A Simple Request, So I Hope.

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  1. I am simply looking for a LITERATE writer to write a simple, fluffy and romantic RP with.

    I have NO requirements for your character at all. I only ask that this song be "their song". ( ) (Though pairing the shy, naïve and innocent Alex with a slightly badass, loud and no-filter best friend/romantic interest would be fucking hilarious at times.) As a result of this, I picked both langue settings, as I am open to a character that swears like the off-spring of George Carlin and a sailor.

    I'm perfectly open to dark and mature elements, hence submitting this here, though this will obviously need to be carried out in PMs. I am NOT, however, open to anything illegal, or incest. Sorry, you like that stuff? Go find someone else. I'll post an example of one of my characters and starter below, though this doesn't have to be used. Please PM me if interested.

    Name: Alexander Harrison

    Standing at roughly 5'6" tall, thin and frail, Alex comes across as a very shy kinda guy, and that's because he is. Clumsy and accident-prone, he's often getting into mishaps, usually at the worst possible times. As such, he can often be seen wearing band-aids, bandages, or even with his arm in a cast! The timid sort, he's not willing to really stand up for himself, so is probably TOO willing to allow others to use him for their own fun. He has, on occasion, defended himself, though not for too long, nor against many people. (Read: One.) He can take teasing as long as he knows it's in good humour.

    Underneath the shy, clumsy and awkward exterior is a very sweet and loving young man, with a heart of gold and a quite strong romantic streak. However, he is also prone to taking negative comments to heart, as well as often blaming himself for his friend's problems. Despite this, if you show him an amount of love and affection, he will be the same to you. At times, Alex can grow a little.. jealous if he feels like his friends are starting to ignore him in place of someone else. Sadly, this has happened to him quite often, and it leads to him not wanting to be away from people he loves, knows and trusts for too long, in case it ever happens to him again.

    A possible opener:

    "Alex wanted to give you these, but he broke his wrist last night, so he's not come in today." The tall, brunette male leant against the lockers, holding out a bunch of roses, a box of candies and a card to (Y/C), smiling at the young woman. "A shame really, considering the dance is tonight." Pushing his glasses up his nose, Joe smiled softly. "He really does like you, you know. He's just way to shy to come up to you. I know it might seem creepy, but I assure you, it isn't his intention."

    Pausing, he smiled again. "Alex is a sweet kid. It's just that, with his speech problems an' all, he finds it hard to make friends and communicate with people." He added, knowing full well it wasn't really needed.

    Grabbing a pen, he scribbled something down on her hand. "Look, here's his address. Go and see him, yeah? God knows he could do with being cheered up." And with that, Joe left, raising a hand in his farewell.

    The card Alex had sent was simple, a dark pink colour with "Happy Valentine's!" across the front in a silver colour, an image of two teddy bears hugging beneath the text. Written inside, in Alex's neat, soft cursive was;


    I'm sorry I sent Joe with these, but please ignore that? I would have brought them myself if I could. Believe me, it'd have seemed a lot better... But anyway, let's not dwell on that.

    I was going to ask you to the dance, but that plan might not work too well... But, I just wanted to tell you that you are an amazingly beautiful young woman, and that, if you ever would consider it, and you don't have to... Would I be able to take you out for dinner one night?

    ...Happy Valentines. I hope you like the flowers and candies!
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