A Shift Between Worlds

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  1. Orience, Ylisse, and more. This will be an RP done by PM-Invite. The First world to be utilized will be Orience, hailing from the Final Fantasy Type-0 HD title for PS4. As Such, as the resident player that knows most about FFT0HD, I, @FireDrake150 Will be operating Orience and it's NPC's.

    @york Will control Queen Thorn, (Forget what she is from) and her world, once we arrive there, and

    @The Silver Paladin Ylissetol, from Fire Emblem Awakening and his version of Robin and events / relations.

    So, without further adu, Let's get started.


    Country Key:
    Red: Dominion of Rubrum (Vermilion Bird / Phoenix: Magic)
    White: Millitesi Empire (White Tiger: Soldiers, Guns, Etc)
    Blue: Kingdom of Concordia (Azure Dragon: beastmasters)
    Brown: Lorican Alliance. (Black Tortoise: Basically, Tanks. 'Sturdy Shield and a well guarded blade')

    Lorica, Rubrum, Millites, Concordia. 4 Crystal states of Orience. The Characters will find themselves somewhere within one of these states. As the Annals of History State:

    Since the dawn of eternity, four lights of hope have shone upon the world.
    Men flock to these lights, around which they build four peristylia.
    Each peristylium becomes their faith and society, the path upon which they are set.

    The Vermilion Bird—wings of fire to lift the heart.
    The White Tiger—steely arms by which to seize knowledge.
    The Azure Dragon—unclouded eyes that see all beneath the sky.
    The Black Tortoise—a rigid shield and a well-guarded blade.

    But when nine and nine meets nine,
    Tempus Finis shall be willed upon them.
    For without the Agito, their world—called Orience–
    must persist in its spiral.
    In the land of Orience, it is said that "when Tempus Finis arrives, the crystal will guide Agito, those who will balance the world."
    Many interpret this as "saviors, called Agito, will emerge when the catastrophe, referred to as Finis, befalls this world.
    —The Lore of Orience
    Flags of the Crystal-States (open)

    Dominion of Rubrum (open)


    Millitesi Empire (open)


    Kingdom of Concordia (open)


    Lorican Alliance (open)


    Other aspects of note:

    People from any of the 4 crystal states of Orience DO NOT REMEMBER the Dead. This is due to the Crystals removing said memories, so each character gets a 'Knowing tag' or, a Dogtag with their name and country on them. When they go out on missions, they leave their knowing tags behind, that way if no one returns to pick it up they're proven to have died for their country, and get a spot on a tombstone in a graveyard to be honoured.

    l'Cie: Unlike the FFXIII counterparts, l'Cie are revered. they serve the crystals, they hear the chrystals and obey, thus making them like messengers from god, in a way. l'Cie DO NOT AGE, and can live forever if they obey the crystal they serve, in essence making them almost immortal (Though they can still be killed.)

    Tempus Finis: Basically, the end of the world.
    Agito: Basically "Hero" or "Saviour"

    Anything else I might be forgetting will be added on soon.
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  2. Robin groaned. He fluttered his eyes open. "Damn. Not this again!" He groaned, and pushed himself up. "Why do I always wake up in fields? Seriously. It's becoming a habit of mine!" He said to no one. He stood up, and brushed off his robe. "Now, where am I?" He said to himself rubbing his eyes to get a clearer view.

    @FireDrake150 @york
  3. Thorn Harvestar
    @FireDrake150 @The Silver Paladin

    Thorn groaned from who knows where, blinking a few times, her vision slowly returned to her, and, she felt a sense of deja-vu wash over her, yet again, she wasn't sure where exactly she was... But, it certainly wasn't the Kingdom of Atheia, nor the Valley, though the area she was in resembled it. "Wha? What happened..." She mumbled, sounding a bit woozy.

  4. Robin ran over to Thorn. "Thorn? What are you doing here? Shouldn't we all have gone back to our worlds? And where are for that matter? It doesn't look like Ylisse." He knelt down. "Do you need some help up?"

  5. As the Two were getting their bearings, a familiar Cadet starts walking over to them, smiling softly, as if they were a part of Class-0 themselves. However, this Agito Cadet was not alone, and in fact, riding along with him on what appear to be GIANT Chickens, would be 13 others.



    Not one of the 14 approaching Teens seems the least bit tasked, some bickering amongst themselves, Trey even falling off of his Chocobo. Well, Fell, was pushed, Really whats the difference? The 14 cadets ride up to the two, Ace smiling as he Dismounts. "When 9 and 9 meet 9, The Depths of Reason Shall Stir. When the Seal of creation is broken, Old Friends From other worlds shall be found, and Thou Shalt know, This is Rubrum." He smiles, holding his hand out to them to assist them in their endeavor to stand back up. "Thorn, Robin, How are you?"

    @york @The Silver Paladin
  6. Robin held his head. "Oh, gods, where are we, Ace? And aren't we lucky you came riding up when you did." He rubbed his head. He still wasn't seeing clearly. "A-are you riding chicken?" He blinked a few times.

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  7. Ace Nods, Holding out a potion to him. "Well, in this world its Called A Chocobo, but I suppose it is related to the chicken in some ways, yes." He smiles at the question on where They are. "Well, Right now we're in the plains of Rubrum. You Two somehow wound up in Orience, My world. Funny how that works."

