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  1. So, I should start off by explaining what I mean by "Free-Plot", just so everybody understands:

    For those who don't know: A Free-Plot RP is an RP in which there is no direct plot line. If we think of the plot as a simple line, from beginning to end, from point A to point B, then think of this as one that has a point A, but no point B.

    A Plot with a beginning but no set end. It can go wherever we like it to go. I happen to have a way to change the direction of the plot during the beginning, and from there, it's anyone's guess.

    The starting plot is basic enough: Set in the modern-era, there is a powerful dictator who has taken over, and a group of heroic rebels have formed together to stop him. However, sometime during their task (Which is likely where the RP begins), they've come to realize that the forces they are dealing with are too powerful, but are given help by an enigmatic stranger who gives them a choice of what to do about it, need it be staying there and continuing with their mission objective, be transported to another world to find a means of destroying said dictator, or be transported in an effort to escape world-gone-corrupt.

    From there, regardless of what choice is made by the characters, the story from there is left for us all to decide.

    So, Any questions?
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  2. No questions but I'm in.
  3. I don't think that dictator knows whats coming, I suppose we'll have to enlighten the bastard :3
    And how can I give up on the chance of meeting enigmatic strangers xD
  4. Yes a few questions. What will be the pace of the roleplay, how many players/characters are you allowing in, and what exactly makes the player characters 'Heroic' rebels? Like, any more than any other regular jackoff.
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  5. You mentioned other worlds, so will there be magic involved?
  6. Yeah~yeah ^same questions and soooo... Like just how aggressive can RPerrs be in terms of guiding the plot and making up stuffs?

    But yeah~~Boom~~!!! Interested^^
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  7. In order:

    1. I assume by "pace" your referring to posting speed. I don't have an exact number of posts per day or week, and I am lenient when it comes to posts. That being said, I would say a nice medium pace, not too fast, not too slow. I would say around...1 post per 3 days. Though I can allow a speed up/slow down if necessary.

    2. Normally I'm not a believer of closing sign-ups. I like to give anyone who's interested a chance to join after all. However, I recognize just how out of hand and overwhelming an RP can get if there's too many players on the field at once. Therefore, I would say about...10-15 players seems like a reasonable stopping point.

    3. ...I don't suppose "Being chosen by fate" qualifies as an answer? Odds are the answer, simply put, is by magic. Rather, these character are capable of feats and abilities no normal human possesses, like magic, inhuman strength, etc.

    4. Yes. Magic will be involved in this RP without a doubt. Now, unlike Windpipe (@Windstormugly ) I don't have a system in place for magic or the like. I'm lenient when it comes to that. However, for obvious reasons, I will not allow magic or power that is god-modded, and I know god-modded when I see it.

    In fact, I should say this outright that I will NOT allow power over time and space to be used in this.

    5. Ah, a very good question, Miss. ^^ One of the riskiest aspects of Free-Plot RPing is, indeed, Aggression of the players' ability to guide the plot. People moving the plot forward their own way is the purpose of the Free-plot, yes, but it's very possible for people to be "TOO" aggressive and random, and that can cause mental whiplash, never mind the possibility of mass Chaos that may overwhelm some players.

    So to answer your question: I guess the best way to say it is that I'd prefer them to be "Passive-Agressive" with guiding the plot and making up stuff. To explain what I mean, allow me to split these into two parts:

    Guiding the Plot: The best way to explain this is by once again going into the perspective of the plot as a line. Don't make a snap turn that makes that line into an angle, but instead, slowly bend it into an arch-shape. What this means is, guide the plot slowly. Let others be able to bend it slowly their way as they will allow you to. I don't want to see any "Suddenlys", like "Suddenly we were back in time to the last day of Pompeii. Suddenly the volcano erupted into an explosion of ash and lava and soot, and as we were running, suddenly a metal ball fell from the sky and out of it came a dashing man in a suit and a red-headed woman." (Cookie to the clever person who gets that reference.)

    Be subtle, be slow, and be willing to let others guide the plot their way, so they will be willing to let you do the same.

    Making stuff up: Like the above, do this slowly and subtle. In regards to people, heroes, villains, intelligent beings, etc. introduce them to the plot slowly, or at least at a normal rate. Again, No "Suddenlys". I'm willing to allow beings like Gods and angels and what-have-you to appear. But bear in mind there IS a Divine Hierarchy, and the top two tiers of it are STRICTLY prohibited. (Unless you give me a REALLY good idea for the second-top tier. However, the Top tier is absolutely forbidden, and for GM use only.) What exactly the hierarchy is, I'll explain later. I will say this though: At best, your god will be able to rule over a single Universe/Dimension.

    In regards to items and weapons and what-have-you, say it with me now: "No, Suddenlys!" I don't want any ass-pulls, deus ex machinas, or even Chekov's Guns. If you want something special to be in this, slowly introduce it into this, and earn your taking of it.

    I hope that answers everyone's questions. ^^
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  8. All fantastic, I'm definitely interested then.
  9. I'll join if you pinky promise it will live, mate.
  10. I got the Defibrillator on standby, and I'm not afraid to use it. XD
  11. 10 to 15 player cap?

