 MC
        20x Assault Wing; 150 MC

        Carried by Supercarrier
        6x Hammerhead Wings; 90 MC
        10x Assault Wings; 150 MC
        10x Bomber Wings; 100 MC
        10x Strike Wings; 80 MC

      • Armoured Forces:

        14 Elite Gigadeath Tank Squads: 168 Billion, 560 Million Credits.
        20 Elite Super-Heavy Regiments: 8 Billion, 80 Million Credits
        40 Veteran Heavy Tank Divisions: 16 Billion, 120 Million Credits
        100 Veteran Tank Divisions: 30 Billion, 300 Million Credits
        400 Advanced Training Light Tank Divisions: 80 Billion, 800 Million Credits
        200 Advanced Training Transport Divisions: 80 Billion, 400 Million Credits
        100 Advanced Training Light Attack Divisions: 6 Billion, 200 Million Credits

      • Infantry:

        10 Space Marine Legions: 90 Billion Credits
        20 Veteran Infantry Corps: 51 Billion, 200 Million Credits
        6 Veteran Support Corps: 23 Billion, 160 Million Credits
        3 Elite Command Battalions: 3 Billion, 60 Million Credits
        10 Veteran Engineering Regiments: 3 Billion, 100 Million Credits
        12 Green Infantry Corps: 20 Billion Credits

      • Aerospace Forces:

        500 Advanced Interceptor Wings: 2 Billion, 500 Million Credits
        250 Advanced Bomber Wings: 3 Billion Credits
        250 Hammerhead Wings: 4 Billion, 250 Million Credits
        200 Assault Wings: 3 Billion, 400 Million Credits

    NOTE: WIP Just details to fill in ;)
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  15. Sometimes tags don't like being closed in a different order than the opposite of that with which they were opened. Especially with block tags like [quote] and [tab(s)], you have to be careful about this. Take a look and make sure you don't have any unclosed tags when you add a [tab(s)] block, and it should resolve itself fairly easily.

    If you'd like some more hands-on assistance, I can edit your post for you. :3
  16. WIP

    I'd prefer to only post once I'm finished writing and editing, but having to reformat everything each time I work on it is a pain, so...

    • Nation Name: The Republic of Atmos.

      Nation History: Atmos, like the rest of the Ysaras System, was created and seeded artificially, by a people the inhabitants of Atmos call 'the precursors'. Atmos was one of the most bountiful and richly biodiverse planets that the precursors forged—a colossus among worlds, populated by countless lifeforms that engaged each other in a century upon century long evolutionary war. When the fog of time dispersed over the oceans, jungles, mountains and deserts of Atmos, and the tone called for Ysaras' intelligent lifeforms to take to the stars, only one of Atmos' countless species proved predominant: the Ultarians.

      A humanoid species of amazing creativity and ingenuity, the Ultarians found themselves only a few thousand years ago the predominant species of all nine continents of Atmos. Dominant was they were, however, the Ultarians were strongly divided. Minor evolutionary adjustments to conform to the varying climates and topographies of Atmos gave birth to a multitude of Ultarian races, and thousands of different tribal identities and cultures were created, to unite groups of Ultarians together. This togetherness would ultimately result only in greater division, however, and generations of war and suffering ensued for the Ultarians, entire societies and cultures rapidly extinguished in the name of an opposing society's survival, or greatness. The Ultarians came to master the exploitation of their environment for use in the destruction of their rival societies, forging weapons of war and fortifications to shield themselves from their foes. Across eight of the nine continents of Atmos, nation-states developed, with militarized and rigid borders that spelled death for approaching foreigners. Only one continent, Atmos' most humble, was spared of extreme nationalistic division and recurring war.

      Jorn, the smallest and least fertile of the nine continents of Atmos, covered in a constant layer of snow and ice, gave birth to only a single cultural identity. Jornish culture, unlike that of the greater continents, valued individualism and personal advancement over efforts intended to contribute to the whole of society. The Ultarians of Jorn, bereft as they were of great national wealth, became experts at developing greater and greater efficiency and technological prowess, to not only defend their homeland, but connect it to the greater continents of Atmos. While the great continents and their nations and peoples fought and fought, making themselves weaker and more divided as time carried on, Jorn rose. Colonization ensued; the naval vessels of Jorn allowing them to settle the more primitive of Atmos' continents, and easily obtain the greatness that the nations of the larger continents had fought so harshly and so long to obtain. New resources were developed and utilized, placing Jorn a constant step above any of its competitors. The rival-struck nations of Atmos gradually withered away, vassalized or conquered outright by the rapidly growing superpower that Jorn became. Coalitions formed against the rising star of Atmos, but they were inevitably destroyed. Large scale settlement and cultural propagation ensued, and over successive generations, those peoples that once looked on Jorn as an isolated backwater instead found themselves a part of it. The Ultarians amalgamated as globalization took route, becoming one people, of one culture and one identity. But the expansionary and, now, prideful Jornish were not contented with all of Atmos. As they looked up to the stars, they saw a future where their values—opportunity, liberty and greatness—were brought to all the planets and moons of Ysaras.

