A Silent Girl, A Scary Ego (Open)

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  1. In a European city located in Hungary, where the stone roads lead you to the light of the small but nice shops, or to the darkness of the alleyways, history is in full bloom in its own beauty. The year is 2123, and many strange things have happened but no one seems to care. They public just go about their day blind like nothing happened even if the seen a deceased person on the sidewalk. Within this city, a young girl seems to attract a lot of attention but not the kind she likes. If one didn't know her, they trashed her, if you lived close enough, you were more then likely to hear something about her. But what was so bad about her? (Please see Blog and Interest Check first before starting).

    The sky was a beautiful sight with its violet clouds and its mixture of orange and rose like colors. The sun was setting and "Mute" was just in time to see it as it was her favorite time of day other than a clear night sky with maybe a few clouds. Mute sat at a small park that was close as you could ever get to a sunset if you didn't travel which had a nice little bench awaiting for her. She sat down slowly taking in the scene. As she watched, a gentle breeze caught her soft red, bouncy waves of hair as it flowed back revealing her icy, baby blue eyes. Her eyes clearly spoke of her content for there was no one to joke at her or her "friend" taking over and playing devious games. She let out a silent breath of air as she relaxed before returning to her home.

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  2. Name: Fin
    Age: 18
    height: 6ft
    Hair: Medium length, Dark brown
    Eyes: Deep Green
    Top three traits: Active, Friendly, Open-minded


    *Fin ran his normal route, he looked up and smiled at the sky*
    When you don't have anyone to discuss your day with, what do you do to clear your thoughts? I find that a run clears my mind, after all I live in what could be described as a picturesque town. Beautiful in the sun, homely when its cloudy, and romantic when it rains.
    *As he passes the park he sees a girl sitting on the bench*
    I tend to keep to myself as I run, mainly because I am not so fit that I can pretend not to feel out of breathe, or the burn up the back of my calves, but such an out of place aura emanating from such a pretty girl. With a lovely day like today coupled with sitting in the park of all places, its easy to spot. She seems lonely.
    *He holds his stare as he runs past, shrugs briefly*
    Everyone has their own pass times, after all, what are you doing on this run again? Don't go sticking your nose in where is doesn't belong.
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  3. Name: Liam Andersson
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 175lbs (Athletic build [muscular]
    Hair: Medium length dark brown hair
    Eyes: [unique] Sky baby bluisb grey eyes
    Bio: Very much like a protector to his friends and family, he doesn't talk much but does when he wants, he knows sign language and sign gestures because his two brothers are partly deaf, he is great with people and will make anyone laugh, no matter who they are, he as a past that some don't know about but soon shall reveal. A bat code is tattooed on the back of his head which has a hidden past

    He was just steadily walking along the side walk minding his own business, he was enjoying the air and the beautiful sky, it was unique, like him. Some people called him a freak because of his eyes, but he didn't care, his friends liked him just the way he was, he didn't talk much, but making music was his was on speaking out to people and, also sign language to those who knew it..he was different then all the others, very different. He saw a girl sitting on a bench by herself and enjoying the the cloudy day til some one was about to come up. He just chuckled and walked toward the park and sat at a bench the was about 50 yards away from where she was sitting, he looked up at the sky and smiled not having a care in the world. He loved it that way, peaceful it was. He lookes at the girl and just waved at her and looked back at the clouds, as the wind blew his dark hair swam in the wind and revealed his sky baby bluish grey eyes, he smiled and breathed in the air "Beautiful." He said softly.

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  4. Mute glanced at the man, and slowly looked to the ground. Beautiful was right, but she couldn't agree like she would want to. The sunset no longer had her attention, the man did. She remained calmed and pretended she didn't acknowledge him, she didn't know what to do. Mute couldn't engage a conversation with him, so should she leave or just hope he would leave thinking she was rude? She crossed her shown semi-pale legs and leaned back with her hands folded on her lap. She wanted to leave but she just couldn't, and if she waited too long it would be too dark to leave safely. Mute took a deep breathe and looked back to the sky hoping for the best.

