A Sinful Affair

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  1. Bella woke up in the dark to a repetitive beeping sound. Groaning, she reached a lazy hand out and slammed the top of the alarm clock with her palm. The obnoxious beeping ceased and gave way to silence. Bella contemplated whether or not she should keep sleeping and eventually decided she should wake up. Rolling onto her side, Bella looked over to the bright, glowing red numbers on the clock that displayed, 6:00. She remembered suddenly that she had taken a nap to pass the time she had to wait for and that sadly it wasn't morning. Bella liked to fight crime at night since criminals were more active at that time. She had arranged for her close friend and partner, Polly, to meet her at her house around 7:00.

    Deciding she had to get ready now, Bella slowly sat up and pushed her covers away, giving a wishful look at the warmth she was leaving. Groggy, Bella stretched her arms out with a yawn. Blowing a loose strand of hair from her face, Bella swung her legs over the side of the bed and let her feet rest on the hardwood floor. She squinted through the dim light and proceeded to make her bed, adjusting the black comforter with careful hands. Then she walked quietly over to the window where she opened the drapes. Luckily the sun was setting so light didn't blind her currently sensitive eyes. She could see the well kept yard and driveway spread out below her since her room was on the second floor of the large white house her adopted family called home. But Bella had been here long enough that this was her home now, though she planned on moving out pretty soon.

    Bella turned away from the window and headed towards the bathroom that connected to her room. Her room was spacious and well put together, walls white with a single black and white painting of a Chinese dragon hung onto it. A dresser sat under the painting and a desk was situated in the corner, papers neatly organized upon the wooden surface. She reached her dresser first, stopping to open it and retrieve her clothing. She was currently only wearing a sports bra and boy short underwear, so she was in no condition to go out just like this however much that would please some of the dirty criminals. Bella selected her standard crime fighting outfit of a pair of flexible black jeans and a white tanktop with a sleek, black leather jacket to match. She'd fetch the padding for the clothing later. For now she finished her slow march to the bathroom and entered it. The bathroom was also well organized.

    Bella quickly undressed and turned on the shower, hardly waiting to enter. When she entered the water was still frigid and her hazel eyes widened, mouth parting as goosebumps crawled across her skin. The cold water always served as a good wake up call. Bella let the cool water cascade over her for a while, stifling a shiver as her sense became more acute and her mind was worked a bit faster. Once the water was warm she began to wash herself, careful to run her hands through her wavy, dirty blonde hair. After she was clean, she switched off the water and exited. Grabbing a clean white cotton towel, she dried herself off and wrapped herself in the fabric. next Bella took some time to dry her hair, brush her teeth, and apply light makeup. Finally, she dressed herself and stood in the mirror to admire her current look and fix anything out of place.

    Satisfied, Bella retreated from the humid bathroom and exited her room, shutting the door quietly behind her. Her brother was away at college and her "parents" were out on vacation and would be for another month so Bella had the house to herself. it was well decorated, clean, and spacious. Bella found herself in the kitchen where she drank some water and read a chapter of her book as she finished off some left over pasta. She believed it wasn't good to fight crime on an empty stomach. After she felt a bit more replenished, Bella made her way to the garage outside, locking the front door behind her and turning on the security system. Once in the garage, she looked over at the old red muscle car she called her own. Walking past it, she reached a spot on the wall where a katana rested inside a case. Upon freeing the lock and opening the case, she pulled the fine sword out and gripped the black handle, savoring the feeling. She walked over to a counter where a sheath attached to a leather belt rested. Situating the belt around her slim waist, she slid the sword carefully into the sheath. Next followed a loaded pistol that rested in a holster on the opposite hip that the sword was on. She didn't like using a gun since it was usually for lethal means instead of apprehending and it needed to be reloaded so often. Her sword was better for dishing out some pain before the criminal would surrender or be unable to escape.

    Now that she was ready, Bella exited the garage and sat on a bench on her porch to wait for her friend. From where she sat she could see that the home had been positioned on a grassy hill overlooking the small forest that separated the house from the city. Bella was eager tonight, ready to start the new assignment the police had given her and her partner. They trusted the two to locate the head criminal of a rather notorious gang. Bella was determined to take the leader and the members down and throw them into jail to rot, safely out of the way of common and innocent folk.

