A Series of Unusual Events

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  1. She hadn't meant to look her prey in the eye. In all honesty, she was just going to shoot it then use her sword to get a clean stab. The job was going to be an easy one, just a routine kill the dragon get the reward. Those jobs always went smoothly. Besides, it seemed that the dragons always came to a sort of understanding with her. It was either she kill it or it kill her. The dark haired woman would be damned if she would just lie down and die in front of one of her kills.

    Kacela took a ragged breath, keeping her hand on her bow. Something was pulsing through her veins. Her brown eyes searched the eyes of the dragon in front of her. They held a depth the woman didn't want to even try to touch. She just had to stab it. Its heart was right there. Just a single stab... She just needed to inch a bit forward... Her arm refused to work. Everything felt frozen. Kacela couldn't move. She was going to die.

    The sun beat down on the two as the air felt saturated with heat. The dust had settled. Rocks jabbed up around the two, making the perfect settlement for a dragon. Nothing dared get close to the two. It seemed as if the whole world understood just how important this interaction was. The air seemed to wait for one of the two to make the first move.
  2. Spitfyre looked at the human in front of him, half frozen with fear and half curious. In all honesty, he had been rather stupid, as he flew too low, the human had seen him.

    But as he looked into her eyes, his heart sang out to him. "Its her! Our other half!"