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  5. He saw as she took a big deep breath and he tilted his head when she didn't respond to her "Maybe.." He said to himself, he waved at her once more to get her attention, their seemed like something was wrong, so he signed to her "You ok, ma'am?" He said in sign language. As he looked at her and looked around and saw that soon it shall become dark.
  6. She looked at him and perked her head up. Her red waves flown back revealing her eyes that spoke with gratitude. Mute nodded her head letting the man know she was OK. She motioned signifying she was mute, and slowly put her hands down embarrassed. She rested her posture once more.
  7. He smiled when she replied back to him and kept the smile when she told him she was ok and that she was a mute. He signed back at her "Don't worry, it's fine. Nothing to be ashamed of. I was when I was a boy till I was in 8th grade..but I really don't talk much. What's your name, if you don't mind? I'm Liam." He looked at her and saw her eyes she really was stunning, then sun shined on her and it made them glitter like the ocean does when it moves with the wind which made it even more stunning to look.
  8. She listened intently to his story and nodded slightly signifying she was listening. Mute was happy someone was able to understand. But when Liam asked what her name was, she shook her head unsure and signed;
    "I'm not sure what my name is... People just call me..."
    She looked down letting her hair cover her face, her emotion just drained like waste down a sewer.
    "People call me, Mute."
    She glanced at Liam, her eyes were cold and lifeless. Mute never liked discussing what people called her and sometimes she wished she couldn't hear either.
  9. Liam just looked at her when she told him and his heart just sank, he didn't know what to say after that, he really didn't he felt bad for her, but he saw the sadness cover her face like a blanket, the emotions were wiped out. So he looked at her "I'm so sorry....I won't ask you why, because it's rather not business, so it's nice to meet you...Mute. Or would you rather call you ma'am." He got up and started to walk toward her and kneeled down and spoke to her in real words, "I'm not going to judge you, I promise. Their is no need to be sad or afraid. Only be hasp foot who you are, for the heart grows from that." He said and held his hand out "It's nice to meet you.."
  10. She let out a silent huff and looked at him. Mute took a moment to sign; " I don't care what you call me at this rate. Could call me Joe if you wanted to. But it is nice to meet you to, Liam" She slowly took her hand into his, like it was something new to her then shook. After Mute took a moment to take everything that just happened in, she sat up and smiled. "Thank you..." A old street lamp flickered on a the darkness creakedt. "But I must get home." Mute stood up, her shorts were a nice navy blue jean as the relaxed around her legs, and her shirt wrinkled preventing a few lillies getting some air. She looked so harmless and sweet, her smile seemed to finish her outfit.
  11. He saw the light flicker and waved but stopped, and realized how dangerous it is to roam around at night. He turned around and walked toward her "Let me walk you, nothing bad or any of that. Just to know you made it home safely." He spoke and signed at the same time. He looked at the light and then at her and signed "Please.."
  12. Mute debated for a moment, < Should I let him take me home? But...he seemed...> She smiled softly and nodded. "I suppose. I don't live too far." She tensed for being slightly nervous but kept her soft smile. Under the street lights, her eyes sparkled just as they would in the sun, but they were were entwined with the orange and faded white from the street lamps making it look as if there was a sunset in her own eyes.
  13. He smiled and nodded as she agreed, he walked beside her and looked at the sky, it was still beautiful, he looked at Mute and was about to say something but something was different about her. He looked closely with his eyes. "Your eyes are different. The color I mean." He said walking with her. It was strange they were baby blue and now...they are orange and faded white in them.
  14. She paused for a moment, she looked like she was about cry. But she rubbed her eyes and shook her head then looked back at Liam, She signed, "I'm just tired.." She gave a silent laughed and continued walking. Mute kept her head down slightly the rest of the way home. <Not now, I'm almost home...> After a decent relaxing walk, Mute stopped in front of a nice building covered in ivory and flowers of various kinds. The walls were a faded yellow with some cracks. The flowers were colorful as there were blues, violets, oranges, and reds. She looked at the building then back at Liam, she signed, "This is it."