    I'm out.
  12. Yeah, if anything I would say it's a bit high, although I'm sure you need a lot of people to make a free-form like this work. Maybe a hard cap at 10 would be better?
  13. As I said, I usually don't like the concept of Closed Sign-ups.

    However, if you insist, 10, I suppose is a good stopping point.
  14. I'm in,

    however I will share a little wisdom, or atleast what I see as wisdom, due to having done this before, so I'll suggest a few rules/changes:

    10 players is WAY to much, ten players with 1 post every 3 days? if someone goes on a 2 week holiday they will get lost. I would suggest 6 players, as I have always found that number dead on, four is to little (1 or 2 people leave it dies) and 8+ is to much (2 or 3 people can go on a posting spree and lose everyone else)

    No Player should EVER be able to directly influence another players plot or ajust its monsters, 2 good examples of this are as follows: Example 1:
    Player 1 creates a big bad who can only be killed once the mcguffin has been obtained, Player 1 puts this Mcguffin in some inhospitable landscape filled with all sorts of nasties. Player 2 makes a earthquake happen that kills all the nasties. or Player 2 happens to have Teleportation and teleports to the Mcguffin, grabs it, and teleports back.
    Example 2: Player 1 introduces a badguy who can create demons as mooks. Player 2 has a small group of DIFFERENT demons attack, ment to be a challenge. Player 1 proceeds to describe the fact that these demons are weaker than the normal mooks his badguy can make and having 'made' this cannon he goes and curbstomps them.
    This sort of thing results in backlash, bad feelings and general asshole-ery.

    All major plot changes (Introducing a Big Bad, Time-travel, New powers, Sealed Evil creation, Making a Mcguffin, ect) Need to be descussed OOC first, That way we don't have people trying to out villain each other all the time. It also stops some super-evil villain calling up some lesser villain and threatening him before blowing his head off with a sniper. just because one player dosn't like another.

    Any Player found to be using The Villains check list shall be shot on sight.

    The Mr. Welch List is in effect. (Only some of it.)

    Other than that, a few questions:

    Will we be time jumping?
    Can I have a 'out of time' character (fantasy character in a scifi setting because of plot)
    What sort of level of starting power are you expecting?
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  15. Meh.. Boo just gunna go with it even get all random at times

    I'mma just ask permissions OoC-ly or edit posties where need be to accomodate. Cuz yeah 10 rpers will get out of hand reeeeeally quickly
  16. Hmmm...

    I've read up and considered these notes. As stated, I'm willing to adjust speed as necessary, though perhaps I should say the same of other...aspects. Free-plot RPing, is, after all, an essential community based project. It's chaos, But it's United Chaos, Dammit! XD

    I'll admit, I never quite went with any number as low as 6. However you stated 8+ Is a problem, ...So I suggest we stop it at 7. Not counting Azaryin, who has left, and counting the GMs, myself and Windpipe, and you, that should fit everyone who has posted their interest thus far. There's one more GM I'd like to squeeze in, but as you say, 8 is the point where it becomes a crowd. So in order to put that one in, either we take our chances with 8, or we let someone else go.

    Your second and third rules I agree with 100%. I must confess that the latter didn't occur before you brought it up. X_X

    Unfortunately, I've forgotten a majority of the Villain's Checklist, and have no idea what "Mr. Welch's List" is.

    Now to answer your questions:

    1. I don't have Time-Jumping in mind, per se. But I WILL mark it as a possibility. It depends on if you mean Direct time-jumping (From present to Past/Future of the same world), or Indirect time-jumping (Going to another world, that is either more primitive (Past) or more advanced (Future) then the world you live in. (Present)) Because Indirect Time-Jumping, I can very easily arrange to happen. Whereas Direct Time-Jumping is possible...but would need some assistance to do, like someone making a time-machine.

    2. If it's meant to be a main character in this 'party' then you're obviously gonna need to make him arrive from wherever proverbial time-zone he came from. Other than that, Absolutely! :D I'm in fact expecting the "Setting Genre" to sooner or later change up from one to another. So the idea of a "Fish out of water" scenario is...I dare say outright inevitable.

    3. Well, like I said, I don't have a system of Magic in place. ...I have one Available with my possible 3rd Co-GM's help, but we feel it may cause things to get...Out of hand.

    So to answer your question, I guess the best way to describe the expected starting strength is...the basic supernaturals: Basic control over an element, enhanced bodily attributes, basic skill over a unique form of magic (I.E. Illusions), etc. I, of course, intend on the characters to grow as they continue their paths, whatever that may be for them.
  17. 2400 things Mr. Welch can no longer do during an RPG
    Mr. Welch list, Includes things like 'if a gun is mentioned by name on the Geneva convention it is banned' and "No yelling 'Roll THACO at newbs'
    its kinda a cover-all for not fucking up RPG's.

    Other than that I think we're good for me. I cannot wait to play around with this.
  18. It seems we have enough members now. I have begun the process of making the OOC. I'm not sure how long it'll take, only that it shouldn't take me too long.
  19. Oh yea should start soon then.

  20. °·°'

    Use it!! Use it!!

    Don't be afraid!! USE IT!!!!!
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