A slave and atonement

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  1. The night had begun as usual. Fridays at UIC in chicago meant hitting downtown. The scenic nightlife in all its glory. Emma was no stranger to Chicago night life. Having grown up in Logan Square, Chicago had been her playground. The crime had never scared her family away, tough lawyers both of her parents had instilled in her the adventurous spirit they once thrived with before marriage and children. Emma was the youngest of six and by far the most outgoing. So why would she think today would be any different? Stepping out of the subway in a black top that hung off her shoulder and white shorts, a pair of low cut converse on her feet she ran her fingers through her straight chestnut colored hair as she walked the city.

    "Em finally!" Chris had called hugging her emphatically. She smiled warmly at her best friend and then his boyfriend Adam as well. After a quick conversation discussion about where they were going for the evening they settled on Primary on Division. They walked chatting as they went, their small group growing as more classmates and friends joined. The club was already packed and bouncing when they arrived. The music seemed to course right through Emma, a life force or extension of herself. Though sweat and steam from the fog machines stuck to her skin she continued to dance, a smile on her face. To all who met Emma she was the perfect girl. Straight A student, art major, competitive, quirky and all around outgoing. She was always the center of the party and there wasn't a soul who didn't love her. That night everything changed. None of her mattered. Not her smile, not her personality, not the fact she had a loving and doting family and a bright future. It was all ripped out from beneath her feet and all she could feel was herself falling.

    The hum of a vehicle motor was all she could hear. It was dark, her hands were behind her back and a painful binding kept them there. It was tight and her fingers throbbed from lack of bloodflow. She moaned as tears filled her eyes and began falling. She licked her dry lips her mouth felt like the Sahara desert. A deep voice startled her then.

    "It's a side effect of the meds. Tip your head back I'll give you some water."

    Emma did as asked, she didn't know what was going on, her head was still swimming. Meds? her brain put two and two together. She had been drugged and now, kidnapped. She nearly choked on the water that was doused down her throat. She coughed but licked her lips again, the faint taste of blood making her shake.

    "Where am I? Who are you? What is going on?" Emma asked in the only voice she could muster. The voice snapped for her to shut up.

    "I deserve to know. It's not like I can get away. Please this is hurting my arms." She continued. Daughter of lawyers for sure, keep them talking, something she had learned from her parent's form of cross examination.

    "You are going wherever I take you doll and they hurt because you brought that on yourself. If you hadn't been a bitch and scratched up my face you'd be sitting comfortably. Now shut up."

    Emma's heart began to pound uncontrollably. She was in the back of a van. She could see a faint light coming from the back window. It must've been pretty tinted because the street lights were faint. In a fit of panic she stood up and clumsily slammed into the back door.

    "Help! Help me!" she screamed. Then she was yanked back and something slammed into her head. Instant darkness. Instant desire and hope she'd never wake.
  2. Bernard was new to the sex slave business and easy trying to grab a score that would set him for life now he didn't know much of the Chicago seen but asking around at what clubs were good brought him to Primary on division which seemed to be packed lucky for him the master he was employed with gave him all access to everything.

    Bernard had been eyeing some of the club goers here and there as he sipped on his Moscow mule and than finally he spotted her a beautiful chestnut haired slim girl in her young 20's and she was leaving her group of friends perfect opportunity. He slammed his drink and caught up with her as he accidentally ran into her injecting her with the drugs. "Oh my I'm so sorry my dear forgive me may I get you a drink my names Tom what's yours?"

    "Oh oh its ok" as she stubble a little and become lightly groggy. "Ssssure and my names Em... wait where are you taking me!" As she was aware they weren't heading to the bar anymore her hands reacted and connected with his face scratching him and than the drugs kicked in as she couldn't gold her self up anymore.

    "Fuck you bitch that hurt." As he finally dragged her out of the club. "She's ok just pretty smashed don't worry I got her." He said to passers-by as they looked on he loaded her up into his van around the corner binding her hands behind her back. He quickly got in a drove off before anyway suspected more.