      The Republic of Jorn, now presiding over a politically and culturally unified planet, and looking forwards, reconstituted itself as the Republic of Atmos. With the involvement of both the state and private enterprises, massive orbital shipyards and other grand works of space exploration were developed. Scout ships, looking not only for resources and habitable planets for settlement, but also alien societies, were sent in all directions. In anticipation of either good or bad relations with these potential new neighbours, a Star Navy and solar merchant fleet were created, for defence and conquest, and for trade and diplomacy. The Ultarians looked forward to untold opportunities and challenges to be overcome in space; and also untold dangers, and the potential for Atmos' outright destruction. A time of great change was beginning, and it was yet to be seen if Atmos would fare the solar seas as Jorn had fared the oceans of Atmos, in days that were now so long ago.

      Significant Political Figures

      President Bergen Marza. Democratically elected representative of the people of Atmos, head of state and head of government. Marza is a native of Venir, Atmos' capital city. As Atmos' government is highly libertarian, Marza's powers over Atmos' affairs are limited. He is, more than anything else, a figurehead.

      General Marfor Scholt. High Commander of the Atmos Star Navy, captain of 'The Grand Deliverance'. Like all positions in the Atmos Star Navy, High Commander is one decided upon solely by aptitude. Since The Grand Deliverance is a highly strategically and ideologically important flag-ship, and Scholt is her captain, he rarely leaves secure Atmosi space.

      Merchant-Diplomat and High Commander of the Atmos Army TBA.

      Nation "Style": TBA

      Nation Species: TBA

    • Total Trait Counts: 53 (52 traits, one worth two trait points).

      National Traits: 10.

      Population Traits: 12.

      Star Navy Traits: 5.

      Ground War Traits: 3.

      Technical Traits: 3.

      Economic Traits: 15.

      Foreign Policy Traits: 2.

      Espionage Traits: 1.

      Psychic Traits: 0.

      Advanced Technology Traits: 1 (2 points).

      Flaws: 5 (One worth two flaws to fulfil the mandatory flaw requirement, one trait-related compulsory flaw, and three additional flaws for three extra trait points).

      • Implausibly Efficient Government, Fair Dinkum, Mechanics at Heart, Rule of All, Science Forum, Science Advisory Board, Industrial Heartland, Size Matters, Monolithic, Vengeful.

      • Loyalty, Flag-Wavers, Not One Step Back!, Manifest Destiny, Artistic, Martial Pride, Medicine, Good Schools, University of War, Agricultural Institute, Tradesmen Academy, Industriousness.

      • Hangar Queens, Battlestar Compensatinga, Advanced Reconnaissance, Until in my last breath I spit at thee!, Superior Training.

      • Combined arms is key, Occupationists, Set Phasers to Stun.

      • Flash, Master Shipwrights, Not at all like Starfleet.

      • Abundant Trade Goods, Abundant Trade Ships, Currency Exchange, Intersolar Stock Market, Point Defender Gun, Lax Restrictions, Capitalism, High Grade Manufacturing, Wealthy/Moneybags, Cargo Cultist, Tailored Trade, Accommodating, Convincing Economists, Free Market Boom-town, Interplanetary Stocks Market.

      • Advanced Economic Warfare, EPA.

      • Counter Intelligence Unit.

      • N/A

      • AEGIS Point Defence.

      • Psychic Nulls, Big Red Target, Freedom of way too much information, Cone of Silence, Misplaced Information.

    • Homeworld Type: Gaia World. Atmos is massively fertile and biodiverse.

      Homeworld Size: Huge World. Atmos is also massively... massive.

      Homeworld Artificial Satellites: Military Satellite Network, One Orbital Elevator, Four Orbital Shipyards.

    • Treasury: TBA

      Naval Budget: TBA

      Army Budget: TBA

      • The Grand Deliverance;
        Battlestar Supercarrier, Elite Crew, 133 BC;

        Prow: One Turreted Laser Battery, One Turreted Particle Beam Battery.
        Port/Starboard: One Metalstorm Broadside Battery, One Broadside Particle Beam Battery.
        Aft: One Turreted Laser Battery, One Turreted Particle Beam Battery.

        Three Layers Very Heavy Armour.
        Three Heavy Shield Generators.
        ECM System and Active Countermeasure System.
        Ten AEGIS Clusters.

        One Electronic Warfare Suite.
        Two War Transport Bays.
        One Science Section.
        One Mobile Repair Bay.
        One Grappling Cable Array.
        Four AEGIS Sensor Arrays.
        72 Hangars.

        ^ Military Design sheet was changed. Will revise or delete later.


      • Escort Ships: TBA

      • Naval Strike Craft: TBA

    • Armoured Forces: TBA

    • Infantry: TBA

    • Aerospace Forces: TBA
  17. The odd part is that the code works perfectly "on its own" only after including the data to the structure did it all break. I'm suspecting a break because of microsoft word code. *Tests*


    Thanks for the offer though, not needed. It WAS something with microsoft word copy/paste that butchered it. Re-copying to notepad and back fixed it :p
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  18. Glad you got it all worked out. :3
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