A Shit Night in Fuckville

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    The symphony of the city, one that everyone has at least heard once before, filled the silver threaded ears of a girl as she walked down the cracked and grimy sidewalk that stretched far as she could see. The rackets and thuds of construction not too far away perfectly blended in with the noise from the passing cars, people talking, and an occasional police siren to create a mixture of sound that was either a normal or extremely annoying sound to people. Of course, the girl was used to this chaotic orchestra. After all this city had been her home since the very day she was born. Literally; the hospital she was born in was just a few blocks east of her.

    As for the girl herself, she appeared as what most would call average. Sure she did have ears like a wolf and a tail that reached about three feet in length, but that was considered the norm now. Monsters and other things thought to only exist in fiction now roamed the earth. Human-Hybrids however were the most accepted among humanity while some other races weren't so welcomed. Racism existed that was more focused on if you were human or not rather than the past way of your skin tone and homeland. Thankfully she was accepted, though in this town she had to be. After all she just so happened to be one of the people second in command of a notorious gang that ruled the streets.

    Despite being young, she had knowledge and a great skill of being sneaky. She also was considered a "Drowner", a person who corrupts others into the city's ways and makes them become one of the "Drowned." Hell, she was even headed towards one of the bases for the storage of the gang's slaves at the moment to go test out the new shipment of the slaves the lower gang members had either bought or captured by force.

    It only took her about a half hour to arrive at the base, mainly because of how she was walking quite slow. It was a fairly large warehouse just out side of the main city limits that had been abandoned for as long as she could remember. Who ever owned the land, if anyone, must've forgotten about the place and let it rot without anyone touching it. Cracks were noticeable along the concrete walls, weeds crawled out from under what remain of the apparent parking lot, and graffiti was all over the place with most of the drawings either being cuss words like "Shit" and "Fuck" or the gang's symbol to let other gangs know to fuck off the land. There were several windows that were boarded up with wooden planks, holes in the building that had either large sheets of concrete or more wooden planks covering them up, and two large doors that had the glass painted over with obsidian black paint. The blonde entered the building through one of the loading docks placed on a building in the back. Tall weeds and a cluster of small trees hid the entrance from the view of those that did not know about the building.

    Once inside, she was greeted quite kindly by a man only a year or two older than herself with skin as dark as chocolate. He pointed a gun at her, out of instinct, as fast as a bolt of lightning. However, he soon lowered the weapon and grinned widely at her.

    "Well look who finally showed their ass up," he said while opening his arms out for a man hug.

    Scourge hugged in the quick manor with a pat on the back before speaking, "Wanted to make sure things are safe you know. Anyway where's the fresh batch? Boss asked me to test a few out. Said one could prove interesting to me."

    "Yeah, yeah. They're out in the top room. One is a returning pet. You know. Sally"

    Placing the gun in the side of his pants, the man went back to his position by the loading dock. Scourge walked over to a rested bar ladder that lead up into a large room in the next floor up. Once up, she walked through a busted door that lead out into a hallway for the level. Graffiti covered the walls, maybe some blood, and bullet holes spotted the walls. She paced down to the last room that held the slaves.

    "Well, well, well. This batch should sell fast," she said while looking at the new group of slaves.

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  2. Ali would sit in her cage, bored as ever. "All this getting shipped around isn't doing me any good for my energy." She said, spaded tail flipping around before rubbing at the lips of her sex. She let out a cute little moan before pulling her tail back and licking her streaming juices off it. She would also pull a bead of precum off her cock and place it into her mouth, savoring the delicious flavor.
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  3. Scourge walked around the room with her icy eyes studying the slaves closely. She checked to see if they were healthy and in good shape by looking at their gums, teeth, ears, and other areas possible buyers would want to make sure that were clean. The human hybrid examined each slave at a fast rate until she finally got to one that rested within a large, dog-like cage. The slave was completely bare like the others, but unlike the rest she was fiddling with her own body. At one point she was even consuming the tiny drops of precum off her own cock, which interested Scourge a little.

    "Hmm.. Succubus I suppose?" she thought to herself while crouching down to look at the slave through the bars.

    "Well, someone's seems hungry," she said with a grin, "Succubus maybe?"
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  4. "Yeah, I'm a sub type of succubus. Normally though you'd call me an Omnibus, because of my extra assets. I'm also traditionally magic trained, so I might be able to 'enhance' a few paying customers if they leave a nice 'donation' for me, or even other slaves." Ali said, grabbing onto her throbbing shaft and pointing it for emphasis. As she did so a long strand of pre flew off the tip and onto the floor. She then let her long serpentine tongue roll out and flick sensuously in her direction.
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  5. "Omnibus, eh? Never done one before so you should be interesting, that is if you'll let me test you out before the market drowns you.." She said with sly grin.

