A Sinful Encounter

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    Good day to you, you may call me Sin. Creator of all with my children being God and Death. They rule over the universe. I have traveled for a very long time searching over place after place seeing what my grand children, (angel, demon, and other strange creatures), and my great grand children (humans and similar entities) slaughter one another. I've grown tired of seeing all of the suffering. So the question is, who would like to come with me? Come on an adventure of any sort, getting rid of evil wherever it lurks. Just think of all of the possibilities. Any takers?
  2. Hmm... its so intersting i have the urge to join but I don't know..Feels like I wanna join
  3. I would like to join. Sounds like it would be fun. Will hopefully get my creative juices flowing more.
  4. Its intriguing for sure.
  5. @Everlasting Nirvana and intriguing is what Sin hopes for. He does not wish harm on anyone in his life, but sadly things never go as smoothly as we would like for them to.
  6. Kinda reminiscent of Doctor Who
  7. @Everlasting Nirvana in a sense yes, but more from a biblical stand point. Sin was the first of anything and created everything. His son was God and daughter was Death, and from their births and the births they had much chaos and destruction occurred.
  8. Well it is very interesting if you would have me, I would like to join.
  9. @Everlasting Nirvana all are welcomed to join Sin, he's had a very rough life and company is always nice to have around. I'm currently working on a novel that deals with Sin so if you ever wish to learn more about the tale that shaped him into the figure he is now then by all means look at my blog post for updates. The adventure(RP) can occur whenever someone is ready. A simple character sheet is needed (picture, name, age, sex, personality, past, and something unique about them) is required and if you wish to add to it you may. Once the sheet has been posted then Sin shall come to meet you in a PM and your tale with him shall commence.
  10. Ooh so I have to post a character sheet here?
  11. @.CandidFox. You may post the character sheet here or we can do it in a PM, whichever you would prefer doing.
  12. Im just gonna post it in pm :D
  13. @.CandidFox. Ok, myself and Sin look forward to your character :D
  14. Not familiar with character sheets....
  15. @Leandra a character sheet is used to set up the character that you would be playing as in the RP. Often the basics are: Picture of the character, name, age, sex, personality, and some kind of back story to them. More can be added to the sheet depending on what the RP calls for.
  16. Ah. Well I will fall inline with whatever everyone would like to do.
  17. @Leandra one of the other posting members has sent me a character sheet in PM and I have responded, started that RP. I would prefer to keep things one X one if possibly so that if one person can't respond for awhile it doesn't disturb the flow of others who wish to journey with Sin.
  18. Ok. Enjoy. Have a goodnight.
  19. @Leandra same to you. Again if you wish to journey with Sin just drop off a character sheet whenever you're ready to begin.
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