A slenderman family

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  1. Okay,first of all I didn't meant to ask this stupid question but my curiousity took over my mind andd yeah...Is there a Slenderman's family?I mean,like his/her username.Like Slender Dad,Slender Son etc.I'm just curious.Dont be mad at me,thankyou.
  2. No, Slendy's one of those humanoid eldritch abominations.

    He is.

    He does, however, create proxies, which are kind of like his children. Or not really.
  3. Hell, he might as well be an 'it' for all intents and purposes. I don't think gribbly eldritch abominations really do gender.
  4. Well some of the other Fears are gendered - the Doll-looking one comes to mind.

    I wouldn't suggest they were of the family way, though.

    They have their domains of influence, that's about it.
  5. Not heard of the Fears, but given the popularity of the character that's not surprising. The way the chap/s at SomethingAwful designed him, Slenderman is one of those fun Tabula Rasa sort of monsters who's disturbing yet purposefully blank-slate enough to be used in a number of settings, scenarios and contexts.

    Damn fine monster creation, right there.
  6. Ahh...another person asking about my..non existence family or girlfriend or wife or what ever they are pointing to,for your information,I dont breed nor fall in love.I'm not even a human,I'm a myth in the internet like the other character.There no statement saying that I(Slenderman) can fall in love and breed.Those fandom you've seen in the internet(creepypasta etc.)is a big lie,also,I'm not gay like those ultra fan that start making a yaoi or gay comic about me with Jeff and the other.There also a genderbender about me.I dont know why,but I think y'all something else to do..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.