A Ship Is Safe In A Harbor But That Is Not What Ships Are For.

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  1. Pardon the lack of effort put into this thread, I promise to adorn it with cocaine, gold, and cookies to make it more appealing to everyone. For the meantime it serves as a place holder.

    What I enjoy in RP is the development of the characters, human emotions, suspense, romance and action.

    I think that pairings need some sorta twist to make them cool, very few are 'interesting' enough on their own to hold an RP. BUT, for the sake of simplicity here is my list.

    Corsair x Admiral
    Space pirates are drafted to assist the military in the invasion of a planet.

    Captain x 'Advisor'
    After a revolution, a captain is assigned an 'advisor' to ensure he/she adheres to political correctness.

    Masked Troublemaker x Grunt
    An organization is trying to overturn a dystopian government that controls a city, the leader of the movement wears a mask at all times, some of his underlings have problems trusting him.

    Healer x 'Monster'
    A wandering healer comes across a man cursed into something that makes physical interactions harmful.

    Leader x Demon?
    A person (man or woman) devotes his/her life to a mission but has little resources, this catches the attention of a Demon who offers to give him/her the power needed to fulfil the mission.

    I have many more ideas but not all of them convert into 'pairings' very well, I will add more as I figure out how to.
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  2. I will do healer x monster with you ^-^
  3. Hmm. I am interested in your sci-fi idea. Do you have a plot or would we be brainstorming?
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