    @The Silver Paladin @york
  8. Thorn Harvestar
    @FireDrake150 @The Silver Paladin

    Thorn couldn't help but laugh a little, waving back "Giant chickens huh... The people of the valley would sure be jealous... Or at least the ones in Barrelhaven." she said, despite sounding like she was joking, she was being serious. Though, it was unclear why at the moment, perhaps there were a few things she had yet to mention about the way she had been living her life as a child....​
  9. Robin looked at Thorn, and then at Ace and his team. "Yeah... Funny how that works. They kind of remind me of Griffons. People ride them into battle." He straightened his cloak, and brushed grass off of it. "Still, was it coincidence you guys were riding through here? Or coordination?"
  10. Ace Smiles. "We don't have any orders at the moment, so we're free to wander around our territory, see our cities, and the like. Maybe We should get back to Akademia though and talk there, rather then in a Field."

    Nine waves to the others and Smiles. "Hey, Is it wise to let these Strangers into Akademia, Yo? They could be Millitesi Spies, Hey!" Ace Facepalms and shakes his head. "No, I know them, they're not spies."

    Queen looks at them and nods, adjusting her glasses. "I agree with Ace. Matters of such Import would be best discussed in the Safety of Akademia."

    The cadets all offer the two Chocobos to ride, and smile.

    @york @The Silver Paladin
  11. Thorn Harvestar
    @FireDrake150 @The Silver Paladin

    Thorn nodded "I suppose that's fine with me..." she said, putting a hand on her chin when she was offered a chicken... Thing to ride, she hopped onboard, looking it over; it more or less resembled a really overgrown chicken; one could only imagine the size of eggs it might produce. Since she had known the residents of Barrelhaven for using eggs for currency, one of these could certainly make a difference in that place's economy, though, she had no desire to bring one back home... It would cause quite the ruckus to say the least, but, at the same time, these giant chickens seemed to be pretty well tempered, and quite easy to get the hang of when riding them...​
  12. Robin climbed onto the chicken. "We could use these in Ylisse." He patted the chicken thing. "Alright then. If we're all set, lets go."
  13. Several of Class Zero look to Ace as he chuckles a little bit. "Maybe We can do something about that at some point. Off to Akademia." They all start heading to the Bridge, And what would almost appear to be a city in an island would be visible on the other side of the bridge, That must be the Akademia that the cadets were talking about.
  14. Thorn Harvestar
    @FireDrake150 @The Silver Paladin

    Thorn appeared to be looking around quite alot; it seemed that this Kingdom kind of reminded her of Atheia, though, she noticed a distinct lack of Veni-yan-cari soldiers wandering about. Perhaps here, they had a different way of fighting? She took out that card that Ace had given her, tilting her head a little; it seemed to represent just one of their fighting methods.... And was still razor sharp.​
  15. Once they Cross the bridge, they'd Dismount and enter a building, the Chocobos magically getting taken back to the nearby Chocobo ranch for safe keeping while the cadets walk up to what appears to be roped off doors on the other sides of magical Turnstyles, Almost like those youd find in a modern day subway line.

    after the cadets make their way through, All Except for Ace that is, as he Waits for the two others to walk up to them and then he allows them through, due to the Secure nature of the barriers. The cadets start to walk for the exit on the other side, And once through, You'd once again find yourselves outside, but within Akademia's Courtyard.


    Ace Smiles, as he points out several of the locations. "In the Building in front, There are the classrooms and a various other rooms. To the left, The Sparring arena if we were to spar or train. To your Right, the airship landing, as nearly useless as the ships are without more territory belonging to us at the moment." At this point, Queen adjusts her glasses again, before looking at the others. "I would suggest heading for Classroom Zero to attemt to figure out what exactly happened to...Sorry....I seem to be at a loss for your names...."

    Would that they were to agree and head for Classroom Zero, they would head inside the building infront of them. If they Headed to the Sparring arena, then they'd head down the path to their left, and if they were to head to the airshil landing, then they'd need to head down the path to their right. If anything, however, From Ace's Description of Orience from long enough ago, prior to his 'Death' it so far doesn't seem like a world at war, or undergoing too severe of losses for the moment, save the unusually low amout of Rubrum territory they have left at the current point in time.

    Nine, Who had been fairly quiet during this interchange, Pipes up. "Hey, I am kinda interested in Sparring with these New guys, yo."

    It seems that you indeed have a choice of three locales at the moment.

    @york @The Silver Paladin
  16. Robin shrugged. "Sure, I'll head to Classroom 0, and then Spar. I just want to see if you guys have any Magic tomes I might be familiar with as well." Robin looked around. "Kind of reminds me of Ylisstol... Only smaller." He looked up. "This is amazing."

  17. Thorn Harvestar
    @The Silver Paladin @FireDrake150

    Thorn seemed to consider this for a moment, then nodded "I'll spar too... After I visit the classroom." she said, it seemed she was rather casual about her response... She figured she might as well learn how the people here fight; it could come in handy back in the Valley, if another war started, changing things up a little might prove to be quite beneficial to achieving another victory. Who knows what the rat creatures or Pawans might have planned next time? Though, with any luck, that time wouldn't come for ages yet.​
  18. All of the cadets smile and head around the fountain in the center of the courtyard. Once inside the building, you are graced with quite the spectacle of workmanship, as evidenced by, THIS HERE PICTURE!!!

    The Rug-like thing that goes to the left is where you enter the building.)

    Heading to the left hand door, They enter a hallway, and then, after heading through the doorway at the end of the short hallway, they would infact enter Classroom Zero.

    (Ignore the text)


    Once inside, the Cadets nod to Kurasame, who was on his way back to Command HQ, but he pauses for a minute to talk to the Two new guys.

    Hello. Welcome to Akademia. I take it that Class Zero is aquainted with you?" He seems to be referring to the entirity of the 14 cadets the two were with at the moment.

    @york @The Silver Paladin

    (Sorry, needed PC to add in the images.)
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