    As she began to stir he gave her some water explaining why she was so dry and tied as she finally came to and tried to kick out the back door and scream for help he slammed on the breaks which through her off balance and her head hit the center console knocking her unconscious. "Hope that doesn't cost me in my payment." He swore under his breath as he drove off to deliver her to the drop off house near the shipping harbor.

    After an almost 2 hour drive with traffic Bernard finally pulled into the house through the van in park and got out opening up the door he grabbed the girl tightening her binds and fastening her feet before administering smelling salts to wake her up and she woke up in a fit thank god he tightened the restraints. Grabbing her by the hair hard he spoke forcefully, "this can go one of two ways easy or hard which will it be bitch?"
  3. Emma remembered nothing until a scent jolted her awake. She groaned as she came to, her hands and feet now throbbing from the tight bindings. She focused her eyes on the man's face. He had red slash markings from where she had scratched him earlier. She felt a sense of satisfaction deep within her at seeing the jagged markings. Her mouth and throat felt still too dry and she stopped fighting against the binds, the throbbing was less that way. She winced as he flung her up and drug her into the house. She memorized his face. As an artist, she would be able to sketch that face until the day she died. The width of the bridge of his nose, the stubble, the scar from a repaired cleft palate and lip, the deep cold menacing eyes.

    When the door shut behind them Emma was tossed onto the ground. She whined leaning up onto her knees. Shoes came into view. Emma looked up, narrowing her eyes against the bright light. Her head was pounding from the hit that had left her unconscious. She didn't know much about health and medicine but headaches, pounding throbs in the head after a head injury usually meant a concussion of some sort. She coughed, a raspy sound all that emanated from her small frame. The man that had heaved her into here and obviously kidnapped her stepped forth with a bottle of water. Emma took the drink even though she wanted nothing from the filthy man. She swallowed the water as fast as she could, thankful at the feel it gave soothing her parch mouth.

    Emma looked around, she was joined on the room floor, bound and confused, by eight other girls. They all kept their eyes on the man before them. A tall brunette joined the room. She wore a scathingly short red mini dress, five inch stiletto pumps and lips as red as her dress.
    "Welcome to your new home girls. Say hello to papi." she said in a moaning tone as she waved towards the man standing in the room, staring at all of them. Emma watched as he handed over a ridiculously large amount of cash in an envelope and handed it to the driver. Emma's heart stopped. She was stolen and now sold to work for whoever this "papi" was. Emma shook her head when the woman identified only as J moved to stand beside the man named Papi. Silence filled the room even though every one of those girls had something on their minds.

    Emma blinked her eyes. Did no one care? Were they all so afraid they'd be willing to just pretend nothing was a problem. Emma glared at the pair.

    "Who the fuck are you and what makes you think it's okay to kidnap people? You let me go. You don't think lawyer's daughter gone missing ins't goingto be searched for? Just let me go and no one knows what happened to me." she tried to reason with them.
  4. Papi let out a loud laugh as he walked up to her his boots mixing with the clicking stilettos as the red dress woman came with him his fingers lifted Emma's chin up so there's eyes met as he started speaking in Spanish to her. When he finished he lightly smacked her cheek a few times before the girl in the red dress translated for him. "Papi said there is no need to worry my dear now one will be able to help you. What your life's used to be are no more you will not be found cause as soon as we are done here you will be shipped out and will never been seen again. This goes for you all and thanks to this big mouth whore you all will be punished for her back talk." And with that men came in and grabbed the first girl in the row and disappeared into a large wooden red door. Chains whips bdsm material could be slightly seen for the little time the door was open as it shut quickly behind them.

    The eyes of all the girls glared at this silver spoon fed girl as they hated the consequence they all were gonna receive from her big mouth and than you could hear the moaning and than screaming from the closed off room as they started on the girl they just brought in there and than more men came and led other girls off until finally it was this loud mouth girls turn and papi spoke up again in Spanish and the red dressed girl translated once again. "I sure hope your loud mouth was worth opening cause your not gonna be able to close it for quiet some time this evening your gonna learn to keep you mouth shut and follow rules." And with that papi sent her on her way with a good spanking to her ass as she got dragged off
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