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  1. I don't know where else to put this, so I'm placing it here. Really hoping that a random moderator doesn't abruptly relocate this thread to its proper area (that'd be embarrassing), but if it does happen, at least I'll know where to place suggestions in the event that I feel the urge to write up a new one in the future. Anyway, on to the meat:

    1) New sub-forum called 'Nation Roleplays'. It'd be easier for NRPers to locate these types of roleplays if they were funneled into a designated area on the site. Filing them under the more generic and all-encompassing sub-forums like 'fantasy' or 'science fiction' doesn't help to differentiate them from the masses and consequently may make it more difficult to locate them.

    Although something tells me that this was either suggested already and was denied with haste or no one has thought about it until now.

  2. @ASTA Nation roleplays is actually on our list of potential genre forums to add in the future as we grow. O_O

    The trick is, that we have to have ENOUGH members who play nation roleplays, so it's worth having a forum dedicated to it. There has to be a promise of at least 15 potential active roleplays.

    So, get us enough players and potential roleplays and the forum is as good as created! >:3
  3. 15 roleplays? Ouch.

    Well, it's a lot better than a depressing and soul-shattering NO, so I'll take that and be happy I guess.

    Thank you!
  4. What's a nation RP?

  5. Nation roleplays are when people play an entire nation. >> The politics, war games, etc that go with it. It's very popular on NationStates and apparently some of the other bigger roleplay sites!
  6. I'm supporting of this idea, being an NRPer myself, as ASTA will attest to. I also have an NRP in the works that I would be more than happy to post up in an NRP section here on Iwaku =P
  7. Question, but would it be difficult just to add another tag to the plethora of tags for NRPs in the various subsections? I figure that's an easier change to implement than introducing an entire subforum.
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  8. Without knowing the intricacies of the code for Iwaku firsthand, my experience with other forum software leads me to say that creating forums and sections are easier. On a less software-oriented note, surely the NRP genre is deserving of it's own subforum just as much as say, Modern, Horror, Historical or even Dice RPs? I say this because while any of those four could easily be rolled into one of the remaining subforums, they have enough distinguishing characteristics to stand apart from them. I would even go so far as to say that NRPs are more deserving of their own section, as they not only exist as their own genre, but also ask the Roleplayer who participates in them to change the way they RP. It's one thing to move from Sci-Fi to Fantasy, to Modern and to Horror, but it's a whole other thing entirely to shift your focus from directing a single character or even a small group of characters, to manipulating and creating the entirety of a nation. Nation Roleplayers not only RP as characters within their nation, but they build up the foundations of entire civilizations within the worlds of the NRPs, a task that normally falls solely upon the shoulders of a GM in CRPs.
  9. I know next to nothing about code, but seeing how there's already quite a number of tags available for thread creation in each forum, it probably wouldn't be hard to program another in to the group roleplay forum.

    The reason I suggest it is because Diana says they'd need at least 15 players to justify it, and this would be a good compromise for the time being to see how many players are actually interested in NRPs on Iwaku. There's no arguing there's an interest and NRPs aren't distinct, but it might be a good first step to seeing how popular those games would be here.
  10. If you want to make this sub forum happen, I would suggest that you go to the general chat section, make a new thread and a poll in said thread, and just ask the members of iwaku if they would be interested in this kind of forum section. Diana said that if you get at least 15 potential GMs, they'll think about putting it up.

    Example of possible choices to the poll:

    Yes, I'm interested in this section and would join as a GM
    Yes, I'm interested in this section and would join other peoples games
    Yes, I'm interested in this section and would join games and GM myself
    Yes I'm interested, but I would only read rps and not partake in them myself
    Maybe, I'm unsure if I would be interested or not as of yet
    No, I'm not interested in this section at all
    Other, which will be explained in a comment

    Do not go for just yes, no and maybe. Even if we get 30 people answering yes, we won't know if they will want to GM or just join a game.

    You won't get your section by just saying how much you want it. Go and get a petition/poll up for it :bananaman:
  11. There, I have posted a poll about it.
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