    Felix was in a dim room somewhere underground. The walls were brick and the floor was cement, but it was relatively clean. There wasn't much in the room except for a nice, large, wooden table with chairs surrounding it. Felix sat in one now, reclining with his boots resting on the table. In his lap were two folders teeming with papers. These papers held information about two young women who had a knack of getting in the way of Felix and his pal's line of work. They were all just wealthy goody two shoes who were the lapdog's of the police force in his opinion. Arrogant wenches who happened to have some training in combat because of their fortunate upbringings. Their morals made his stomach turn. Oh how they believed they were so good and that all criminals were awful psychos. Didn't they know stealing and killing were vital for life for many people? No. They only cared for fame and glory and the ability to sleep well at night thinking they had made a difference in this cruel world.

    Felix pulled a metal flask from his pocket and unscrewed the top. He brought it to his lips and knocked it back, letting the strong whiskey inside run down his throat. Alcohol gave him courage and he'd need courage to tell his leader and boss that her business was endangered now that the hero wenches were sniffing around. He was the top henchmen in the eyes of his boss, but that didn't mean that he had any protection when it came to bearing bad news. His boss was a strong and proud one, and a very firers and intimidating one at that. he repocketed the flask with a sigh, hoping the buzz he felt in his nerves would help him now. He watched the iron door with apprehension.
  2. The large iron door that Felix had been eyeing apprehensively opened and in walked a tall redhead with bright blue eyes. With a wave of her hand the door closed behind her with a small snap. The heels of her boots clicked against the cold ground and there was a faint sneer threatening to split her lips as she approached the large table. Stopping at it she crossed her arms over an ample chest and her bicep muscles flexed. They were quite impressive to say the least and rivaled many of the men that she worked with in her... What was this exactly? A guild? A group? Shrugging the thoughts away she finally met Felix's eyes and cocked her brows.

    "Ugh. I can smell that whiskey on your breath all the way over here. That shit must be strong." She muttered and brought a hand up, pinching her nose closed with her thumb and forefinger. The smell was more potent than it should have been and she waited for him to close his mouth before she let her nostrils open up and take in a whiff of the now stale air around her. That was what you got from being underground, they all assumed. It smelled like stale air or some moldy disgusting shit. Either way they had recently relocated and she prayed that her poor nose would get used to the various smells. The lighting was also poor but that was another story for another time.

    Her thoughts redirected to her head henchman and she noticed that there was something on the table in front of him. Paperwork of some sort. Good lord, do we already have a job to work? Fay wondered as she tried to read the names and any of the other information on the papers he had with him. "So, before you're too drunk to actually tell me anything, why don't we get this over with. Yeah?" She asked and pulled out the chair that was across from Felix. Fay took a seat, setting her bag down next to her, waiting patiently to hear what he had to say.


    Polly was exactly on time to meet with Bella. That was one of the beautiful things about having Polly as your sidekick. She was never late. Always early or exactly on time. She arrived at the large home and stopped in the driveway where she hopped off her bike and moved it so that it was hidden away in the bushes. Straightening up her clothes she walked up to the house and smiled at her partner.

    "Good evening. Sorry I was almost late. Isaac and I were moving into our new place and he put all of my clothes away in the wrong dresser so that I could not find them... But I am here and ready to hear what we have lined up for the night." She grinned widely and joined Bella on the bench on the porch, crossing one of her short legs over the other.

    It was well known that Polly and her boyfriend were an interesting couple. The two had been together since their senior year of high school and claimed to be very much in love. It was funny because Polly was small but she was taller than her boyfriend by two full inches. Not much but she still made fun of him for it whenever she got the chance. It was a topic of many jokes made around their house. Isaac also did not approve of what she did all that much. He did not want Polly putting herself in dangerous situations where she could possibly get hurt and die. Polly reminded him over and over again that this was not her first rodeo and he just needed to relax. This always ended in a fight.

    Isaac would always be the one to cave and apologize to his lovely girlfriend who always forgave him. When two people were made for each other it's hard for them to stay mad at one another for too long. They were one of the cutest couples in the city.