    Scourge glanced at the demon's obvious rod as she pointed towards her. The string of precum that shoot out landed on the cold floor next to the blonde, but a small amount did land on her right hand. Without a word, the girl sniffed at the liquid for a second before licking it off with her warm tongue.

    "Not bad. Not bad. Though not as good as myself," she stated with a small chuckle.
  6. "I don't see why not, so how do you want to go about this?" Ali said, pressing her heart shaped rump against the door. She also rubbed at her erect cock while doing so, covering it in copious amounts of precum. She wiggled her ass back and forth over the bars, attempting to entice Scourge. "I have a nice cock, or my tail, or I can make some friends to help us. All you would have to do is let little old me out to get at you. I won't run away, succubi honor." She said, sticking her spaded tail through the bars.
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  7. Scourge felt her own figure begin to rise up within her dark ripped jeans. She tried to repress the feeling for the time being so they could go to the "experimentation" room two rooms up the hall with no trouble. The succubus' ass, however, was quite the eye candy for the human hybrid and made her inner wolf even more hungry.

    "Very open aren't we? Good. That's what the market likes as well as myself. Give me a sec and I'll let you out so we can go to another room."

    Quickly, Scourge locked the cage's door with one of the trillion keys she had to all of the cages, including the ones not used, and swung open the bar door open for the blue skinned demon. Scourge headed towards the door and signaled her to follow behind as she walked to the room not too far away. Of course once the two were out of the slave storage room, Scourge locked the door back so none of the others could escape while she left for "business" reasons.
  8. Ali followed behind obediently, tail swishing back and forth behind her as her cock bobbed back and form itch each step of her swinging gait. "I don't want to get sold, the whole reason I got caught was so I wouldn't be some dude's basement toy. I want to be one of those rental sluts, the kind that leave and come back whiter than a sheet? Oooooouw, makes me so wet." She shivered, just thinking about it make her drip even more down her legs. It landed on the floor with a wet dripping sound. Leaving a slight trail behind her as she walked. She was a horny little slut, even by succubus standards. If she wasn't being fucked day and night she quickly got bored and moved on.
  9. Scourge listened closely to the succubus despite having her drive crawling up her body slowly. Her long silver ears twitched at the other's voice and seemed to stand straight up when the juices of the succubus drip on to the floor of the worn down hallway.

    "If you impress me, then I could work something out with the boys to let you become that," she said with a wide grin.

    Scourge unlocked yet another door to a room unlike any other in the whole building aside from the gun storage and main hang out for the gang. The room was in good shape, no cracks were present, the floors had tiles that once would see in the bathroom of a fancy hotel room, and the walls were painted white will red designs al over. There were three sets of shelves that reached from the floor all the way to the top of the ceiling and were filled with sex toys of all kinds ranging from whips to anal beads. A bed with clean sheets was in the back corner while a long couch and sofa were near the front of it.

    "Now let's begin," she said while closing the solid wood door.
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  10. "What with? Wait, surprise me. Don't hold back, I'm built for the big boys." Ali would say, sitting down on the bed and laying backwards while holding her knees outwards. Her pussy and ass fully presented, and her dick standing at full attention and leaking pre all of her abdomen. Her cunt was soaked through, and her lubrication dripped down onto her asshole. Making it an appealing target as well as her pussy.
  11. Scourge didn't say anything after the demon asked her what they would start off with. Instead she pulled off the black jacket and shirt she wore along with her ripped jeans and tossed them away. She stripped everything off except her simple black bra and pair of white boxers with large black dots on them. A large bulge could be seen appeared as if her figure wanted to just rip itself out of its fabric prison. Scourge teased herself by keeping her boxers on and climbed up on to the bed. She looked at how wet the demon was; her sexual fluids leaking out like a river.

    "Dirty girl. Wet as an ocean even though there hasn't been any action yet. How about I dry you off, eh?" she said swiftly.

    The blonde moved her head in between the other's legs and began to lick up the juices that were pouring out with her warm yet slightly rough tongue.
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  12. Ali moaned as Scourge began to lap at her pussy lips. Being much more sensitive than a normal human, she could feel just about every taste bud on her tongue. It drove her wild, and her hips thrusted up to meet Scourge's lips. Her juices started really flowing, no doubt if she slept horny her entire bed would be soaked through.
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  13. Scourge chuckled at the moans that were coming out from the succubus and licked in to her even deeper. Her hands traveled up her legs and gripped hard on to her thighs so she could pull her in closer as she licked her inside folds. Her tongue explored every inch of her and went deep as it could possibly go. Scourge lifted Ali up half way off the bed and placed the succubus' legs on to her shoulders while her hands supported her weight by gripping hard on to her ass.

