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  1. Country had finished dressing that morning, she was supposed to be finishing up down art work when she had caught eye of herself in a full length mirror. She eyes herself carefully, looking at her thighs, stomach and most specifically her legs. She looked so gross. She bit her lip. How long had she been like this? Her thoughts whirled in her head as she looks at herself further in the mirror, growing more upset and anxious about her appearance. She turns and looks to her boyfriend.

    "How long have I been like this? My legs are HUGE! Just LOOK at me, in disgusting!" She cries, although her body was perfectly fine. She sighs and shook her head, wrapping her arms around herself for comfort. She didn't want to cry again, it would be the 50th+ time this week.
  2. Brian blinked, stopping what he was doing to comfort her, "Love, I think you look perfect, nothing has changed since I met you, I promise..." He said gently, coming over and kissing her head, then her cheek, "You look beautiful." He reassured her, locking eyes with hers. He was glad to have Courtney as his girlfriend, he wished she wouldn't let herself down so often though. She was gorgeous and definetely shouldn't be worrying about her weight at all. He pushed his black hair out of his face and smiled again. He couldn't help it, even though she was upset she was pretty.
  3. Courtney shook her head and sighed. "I know I'm fat and gained weight" She says and rubs at her eyes firmly as she told herself to not cry. Otherwise, she would really be pushing the crying over the measure. She couldn't help it if she was sensitive, though. She turns away from that mirror, because if she stood there staring at herself she'd probably have a break down.

    She moves over to the desk in the bedroom, getting out her art supplies quietly.
  4. Brian sighed and watched her, "Well I don't think so." He said, watching her from the door way, his shoulder resting on the wall. Maybe he should change the subject, "Hey, I'm gonna go shopping, our fridge is starting to look bare. Want anything while I'm out?" He asked, not sure if this would offend her. He tried his best to please Courtney, he loved her, of course he would do anything for her.
  5. Courtney shrugs. "Nothing with too many calories. I don't want to gain any more weight than I already have" She grumbles, bitterly. She began to continue an art paitning that she had been working on, still examining her body. She felt disgusting, how could she have gone so long without realising how fat she was. Instead, she stood up, distracted and headed downstairs to the attic.

    She looks around and see's an old treadmill. She heads upstairs and then started to dust the treadmill. If she wanted to loose weight then there was no point in pathetically moaning about it. She should just get on with it.
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    Brian nodded, holding back a heavy sigh. He was worried for her. A guy could be worried about his girlfriend, right? Right?! He just smiled softly, "Okay love." He murmured before grabbing his keys and leaving, thinking about things that don't 'have too many calories.' He wondered what that ment. Fruit? That's good, obviously. He kept thinking these things as he left, and drove to the store.
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    Courtney began to go on the treadmill, first starting out at a slow speed and after a few minutes she began to make it more challenging. After about ten minutes or so she took a break, turning of the treadmill and leaning against it, wiping the slightest bit of sweat from her forehead.

    She heads upstairs and then took out a notebook, jotting down some notes on her current weight, which she measured and the things she needed to work on.
  8. Brian was back with in half and hour, lugging many bags of groceries to the door, of course he'd made sure that it was all mostly healthy. He'd gotten himself a small thing of ice cream but that was okay, right? He hummed as he finished bringing them in, making sure the front door was locked before starting to slowly and carefully organize the food, "Hope the ice cream won't set her off..." He mumbled to himself and set it in the very back of the freezer, behind some frozen meat. He chewed his lip quietly. Normally, his girl friend would be willing to cuddle with him and watch a movie with popcorn. But she's just been so busy; he was feeling ignored.
  9. Meanwhile, Courtney was still downstairs, still determined to loose weight. When she heard the front door shut, she switches off the treadmill and heads upstairs, closing the attic door behind her. She walks over to him and then helps him unpack the shopping, she found the ice cream and then checked the label for the calories. She just put it aside and sighed.

    "I'm not having any ice cream.... Ice cream and junk food makes you put on weight" She says.
  10. Brian nodded, "I know love, I just wanted some for myself is all." He said quietly, putting some apples and bananas in the fruit bowl, "By the way, what did you want to do for dinner? We could go out. Just for some one on one time..." He suggested with a soft smile, "I think I'd be nice..." He kissed her cheek and continued putting things away. He was still thinking about how worried she was about her weight. She was perfect, he didn't understand why she was so worried.
  11. Courtney shrugs to him, she had caught sight of herself in the mirror once again. She chewed in her bottom lip as she looks at her body. Once again, she felt gross and disgusting. She sighed and shook her head. Why did she let herself get like this?

    "I-I'm probably not gonna eat anything for dinner. I currently don't have much of an appetite" She says and then looks over at him, an upset expression was clear on her face.
  12. "Honey..." Brian walked over and hugged her, "You look great, trust me. You're not even close to being unhealthy. And not eating really isn't good for you, either." He rubbed her arms, "Look, if you want to start getting fit I understand, but there's no need for you to lose anything." He kissed her head softly, "Doesn't my opinion matter?" He asked, tilting his head. His concern for her was clearly shown in his chocolate brown eyes.
  13. Courtney shook her head, trying to reply as tears began to stream down her cheeks and she trend away from him, trying to hide them. "No, I'm okay" She whispered.
  14. "Courtney..." Brian said gently. He was trying, he really really was, "Please, don't cry, I'm not trying to upset you..." He could only watch as he tried, completely helpless, "I love you, I want the very best for you."
  15. Courtney rubs at her eyes, feeling stupid for crying in front of him once again. She looks up at him and then sighs, turning around to face him. She gently wraps her arms around his waist and pulls him into a hug. She kisses his cheek lightly and then smiles weakly. "I... I love you too.... Sorry..... I'm just having a hard time, you know.... Keeping my emotions steady" She shrugs, it was more then normal for her to get sensitive over things.
  16. Brian hugged her back gently but tightly, closing his eyes as she kissed his cheek, "I know. Just... let me know what I can do to make you feel better, kay?" He smiled slightly at an attempt to make her feel better. He kissed her cheek back and stretched, "I can still cook something up of you'd like me too..."
  17. Courtney smiles snd nodded whilst giggling softly. All of a sudden, she realised how silly she was being. Everyone was a different weight, appearance and size. Everyone was made unique, and beautiful, she was no different, even if she wasn't incredibly skinny. She decided she should be grateful.

    "I'd love that! Would you mind if I helped you?" She says, heading into the kitchen and putting in an apron, printed with adorable cupcakes. She rolls up her sleeves and smiles over at him.
  18. Brian grinned, "Not at all." He rolled up his sleeves as well, "We can either have steak... Orrrrr... Sausages... There's a lot of meat. But whatever you want." He said, looking through the kitchen for general things they will need, "Maybe even burgers if that sounds good." He smiled again at his girlfriend.

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  19. Courtney nodded. "Sure! I'd love that" She says. She started to prep the food. Once done, she began to eat the burgers in the dining room. She wondered what they would do tomorrow, she hoped that the weather would be okay then they could visit the beach or somewhere. After eating, she stretched gently and looks over at the clock. It was coming on for 10 pm.

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