SPOILERS GAMING RANDOM a small rant on the noise update of pizza tower


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soooooo.... the noise update dropped a few weeks ago by now, so I decided to play him for a bit...
HOLY SHIT IS HE BOUNCY, I can't even go 10 seconds without his wallgrab screwing me over, and in bloodsauce dungeon, you have to use the super jump like 3 times to even clear it without using noise crusher + grab combo. it's super annoying. on top of that, his slippery controls and lack of boss explanation just make it worse for me, and I couldn't even beat pepperman.

I at least got S Ranks on every level in floor 1, but holy fuck is noise update something else. I cannot be bothered to P rank those levels unless if I learn their pathing again, which I can't entirely be bothered to do.

on the bright side, OST do be ballin'