    She sucked at her folds for about a minute before pulling away to catch her breath for a quick second and then went back to lick the outside of Ali's entrance. Her rough tongue stroked at the lips and slowly worked their way inch by inch to the base of her cock where she nibbled teasingly. Scourge released one of her hands and gripped the other girl's hard staff while moving up and down on it as she pulled it towards her. The hungry wolf licked and swirled her tongue around the tip. Meanwhile the other hand squeezed Ali's ass with a strong grip.
  14. Ali's cock would be drooling out precum, leaving a delicious treat for Scourge. "O-oh ffffuck y-you're good." She would stammer, her eyes rolled back behind her eyelids. She would groan and buck her hips a few times against her hand and mouth. Ali's tail would flip around, before wrapping around Scourge's leg and rubbing along the length in her boxers. Both her pussy and ass started clenching unconsciously, showing Ali's lust.
  15. Scourge looked at Ali's face with a smirk. She moved the demon's staff away for a second, but continued to rub along its length.

    "This isn't anything. Just wait and you'll be really howling, my little slut~" she purred devilishly.

    The blonde's icy eyes drifted downwards as the spade shaped tail wrapped around her white leg. Although her hand were, well, occupied her silver furred tail intertwined with the other tail like a pair of serpents. Her tail was strong and that was proven by how it twisted tightly the slicker one. She even lifted an entrance into her boxers to allow the black, snake-like tail inside of the apparel

    "But I do supposed I could let you have a little fun..."

    After speaking, the hybrid shut herself up by licking up the tasty treat that dripped down the demon's cock. She licked up all that she could and then began to take in Ali's figure into her mouth.
  16. Ali's smooth spaded tail would wrap around Scourge's cock, sliding along its length. She pulled a hand up to her mouth and bit in her finger as Scourge started to devour her cock, a pained moan escaping her lips as her backed up lust was finally being sated. She wanted so badly to grab Scourge's head and choke her on her cock, but she retrained herself as she brought her hands down to run through Scourge's hair. Her cock twitching powerfully, Ali obviously suppressing an orgasm. "O-oh ffffuck I'm close. Tell me w-when." Ali panted, eyelids dully closed and tongue lolled out.
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  17. Scourge moved up to sit up on her knees to allow the tail further into her boxers. Unlike the other's cock, it was able to suppress anything wanting to leak out as the tail fiddled with it. She spread her legs open a small amount as the demon tail had its way with her. The blonde's ears twitched at the succubus' words.
    "Damn, already? She must've been shipped from a hell of a long way and really needs the life energy from someone or is just that much of a slut," the girl thought to herself.

    Scourge slid the demon's cock deeper into her mouth, ready for what was about to come her way. She wanted to see how well this supposed omnibus truelly tasted before shoving her own dick inside of horny slave's body.
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  18. Ali would scream and the floodgates opened. She must've had at least a pint worth in her right now, and it was all rushing up her fuckstick and right into Scourge's mouth. Her legs would spasm erratically as she bucked into her mouth, her entire body spamming with the force of the orgasm. Her vision would turn white with sparks of pleasure as both her pussy and cock exploded at the same time. Her tail would've started working double time, sliding up and down Scourge's member frantically. Ali would've started to practically glow with deep purple energy as this happened.

    Ali's seed tasted of sweet delectable honey, something she had made sure of with her own magic for as long as she could remember. She hoped she wouldn't drown Scourge, like the last lover she had.
  19. Scourge was definitely taken off guard. Never had before had she had that much come out and into her and she wasn't expecting no where near that much either. She felt the cum fill her throat up all the way to were the rest dripped out of her mouth. Her eyes widen and she pulled away as fast as lightning. She quickly swallowed all that she could (She couldn't gasp for air through the thickness) and choked for air for a moment. As hard it was to swallow the large amount in her throat, she did have to admit that it tasted wonderfully. It was like honey and most likely a trick of the succubus' sex magic. After a moment of gasping and swallowing, she was finally able to speak.

    "Dear god, no wonder you were already pouring out in your cage!" She choked out with surprise.

    Scourge lifted Ali's legs off of her shoulders and placed her gently back on to the bed. The demon's juices were still on her mouth and on the bed as well. The wolf wiped it off of her mouth with her hand, and licked what was on it off.

    Scourge looked at Ali with a grin, "Heh, my turn now bitch."

    She removed her boxers and threw them to the floor to expose her long staff. There was even a small tattoo near the base that was no bigger than a quarter. It was the gang's symbol with the words "Hölle" on top and "Engel" on the bottom.
  20. Ali just mutters something about handcuffs and lifts both her legs up behind her head. Her cock would've still been leaking spunk down onto her abdomen, and her pussy still covered in femcum. Her tail was still continuing it's work to keep Scourge hard as a rock, sometimes Ali really wished she could control her tail. It caused her more trouble than she needed. Both of her hands a went down to her cock, milking out the rest of the cum and pulling it up to her mouth. "Don't be afraid to come in, I'm not in heat, yet." Ali said, she knew when a succubus went into heat they normally found the nearest male and fucked them half to death.
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