    Polly's feet dangled over the ground and she sighed, kicking them out in front of her. "So what is on the docket for the evening?" She asked and tilted her head to the side.
  3. Felix hastily placed his feet onto the ground when the door opened and admitted his boss. He didn't want to show any disrespect in fear that she would punish him. One time a thief had angered the boss so much that she threw him out of his seat with a flick of her risk. Many didn't dare to cross he long after, fearing the magic she possessed. Also, those muscles were enough to make nearly any man think twice. Her height was also another factor, being very impressive for a woman. The thieves and other hardened criminals didn't bend a knee easily at all, a group of wily and dangerous fools. However, Fay was one that they all seemed to fear and respect. Also, she kept them safe and in business for the most part so they were happy to oblige for the time being.

    Felix heard Fay talk as she approached and his back stiffened slightly. "It is very strong. A potent brew."he replied in a cordial way, though his eyes still looked cold as they always did. He would have offered her some, but he knew by now that the boss didn't care much for strong whiskey and she'd just be cross at him for suggesting such a thing since he should know better by now.

    Felix cleared his throat and set the papers on the table when Fay had addressed that he get the business over with already. He opened the folders and turned them so Fay could see them. The sheets on top each displayed some text as well as two sets of pictures. The first paper showed the profile shot of a young woman with a head of neat, curly dirty blonde hair. She wore a polite looking smile, hazel eyes gleaming as they looked at the viewer. The other folder showed a picture of a younger looking woman with very light colored hair who wore a more casual smile. The sheets also showed other pictures. One picture under the profile of the older woman was a different picture of her but a full bodied one where she wore all black clothing and donned a katana. Felix looked between the two papers and began to speak. "These two wenches are a threat to us now. Crime fighters they claim to be, having busted up a bunch of other criminals. Their files and information suggest they are very skilled and now the bitches caught a whiff of our group."he said, voice ever smooth and charming. He wasn't drunk yet so he could speak clearly. He looked up to see his boss' reaction.


    Bella watched as her little sidekick approached on her bike. A while back Bella insisted that she would drive to Polly's house to make things easier, but her friend refused. Polly seemed to love riding and being outside in general so Bella couldn't argue with her. Bella offered a greeting wave to her approaching partner. Having heard Polly, Bella decided to poke fun at her statement. "Couldn't find your clothes? What, couldn't find the right pair of ridiculously patterned shorts?"she obviously teased as she watched Polly take a seat next to her on the bench.

    Bella liked Polly's boyfriend, having thought he was a respectable and interesting fellow. She thought that although he was somehow shorter than little Polly, they made a cute couple all the same. She made a mental note to ask how the move was going later and how Isaac was as well, but for now she'd get right down to business. Polly wasn't as informed by the police as Bella was, so Bella usually had to brief the information before they headed out. Bella couldn't imagine if the roles were reversed and she had to await knowing their mission at hand, but Polly was rather laid back and didn't seem to mind much.

    Bella listened to Polly's question before responding with, "A big case and an exciting one. A notorious group of criminals has been growing in power and doing quite the damage. Few of the lesser criminals are known, but the leader orchestrating the whole thing is yet to be discovered. It's up to us to find them." Then Bella added, "I was thinking that we'd find the lesser criminals we do know of, detain them, and question them for information. Or maybe we could trail them to see if they lead to their hideout. The latter may be more fruitful considering questioning takes much longer. What do you think?"
  4. Polly looked down at the dark shorts that she wore and rolled her eyes with a sigh. "I like my shorts, mind you. Don't hate. Especially when it's hot and I won't be the one dying in jeans." She chuckled and crossed her arms over her chest. The bench was surprisingly comfortable but that was understandable after sitting on her bike for 20 minutes. It was a long ride out to Bella's house but Polly didn't mind. It helped to clear her head.

    "Well, you usually have the best ideas. I am more in the mood to tail than question as it is. We should do that instead. If we find out where they are hidden away then we can always bring back up the next time to take the motherfuckers down." Polly hopped off the bench and straightened up what she wore. Some of it had wrinkled on her way over which was not that uncommon. The price she paid for not owning her own car was wrinkled clothing and getting caught in the rain.

    "But do we know where we need to start? You're the one with the file. I'm just along for the ride." She teased and tried to peer over at all of the paperwork that was next to her. The police were good at preparing the duo for what they were going to face. Polly knew that if they were caught and... killed... the police would have serious backlash. They were good people, mostly, minus a corrupt cop here and there.


