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  1. A Single Song
    It all started like a normal day, but, It wasn't. You might have been getting ready for school or, on your way to work when the emergency broadcasting came on. The people started to explain that the government had 'accidentally' been testing on their people. That anyone who was experiencing any strange effects... They should go contact the closest goverment buliding. After that, Everything went down. These people broke out and society crumbled.

    Levi Gray (open)


    Character Name:
    Levi Gray
    Sex: Male
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16 years
    Sound Manipulation:
    Levi has the ability to manipulate sound and sound waves. The sound requires, however, something to travel through, but that can be air, water, ground, almost anything. He can not break out of a sound proof room using his power. He can not create sound constructs that are too advanced, He can't like make a little person out of sound that moves and stuff. He can do blades and shields though.​
    Sexuality: Homosexual


    General Appearance:

    Levi is an average american boy in appearance, despite being on the small side. He has dark brown hair, that hangs at about ear level. His skin is a normal light tone for where he lived. He has a scar on his hip, leading up to his torso. He has blue eyes, that have flecks of grey in them.

    After the change, His style has become more practical than fashionable. He is normally seen in jeans and whatever shirt was around and vaguely fit. He always has his jacket on him, if not wearing it. He is also always seen with his backpack, that is a normal plain black.​



    • Lighting
    • Injections
    • Public speaking
    General Personality:
    Levi is generally a quiet person, because he hates the idea of getting close to someone and then they would leave him. He isn't very trusting, he prefers to be self efficient, and is sometimes labelled 'cold'. He doesn't think so, He just only talks to his friends. It is a sham he is bad at making those.
    Underneath that, He is a generally sociable person. He likes to joke around, and just be near people he considers friends.
    Levi may not look like it, but, deep down inside he is a hopeless dreamer. He knows it is a dumb thing to do but, He likes to entertain a thought or two. Like all those what ifs... It can be a good thing or a bad thing.

    General History:
    Levi started out as a completely average boy. He was the youngest of his family, he has a sister that older than him by four years. He had a mother, who worked a home part time and was a part time house wife. And he had a father who worked at a company making decent money. His family went to church on Sundays, as it was the thing to do in the middle sized town where they lived.
    Levi had a normal, decent childhood. He went to school, where he did painfully average. He fought and tormented his older sister. He had a mother who loved him and took him to all sorts of little kid after school stuff. Like soccer.
    When he was fifteen, His sister got married, happily, he supposed. To the man she had been dating since the beginning of high school. He was glad for her, though, He missed having her around. But a while after that, towards the end of the year, was when the whole thing began.
    He had had a bad day at school that day. Levi had been bullied around, being called... names. He tried not to let it get at him, like his friends said to. But... It had. He had managed to say hello to his mother before slipping into his room. Tears flowed down his face, and he let out a cry. That was when... It happened. A small light red ring escaped his mouth, and hit the books on his shelf on the other end. That was the start of his powers.
    Levi wasn't sure what was going on with him. But... He knew that whatever this was, it was a gift. Whenever his mother went out, and his father was gone too, He stayed home and practiced this gift. He just... did what he felt was right.
    It was a good thing he did. Soon the air... grew somber everywhere they went. The government had announced that they had been doing experiments on their people. That anyone feeling any effects, any at all, should be rounded up for 'treatment'. Soon the people learned that some of these people had extraordinary talents. His parents asked him multiple times if he was one of these people. He said no every time. He didn't want to be locked up.
    Soon though, those people... with talents, had broken out. The government fell because of them, then society. It was every man for himself. His parents had tried to escape into the country with him, his father had grown up there and they could survive. But... They were attacked by looters. They got his parents killed, before he could even fire a sound. He ended up killing them, with a low frequency sound. He... He couldn't survive alone in the woods, so he made his way to a big city. There he could fight for resources. After all, He had an advantage. A power. A silent killer.​
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  2. Alright, When you get your character sheet done, and maybe we dicuss a bit of plot, We should be good to go.
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