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  1. A little about me:
    1. I am not picky nor stingy and always love new ideas.
    2. I do not like one liners heck I try and not to do them myself.
    3. Grammar isn't my best neither do I expect it to be yours. If you make typos it happens so don't feel obligated to fix all mistakes cause I sure as heck won't bite you for it.
    4. Communication is a must with my partner. I'd like to discuss ideas off to the side of our RP it makes things a lot more fun.
    5. Lastly I am a fast poster please take note of this if you're the same that's great we can write like a couple of maniacs during the day. I do have chores in between and leave for a week at a time once a month. If you can handle this that's great makes things even better

    What I want to RP

    Log Horizon:
    OK this is a risk I'm willing to take I found out I tend to suck at certain fandom rp's but this is an anime I really do happen to love. So I was wondering if anyone is willing to do a Log Horizon RP with me but with original characters. There is a wikia and I also found a detailed picture of all the classes and what not they have within the anime. So I was thinking we could create a few characters and go from there. I'm not good with canons but if you are that's great you can bring them in an out but I prefer OC's sadly.

    Basically so far that's all I have in fandoms I want to do so let me list some genres I am a sucker for maybe if you have ideas you can drop me a PM.

    Martial Arts
    Reverse Harems(All guys one girl) I mean who can resist the male hotties
    Romance( But it must have a few other genres mixed in with it otherwise I tend to get bored)

    Welp right now this is all I can think of so if anyone is bored as I am please drop me a PM and we can discuss things from there ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.