    Fay sat on the edge of her seat and she listened to Felix speak, watching his eyes to see if he was lying or trying to deceive her. Fay's boss, the man that worked above her and gave her the orders to give to her henchmen had taught her how to lie and how to tell when someone else was lying. It was one of the most useful skills she had picked up whilst working underground like this. There was no shifting of his eyes, sweating or pupil dilation so he was telling her the truth.

    Fay snatched the papers from him and she studied the faces of the two 'heroes' that were on the lookout for them. Her eyes scanned over the picture of the smaller one and she tossed it carelessly to the side. The other one caught her eyes.

    Bella was beautiful. Fay could not recall the last time she had thought something was beautiful, let alone someone that was trying to destroy her. It was making her feel strange and uncomfortable but she hid it well, her face void of emotion continuously as she read. She ripped her gaze from the gorgeous woman and set her down next to her little partner. Fay brought her elbows up and she rested them on the edge of the table, her hands clasping together there.

    "It seems as though we will be able to handle them. I do not want to underestimate these young ladies because I do not know what they are fully capable of. But from what I have read here I do not think it will be that hard to destroy them." She tapped her fingers against her lip and let her eyes fall back on the pictures to look them over again. "Tonight I have Michael and Henry going out to rob the bank on the corner of 3rd and Langdon Street. Maybe our little friends will find them and we can meet them there. Give them a delightful surprise."
  5. Bella snorted at Polly's comment about her dying in jeans. Bella would wear jeans even if it were 90 degrees out, preferring them over shorts any day. Well, mostly because her boots looked better with jeans were tucked into them and tenis shoes made her feel to casual.

    "Hell yeah we're going to find them and take them down."Bella said, growing more excited by the moment. She kept herself composed thoughas she reached for the papers at her side and set them in her lap. Flipping one over ccarefully she sawthe mugshots of two burly looking men with a decent amount of scars. "Two escaped convicts. Careful to cover their tracks but not well enough. The police know what street they live on and have been spotted twice by witnesses. That's a good enough lead to start off on I think."Bella explained breifly, reading over some of their information.

    "Names unknown...no surprise there....Will be fun to bring them down though, but they look like their built like tanks. No matter, we'll work around that slight disadvantage."Bella added before neatly organizing the papers back into a stack. Then she tucked them away under the bench to retrieve later. She looked to Polly and cracked an eager grin. "How about we go kick some ass now?"she asked.


    Felix had learned to remain calm under pressure. Most new henchmen would be sniveling and cowering right about now, but Felix gave no sign of fear. He was respectful though, holding his shoulders up and chin level so that his eyes met Fay's. He looked away on occasion, not a nervous flicker, but just a casual sweep if course to avoid seeming like he was staring her down.

    Felix watched as Fay tossed aside one of the papers and let it rest on the table again. Felix noted it was the profile on the smaller wench. Felix raised a pierced eyebrow briefly when he noticed Fay taking a long look at the older wench's profile. Felix wondered idly what was so special about that one and not the other one. He dared not question Fay though, watching quietly.

    When Fay spoke, Felix listened intently and focused again. The alcohol was starting to make his brain fuzzy, but he had a while before he'd show any real disadvantages. He was no light weight when it came to downing alcohol. "Destroy tem, if course. We'll obliterate them. That'll show the cops. I'll see to it that Henry and Micheal take heed on their little outing."Felix replief with a confident nod.
  6. Fay looked over at Felix and her eyes narrowed slightly. She glanced down at the woman named Bella. There was a strange feeling resonating from the pit of her stomach when she looked at her. It was uncomfortable and she didn't like it all that much. Sighing she reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose, warding off the headache that would eventually make its way into her temples. This happened often when she spoke with Felix and he usually gave her a headache.

    "Of course we destroy them. I was just curious if we knew anything else about the two of them. Any weaknesses, how we can take them down, you know? A lot of times when we get new people like this we don't really know much about them and that is dangerous, Felix. The last time we did that you almost got your fucking head cut off." Fay growled and pinched her nose once again before turning her head away and sighing.

