A small group, short term RP based on urban legend?

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    So this is one of my older RPs from other sites that never got off the ground, thanks to, ah, "absences.” This roleplay will be centered around the Pennsylvanian legend of the seven gates to Hell in the woods surrounding York, one of the busier towns In the state. [Click to Read the Legend] I’m in need of a small group of patient RPers who will tolerate less than daily posts, as I start school on Monday. Also, I ask that each RPer in this RP becomes, in a sense, a co-GM along with everyone else. I don’t have the time anymore to perform GM duties, and therefore ask that you all help by moderating yourself. In the case of someone not posting for a while, anyone may (and should, really) attempt to contact them. I ask that everyone shares there ideas for the Gates, as only the first two are specified in the legend and described below. This RP will be generally short-term, only lasting from sundown to just before sunup in character terms, due to the fact that when the sun comes up, the last six Gates close up, only to be found and opened at night. This roleplay will have dark themes including death, abuse, murder, etcetera, but no characters will die in the middle of the RP, instead being faced with the decision to sacrifice themselves in the very, very end. In a sense, each RPer will be doubling, yet in another sense, their two charries are actually one. You see, the Innocents more or less have a mind-connection to their corresponding Key (I know that doesn’t make sense yet; you’ll have to read the plot); they’re never actually there, instead dwelling within the flames of Hell while connected to the one who can save them. CS will be rather brief, and I don’t care whether you use anime or realistic. I hope to play this until the end, and who knows? Maybe we’ll all decide to start another RP together when it’s over. c;

    The stories that surrond the forests surronding York, Pennsylvania are well hidden by its inhabitants, and to many, it just appears as a sleepy little rural town where you needn't bother lock your doors and can trust virtually anyone, even if it is one of the state's busier towns. But when you look in the right place, you find that there's more to this charming town than meets the eye.

    For this is the location of the seven gates to Hell. It is said that when you pass through each one in order, you will go straight to Hell. But no one has never made it past the fifth gate, when an overwhelming sense of dread and evil overcomes the adventurer, sending even the bravest adventurer fleeing.

    Over the years, though, Satanists had sent four innocent children through the gates to their eternal suffering in order to please Lucifer and earn his favor. These four did not deserve their persecution. Even from their firey dwellings, they learned how to transport their souls to the path of the seven gates and to connect their minds with that of a living being. And they all know of four Keys who could free them from their firey chains. The Keys are four human beings who have the power to release a captive each from Hell. But they must give their lives for the innocents, and they have to be willing to do so.

    The Keys have arrived, entranced by the legends. But they do not know that they are the Keys, nor that the Keys even exist. But when they pass through the first gate and begin their quest, four different voices talk into each of their minds, telling them what they must know and the choice they have to make.

    ONE: The only visible gate is the first one. The other six must be accessed in the dead of ight, and certain tasks must be completed in order to open the gates.

    TWO: Gate number two is located in a Satanist ritual circle constructed a ways past the first gate. In order to open it, there must be blood spilled in the center of the ritual circle by the one who wishes to pass through it.

    ((The rest will be added as we decide them.))

    Key #1 & Inoocent #1 (both male) >>> [Open]
    Key #2 & Inoocent #2 (both female) >>> @TheRealHermione
    Key #3 & Inoocent #3 (both male) >>> [Open]
    Key #4 & Inoocent #4 (both female) >>> [Open]
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