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  1. Hey! You can call me Evime. I'm doing another rp at the moment but I have tons of free time and I'm bored, so I wouldn't mind doing one more. I only have one plot that I really wanna do.

    My plot is inspired from Dengeki Daisy. A lonely, bored teenage girl (around 16-18) decides to write a message about her feelings and her phone number on a paper, signs it with an alias and puts it in a bottle and throws it into the ocean. Instead of going to another continent (or at least to another country) like she'd hoped, it floats back to shore and a boy around the same age finds it. He begins to regularly text her with his own alias, asking her how she is, if there are any problems in her life, etc etc. She asks him the same things. But they never reveal any of their personal information, like their names, where they live, etc. The only thing they know about each other is their aliases, their phone numbers, and their feelings and stuff :)

    That's just the beginning, I have a little more planned but as for the rest I'm going to need some help. I have some requirements (hopefully they'll be easy to fulfill):
    • Please keep in mind I'm new to roleplaying. Don't expect me to be an expert with all the terms.
    • Don't write any textspeak. I know that they're texting, but please try not to :) Feel free to unleash the textspeak when talking with me, though.
    • I expect at least a paragraph or two from you when they're not texting. If they're texting, then one line replies are totally fine.
    • I'd prefer to rp with someone younger than 22.
    • I prefer roleplaying through PMs.
    • Be a friendly and polite person!
    That's all for now :) PM me if you're interested. I'll give you a little more of the plot I've got planned and we can work the rest out together. You can play either the boy or the girl, I don't have any preference :)
  2. This looks like an interesting idea are you still looking?
  3. Ah, sorry, no! I'm already RPing this with someone else. But if you have any similar ideas or draw inspiration from this I'm totally up for it! ^^
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.