A Sisterly Relationship

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  1. Malka walked down the steps of a store, carrying a small bag of items from various errands. She didn't mind running errands for her family, if anything, it gave her an excuse to explore the town from end to end. It seemed like everything was taken care of, so she could go to the bus stop and wait for it take her home... She stopped at a certain coffee shop. Malka had thought it to be cute, but in all honesty it wasn't all that different from the average one, serving it's purpose well enough to make ends meet.

    Long, brown hair shifting as she looked to a clock to check the time, she knew that the girl should be there soon. Usually she'd just pass her like she would anyone else, perhaps say a friendly hello, but what was particular about her was that she always read there at a certain time. Malka had paid no mind to it at first, but every time she passed the shop, she was the only customer that seemed to stay consistent among the others. Eventually she had grown used to it, and she would admit that she'd feel that something was wrong should they turn out to not be there.

    Adjusting her red coat and looking through the window, she entered, deciding she deserved a latte as a treat to herself
  2. It was about four in the afternoon, and Vixey was gracefully walking up to the coffee shop door and opening it with one hand. She was early today, it was a Sunday, and she didn't have much to do today, besides a few errands for the family, and once she had returned to her house, they left her to her own devices; like they always did. Vixey sighed at the thought, and waved and smiled a hello at the owner's of the coffee shop, they waved and smiled back, and she looked to see if the table that she always used was empty and waiting for her, in which it was. She smiled at the empty high top table and sat down in the chair that faced the big window. She pulled out her adventure novel and began to read where her bookmark was placed.

    It was a two hours later when Vixey checked her watch, and realized the girl would be on her way by the coffee shop soon, maybe she would even come in? Vixey hoped she would. Not only was she a very pretty girl, she was kind, and just different from what she was used to. Vixey would catch the girl looking for her as she went by the window, or when she came in. Vixey decided she was rather thirsty and went up to the counter and ask4ed for a hot chocolate. The weather outside was rather chilly, but inside the coffee shop it smelled of coffee, and spices, as well as it was warm.

    The cashier gladly gave her a hot chocolate without charge and she graciously said thank you, and went back to her seat. Vixey heard the door bell ring, and her heart quickened pace, was the girl there? She casually glanced over at the door, and her heart smiled at the fact that the girl was there. Vixey knew she probably would just leave once getting her coffee, but maybe she would come over and sit? Vixey shook her head and went back to her book, but she was too nervous to even concentrate.
  3. "Thank you!" Malka said cheerfully, paying the cashier with what she had left from doing errands before taking the latte, sipping a bit of the warm beverage. Usually she'd be getting home by now, but it wasn't that late. And compared to the weather outside, the warm, even charming atmosphere seemed much more inviting. It certainly wouldn't hurt to hang out here a bit, maybe make a new friend or two, as she was always open to. She questioned why she didn't come here more often, since it wasn't all that crowded, or too tainted by commercial influences.

    Taking a quick glance at what seats might be open, she suddenly spotted her, the girl that usually sat here in the coffee shop. Of course, Malka couldn't forget about her, and felt guilty about the few seconds she had, as if she were a friend despite not having formally met... So why not now? Latte in hand, she shifted her way through the shop with a few 'excuse me''s. She stopped at the girl's table, flashing the same, friendly smile that she gave everyone she saw... Well, unless they turned out to not be particularly pleasant company, but she sincerely doubted that the girl would belong to that group, "Mind if I sit here?" she padded the seat across from the book-reading girl.