A Silent Girl, A Scary Ego

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  1. Please take a look at my blog before continuing this post. The blog contains a starting feel: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/xfa-blog-entry/a-mute-alone.2580/

    I am looking to do a Roleplay with a girl that is known as "Mute", and I know getting people to join in can be hard. The roleplay has no set "goal" so anything can happen. Mute is described in the blog and the picture/avatar will be her because I prefer to only play as one character at a time. The inspiration behind this is something I prefer to keep to myself, but I hope some will join in. The setting will take place in a small town in Hungary where the roads are stone, many dark ally ways, and many little shops and bars. Think of like old days when it comes to the setting, but it is very much modern.
    Mute has a slight issue other then, well, being mute. She has been tricked by a Witch thinking she would get her voice back but instead has got a new "friend". This friend has called herself Aserel, but her real name is unknown just like Mute's. They share the same body so they look very much like, but a difference can be seen in their eyes. Sadly for Mute, Aserel is able to speak and she never seems to play nice. Unlike Mute, Aserel seems to know a few tricks up her sleeve to cause trouble. But Aserel can be stopped, though how? Through romance, killing the witch, or even herself? Anything can happen throughout the Rp.

    Anyone interested?
    Will answer any questions and listen to ideas. Your character can be anything, even an Furry or Animal if you want!
  2. I'm do interested!! I got the perfect character for both of them :)

    Soooooo may I?
  3. Of course! Its an open Roleplay. I'm so excited. I'll get to work on it right away~
  4. Hey, an interesting idea !
    What sort of communication does "mute" use ? is it rudimentary hand gestures and facial expressions or does she sign ?
    Are you ok with a first person layout on my end? that's my preference as I am new to RP :3
    Are you still looking for someone ?
  5. Yay!!! PM me for more details and I'll tell my Characters bio, Celticroze :)
  6. The post is now open!

    [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION] Hello~ This is an Open RP which means anyone can join. Here what is going to happen, its gonna go by one post basis which means I post then whoever post then the next in that order. I'll let you two figure who wants to go first. That is also an excellent question! She will do gesture but mostly expression. There will be a translation with them so no one is lost which will appear in ( ""). If I think it doesn't needs translation I won't do it.

    [MENTION=3744]Clu-Fix[/MENTION] Alright getting on that.
  7. Ill try my best to figure out what the connotations are to the facial expressions that don't have a description.
    I write in First person, so I can separate my Monologue(written in normal sentences), Speech(written in "~~") and Actions(written in*~~*).
    would that layout be ok to join in ? :)
    Also I am not much of an artist, I can make a character profile as the start of my first post then jump in from there, but I wont have a picture of my own..
  8. [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION] Perfect. Let's start a convo and help on your character. You don't need to be an "artist", some people use Google pictures. Let's try it out!
  9. Now that [MENTION=5170]HoldMeCloser[/MENTION] said something: When you do first post, do a quickie info sheet on your character then start. ( I like pictures <3 )
  10. Hang on, I will find a picture to match, and then I will edit my first post and put it in there!
    sorry, I got a little carried away and posted anyway. hope you don't mind !
  11. I saw, its Ok it happens sometimes haha. Good luck!