A show Poll!

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What is your favourite type of show genere?

  1. Crime

  2. Drama

  3. Soap

  4. Science

  5. Reality

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  6. Comedy

  7. Cartoon

  8. Oldies

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  1. ((I'll have the poll up in a second))

    What in your opinion is your favourite show? Mine is obviously Criminal Minds.
  2. Doctor Who is my all time favourite show. Its one of those that, no matter how often I've seen a certain episode, if it is on, I will watch it.

  3. Oh my god, yo, I love Dr. Who!! At first, I was skeptical, but I got addicted. VERY. FAST. I've only just now seen the ending of the first season, when the Dr. regenerates. <3

    But, no, I really love EVERYTHING. I love docu-dramas, reality, comedy (The Office :D), Asian--more specifically Korean dramas (City Hunter <3), Korean variety shows (Running Man!), and...Brit Sci-Fi.

    I feel like I have to watch television now...
  4. Sooooo.... I ended up checking off everything cause I like a little bit of everything. EXcept reality TV shows, because those are the hugest waste of time and uncreative space. >:[ Well, maybe once upon a time Game Shows were kind of amusing. Like Family Fued. But these days reality shows are all about stupid crap like Teen Mom and the crazy real lives of rich people, or Honey Booboo... and I am like... if we're going to watch pure daily insanity, at least give me a PLOT and a potential that those people I hate are going to die. >>; *koff*

    ANYWAY. 8D MY favorite shows right now are New Girl, Bones, Adventure Time, How I met Your Mother, and Game of Thrones.

    As for finished shows no on the air anymore... um... Psych, Charmed, Roswell, Stargate, Firefly.... there's a lot, I can't seem to think of right now. @.@

    I prefer shows that have a fantasy/fantastic theme to them! I don't care much for shows that are too real lifey/realistic. I live in real life, I like my entertainment to be the impossible. >>;
  5. I don't own a TV, so I rarely watch anything TV series wise.

    But I'm guessing Monty Python counts as Comedy. We'll go with that.
  6. I picked drama, comedy and cartoons. Even though The Wire, which is a crime show, is my all time favorite show, I don't find your usual crime-show( a la CSI or Criminal Minds) any good. I find the characters to be horrendous. The interrogation scenes makes me chuckle and shake my head at the same time!

    My current favorite shows are Modern Family, Treme, Adventure Time, Game of Thrones and How I Met Your Mother. I like to think that covers pretty much all genres. ^__^;
  7. Dr. Who, Firefly, the new superhero cartoons Cartoon Network shows on Saturday mornings, Mythbusters, Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman, Destination Truth, Fact or Faked...(You know what? Let's just say I watch a lot of TV.)
  8. I love lots of shows.