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I generally like a little bit of everything, but my favorite would be Romance and Drama.
Hello! So, here I am with yet another partner search.. And a plot, but probably noone is going to reply, or they will and just ditch me without a word and never, ever reply to my messages. Fun stuff, but I am desperate, so at this point, even one liners are good to me. I just need a few things from any person who is interested just the slightest bit.
  1. Please, good grammar? Know the difference between *your and *you're, *too and *to..
  2. Discord, I only roleplay on discord, this is a heads up.
  3. Don't ditch me without a word, please?
I am also really active, or atleast I try to be. My responses are pretty fast and I write a lot, if I have the creative juices flowing. Uhh, I like playing multiple characters and all, so yeah!
And that is it, as I said, I'm desperate at this point. So let's get to the plot! (A little warning, I am not up for "doubling", romance isn't the main focus of the story, but it is a possibility of one romance thread in it.Just a little heads up..)
Set in a mostly modern setting, my characters being a father and his daughter who have been moving.. A lot. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT. Maybe they are running from someone, or something. The girl being her father's daughter shares his dark humour and seems to have quite a lot of sadness built up, due to the fact that she isn't able to make friends, ever, because they just never stick around long enough. However, oddly enough, in this new little town that they are moving to she starts feeling a little comfortable, even if she doesen't show it at first. She starts attending the local highschool and instantly starts to get picked on, but her snappy attitude maybe could help her out with her bully, (Who could be a love interest? I am a sucker for romance, so...Yyeah.) but other than that, she is trying to keep a distance from the other students. Days pass, she seems to run into the bully a lot. And this would be the basic stuff from it. Maybe the girl has powers, maybe she and her dad are running from something. Anyway, this rp would probably contain some romance, drama, sci-fi(?) and a little fantasy maybe? WHo knows, I'M open to changing it up.(I would prefer the bully to be a guy though.)

Yeaah, so, if you got through reading my lame post and you liked it, hit me up? .. Eh, yeah. So that is it! Have a good one!
Still looking! I'm even willing to drop the plot and any of my prefrences, just please don't ghost me..
Still looking.
Still looking and all...