  15. He smiled as he made it to her house. It was beautiful. "Well this is a beautiful place." He signed. He scanned it and smiled back at her "Well, I must get home myself. It was nice meeting." He said as he walked away but stopped "I don't know what it is but...can I take you out to dinner sometime?" He said as he smiled and closed his eyes. He was use to rejection, it happened to him all the time for his entire life. He was think she was going to do the same. "It's fine..never mind. Sorry, you don't have too, if you don't want too. I understand." He said as he was about to walk away.
  16. Mute smiled as he commented in her house, it made her feel happy. She nodded as he turned away, Mute was glad to have met him as well.
    As Liam asked her out to dinner, she seemed slightly confused but as he begun to walk away she ran up to him grabbing his arm and looked up st him. She gave a slight shrug with a smile and signed,
    "I don't see why not. It sounds like fun."
    Mute let him go and gave him a soft and gentle look, she pulled her hair behind her ear and slowly turned back around heading inside.
  17. He grabbed her hand gently as she started walking away and just held it as he turned get around and gave her a hug and looked at get in her eyes "I promise that I won't do anything to hurt you. I promise to the one person on this earth to be different." He said serious then grew a smile as he commented on her eyes "Wow, they are so beautiful...." He smiled his sky baby bluish grey eyes scanned her and continued "...just like you." He looked her and smiled, "Well what time and date shall I pick you up, my lady?" He said with a bow and a smile.
  18. *Fin began to slow down until a few paces later coming to a standstill.*
    For as long as I can remember I have lived with a positive outlook on life, people make me happy, I feel alive when I make friends. It really isn't my place to say anything, maybe I am crazy.
    *He laughs to himself*
    Isn't it the pinnacle of arrogance to assume she would want to talk to me ? I don't have any proof that she is lonely, its just a crazy hunch.
    Still, nothing saddens me more than a day where I don't talk to at least one other person, living alone would be impossible if I didn't talk to people during the day, the nights would be too long. I cant leave it to chance, if it turns out I was wrong then the worst that happened is I feel stupid, a cheap price.
    *He turns and runs back to the park at a slightly quicker pace, upon arriving he leans against the metal fence surrounding to catch his breathe. He looks up towards the girl and then the new mysterious man*
    I didn't see him here before. Well I will just get this over with, a short greeting if she wants someone to talk too she will respond if not then I have at least earned a better night sleep tonight.
    *Fin see's the man wave to the girl, and she gestures back. He stops climbing over the fence, and stands there.*
    Ah that's a relief, this must be a spot in which people come to watch the sunset. Guess it was just a hunch, luckily I didn't make a scene, no explanations needed.
    *He sighs*
    How selfish of me, I really shouldn't put my nosey personality ahead of other peoples happiness. If I am meant to be her friend, I am sure we will meet again somewhere. It is a small world after all.
    *He smiles to himself, and turns around, this time walking down the path in which he runs.*
    I wonder what the two from the park are doing at the moment.
    *He turns his light of and goes to sleep.*
  19. Mute blushed and was filled with confusion. She didn't know what to do and wasn't use to this sort if thing. She shook her head.
    "I don't know, I really never been out to dinner with someone."
    Mute looked away and gave a silent laugh and looked at Liam.
    "Any time after tomorrow.... I'm... busy tomorrow."
    She smiled brightly as her eyes sparkled once more to Liam and she let her hand droop. She turned around and walked inside.

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  20. He chuckled and shook his head and walked away toward his houde. He was kind of happy as of tonight he didn't know why but he was "Heyy..where the hell have you been? His friend said as he walked in the door "Walking." He replied back. His friends, Eve, grabbed his arm, Mute flashed in his head, the he looked back at her and his friends, "Are you ok?" She said, "You had us worried Liam." They said to him, he let his hand slide from hers and he just smiled "I'm fine." He said and upstairs to his room. He hopped in the shower and cleaned himself off. He thought of Mute the entire time. He laid in bed starting into the darkness...he turned and looked at the moon and smiled and quietly whispered "Goodnight, Mute." And closed his eyes.
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