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  1. How does one make a universe roleplay? Do you need permission? Or can you just post a new topic?
  2. What Red said.

  3. At the moment, no one can create universe roleplays. We are planning to make it possible for people in the future, but because of the group testings and the new roleplay section testings, it has been postponed ^^

    Eventually people will be able to create universal roleplays, but not right now.
  4. Oh. Is there a reason why you can't? o.o
  5. There are certain criteria (which have yet to be completely established) that anyone wanting to create a Universe roleplay would have to follow. Because of these criteria, each proposed Universe roleplay would have to be approved before it could actually be created. Since that would be a pretty large commitment on the part of the staff, it has been postponed while they work on other badass features.

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but I remember Diana saying something along these lines.
  6. Since I'm not very invested in these sorts of big group RPs (and rarely even smaller groups) I don't know very much about them, and the admins hasn't told us very much either. I'm guessing that the universe roleplays are of such a big scale that a lot of commitment and pre-planning is necessary, thus the admins wants to make sure that those who are committed and has well thought out ideas will get that space so that those roleplays don't die as easily as they do in the other sections, thus they are planning an application form, which to my knowledge hasn't been completely worked out yet.

    The admins have been very silent about it so far, so we don't know much about it. It's just to hope all the testings will be done soon so that they can continue working on it.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.