    "Knowing Henry and Michael the police will be there eventually or they may just send these two to get the job done. That new police chief is better than the last and I don't think he really takes any shit from anybody. We need to be more careful." Fay mused and peered over at the two women again. "They don't look scary but it's those types that you really have to watch out for..." She stood from her seat. "We should go check out the situation. Get the car ready."


    Polly took the pictures and looked them over, listening carefully to what Bella had to say. She made a face and then tossed them back to the side. "Honestly, they look rough as all hell. Not very smart either. I feel like this is going to be easier than we think." Polly hopped off the bench and padded down the porch with a grin.

    The pair hopped into Bella's car and drove into town, arriving near the police station which happened to be close to the bank. Maybe it was on purpose but in this case it was a big help to all who were involved. Polly made sure that she had everything with her as she stepped out of the car and out onto the sidewalk. There was a police car just down the road and a group of people were standing around outside.

    "Looks like we may have found exactly what we are looking for." Polly murmured and began to walk towards the group, noticing that there were cops trying to contain everyone and guns pointed at the entrances. She approached when of them with Bella and he nodded grimly at the girls. "Good evening ladies. I'm glad that the two of you could join us this evening. We have a hostage situation inside and need the two of you to take care of it. Chief Renner said that he sent you profiles of the convicts and you have studied up?" The officer looked between the two of them. Polly nodded and looked at Bella. "I think that we can handle it."
  7. Felix watched as his boss grabbed at the bridge of her nose with her fingers. It was a dangerous sign, meaning he had managed to aggravate her yet again. Felix knew he was an unpleasant fellow,but sometimes he wondered why conversations with the boss always resulted with her distaste of him. Felix watched intently and listened, wondering if he could make amends to the situation. He thought twice and realized it wasn't worth trying to fix. He was loyal to Fay, helping her carry out her plans most times and keep some of the lesser criminals in line, but he wasnt one to grovel or beg for forgiveness.

    Felix grinded his teeth together, avoiding the temptation of running his hands through his hair. He had made a wrong move by stating the obvious. Damned alcohol was starting to blur the edges of his mind. "Weaknesses are unknown as of now, but their powers are. The older wench has some enhanced agility and speed and makes for a dangerous swordsman. The younger one's a good climber and a decent ally to the other wench."Felix explained.

    Felix agreed with his boss' words and ideas and stood up right after she did. "Very well."he replied as he walked to the door with long, swooping strides. He walked quietly through an underground tunnel and made his way to a garage of sorts. Grabbing keys from a hook, Felix made his way to a sleek black cover table that currently had its top pulled up to better conceal any watchers. The windows were tinted. Felix had entered the driver's seat and turned on the engine, awaiting Fay.


    Bella exited her car after hastily cutting off the engine and noted the scene. She was used to the chaos by now and her adrenaline built up from talking to her partner boosted her courage. She observed the armed police keeping a handle on a frightened crowd of onlookers, their faces contorted in fear and confusion.

    Bella confidently approached the police officers to get a quick brief on the current progress of this situation. Bella was careful to listen to the police officer speak and held her shoulders back and head up now that the public was looking on upon who they believed to be heroes. Bella was determined to fit the bill and be the hero that everyone praised and was protected by. It was a difficult job, but Bella enjoyed her occupation and took pride in her work. Of course there was always the fear of injury and even death, but previous successes had helped take an edge off of the threat.

    "Yes, sir. We looked it over and can take care of this situation."Bella confirmed with a nod. She put her hair up while she had the chance, opening up more of her vision since she'd need it. Looking to Polly once, Bella began to walk up the steps to the bank entrance with cautious steps to avoid triggering any hidden shooters if they were any, which she doubted. Once close enough, she ran forwards and sent her heel into the door. The door opened with a bang and Bella unsheathed her sword, the steel hissing when withdrawn from its sheath.

    Inside the bank was dark except for a group of people huddled away in the back of the spacious, high ceiling bank. There were desks sitting empty in little cubicles but Bella walked past down the aisle towards the group in the back. Bella held her blade low and stalked carefully, ready to dodge quickly if shot at. "Surrender now or face the consequences."Bella called out in a clear voice as she slowed to a stop half way in between the entrance behind her and the group at the back wall before her. Business people cowered on the ground, offering her whimpers and terrified looks. Bella awaited the response of the two criminals suspected to be inside manning this heist.
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