A Simply Amazing Roleplay.. no big deal!

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  1. Hello!!! ^_^

    Just a simple roleplayer here! :)

    This is a first come, first serve roleplay! So hurry! :3

    I want this roleplay to happen and I need someone to make it happen with me :) I would say this is a just a MxF but.. I think I can make it into a FxF also.

    Well.. here's the plot:
    This character is the princess and she's supposed to get married soon. But of course, typical fairy tale, she doesn't care for the man too much. So one day, she escapes to a tower -- she goes to that tower everyday, to be left alone in her thoughts or simply read. It's late at night around the time she's up there this one day and when she's up there and looks out the window and see a light far out in the midst of the forest. So she sneaks away from there and goes after the light. Once she's out miles and miles and miles away from home. She ends up in a city; modern times she never knew about and there tries to start her new life.

    The part where the other character comes in at is when they find her wandering around and takes her in to fall in love with her.

    Just simple enough as I said! :P

    Welp.. Pm me! I will be waiting. O.O :D
  2. So this would be something like the movie Enchanted where the girl is swept from her fairy tale land into our modern day life?
  3. Lol. I never thought of it that way. I forgot about that movie. xD .. so uh.. yeah I guess so.

    I thought I had an original idea. Oops! Guess not! xD
  4. No worries xP.

    I would like to do this idea with you though.
  5. Yayy!!!!

    Even though you popped my bubble.. but alright! ^_^
  6. Yeah... sorry about that >.>

    Let's discuss this idea some more in PM shall we?
  7. I forgive you ^_^

    We shall! Pm me ! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.