    Crouching low, As pitfyre wiggled closer, belly scraping the cracked Earth. He dnuffled, sending a small cloud of dust into the air. He kept his eyes on hers until his snout was barely touching her mid-section.
  3. The dragon was practically touching her. It was going to hurt her! Her panicked mind screamed at her as she reached out a hand. What was she doing? What in the name of Lord almighty was she doing? Gently, Kacela set her hand on the dragon's snout. This was insane. "I'm going crazy." The young woman laughed. No matter how much she tried, she simply couldn't raise her bow or take out an arrow. "You're going to eat me, and here I am, petting you..." The woman hesitantly rubbed her hand up and down the scaled snout. Perhaps she was suffering from sun stroke, and in reality she was just lying down on the ground somewhere. However, the smooth scales felt too real. A nervous laugh bubbled out of Kacela's chest.
  4. He rolled his eyes, did she not understand how important this is? They were bonded! He pushed his snout more firmly into her hand. As she stroked his fiery red scales, a feline-like purr started up deep in his throat. His bright blue eyes glowed and drooped slightly. Almost uncounciosly his tail curled around his feet as he crouched near the huntress.
    He snorted again, desert dry air blowing around Kacela's body. Spitfyre liked this one. First, they were bonded. And she smelled nice. She also, clearly knew how to handle herself, unlike those females his broodmates had gotten stuck with. He smiled.
  5. "You're purring..." Kacela laughed, a bit unnerved by this whole process. "You're purring like a cat when in reality you could probably just kill me in one second!" The young eastern woman continued to rub the fiery red scales, marveled at how smooth they were. "What's next, you're going to talk?" That felt like she was jinxing it, but the huntress couldn't find it in herself to care. This creature was purring and that was unintentionally relaxing her. The world was going topsy-turvy, the woman knew it. What would the other hunters say when they saw her petting a freaking dragon! It was insane, absolutely insane. However, at that moment, Kacela just couldn't find it in herself to care.
  6. Spitfyre huffed once more. Then he turned and curled his tail around her. He gently nudged her so she would follow him. In his cave, at the bottom of his horde, he had a book. The book had all the information one could need about soul bonds. It was an extremely rare and he hooed his human woukd read it and understand. In his cavern, he blew a small plume of fire toward the torches that encircled his large room. He smiled excitedly at the girl, wondering if she liked it. He really was like a puppy, hoping to please their master. Spitfyre crooned at her, a sweet rimbling sound that bounced arpund tge cavern.
  7. Kacela gasped as she was nudged toward the dragon. He led her to a cavern, lighting up torches that shouldn't have been there. Like most dragons he had a horde of treasures, but what interested her the mosta was the book at the bottom. Just what did a dragon, the mindless killers humanity had described them as, need with a book. Throwing a glance toward the smiling dragon, the huntress grabbed the book. Brushing off the dust that had settled on the cover, Kacela raised an eyebrow at the title. "Soul Bonds: The dragon and its rider? Is that what this whole situation is?" She turned to the red beast before sitting down and paging through the book, skimming through the pages to try and find out just what this meant. "Well... well shit." The woman laughed, running a hand through her pixie cut hair. "I sort of killed dozens of your kind..." Most of which had attacked her first, her mind reminded her. But besides that, she made a living off of hunting dragons. How in the hell had she ended up bonded to one?
  8. Spitfyre lsid down next to her, closing his eyes. He crooned when she asked if they were bonded, blue eyes locking on hers. He svotted closer, engulfing her in his heat. He rested his big head in front of her, watching through droopy eyes. He flinched when she said she had killed his people, fear flashing across his eyes briefly. Spitfyre rested the top of his snout in her lap, almost whining to be petted.
  9. Kacela sighed before petting the dragon. "I won't hurt you big guy... Though I don't even know your name. There has to be some way for you to tell me..." She used her other hand to try and search through the book for a way for the dragon to tell her his name. "I feel like I'm way too accepting of this..." The huntress continued, not wanting silence to fall back around her. "I mean, I'm still expecting you to eat me or kill me or something! This is the first time a dragon hasn't tried to attack me either on sight or after I tried to take a shot at it." She scratched at the scales as if the beast was a cat. "Do you think there are others who are bonded to dragons? I wonder where they went. I don't really see anyone riding around on dragons anymore."
  10. Spitfyer took the tip of his tail and wrote his name in the sand. He yawned widely, tounge rolling out before pushing his snout more firmly into her hand, to be scratched. Using his tail again, he wrote 'full soul bond. Look eyes' he turned his eyes up to her, waiting so they could establish the telepathic link.
  11. Kacela was a bit startled when the dragon yawned, blinking before looking at the writing in the dirt. Scratching the dragon's muzzle, she raised an eyebrow. "Spitfyre... I guess that fits." She hoped that he didn't live up to that name if they got to a more wooded area. She looked over at him into his blue eyes. They held so much more depth than any of the other dragons she had ever faced. It felt strange, befriending the dragon so easily. It shouldn't have been possible. But the beast relaxed her, so she supposed it was okay to trust him easily. The girl nearly laughed. Those would probably be her last words. She stared into Spitfyre's eyes, waiting for something to happen.
  12. Spitfyer sent her a thought. 'Hello my human.' He grinned at his tail thumped happily as he waited for her response. His spine scales flattened down as he curled arpund her. He was over the moon that he had a human. He intended to protect her with his life.
  13. "Oh Jesus!" The human gasped, jumping from shock. The fright gave way to embarrassment as Kacela realized that the dragon was just talking to her. "Telepathy. Should have expected that, I guess." She went back to scratching the dragon's snout. The mindless action was quite soothing, allowing for her to relax. 'So I can just talk to you like this?' The human thought, trying to send it through to the dragon. She shook her head. "I think I prefer just talking with my mouth. You can call me Kacela, by the way. It's nice to meet you, Spitfyre."
  14. The young dragon came a deep, rumbling laugh when she jerked back in surprise. "Do not try to 'send' it to me. Just think it and I will hear it. May I call you Kacey?" He asked, eyes closing as his tiring day caught up to him.
  15. Kacela chuckled. "You can call me whatever you want... Just... this feels so wrong." The young woman looked up at the cave. "I feel like I'm going to wake up, and it turns out I was just dehydrated." She was supposed to get back today. If she didn't then they would send the others to try and take Spitfyre as their own bounty. "Look, I gotta get going." She stood up, stepping over the dragon as she started out of the cave. "It's nice to meet you and all, but if I don't get back with something that says I did my job then others will try and kill you themselves. I'll come back! I just have to..." What was she going to do? She couldn't go back to killing dragons after this. She could try just hunting normal animals, but that didn't hold the same thrill. How is it that this one dragon managed to turn her world upside down?
  16. Spitfyre looked sorrowfully at her. He didn't want her to leave. Taking a deep breath, he twisted his head to his back. Using his teeth, he ripped out five red scales. Blood welled up from the wound, sliding down his side. He grunted in psin and dropped the scales in front of her. "Take them. It should be okay with the other hunters now." He thought, sounding pained. He laid down shaky and weak looking.
  17. The sound of tearing scales ripped through Kacela's being. She ran toward the dragon, a hurt panging through her chest. It felt way too real for her comfort. "Whoa, whoa, whoa! You didn't have to do that! I could just kill a dragon snake or something!" She pulled out bandages she always kept on her, searching for a salve to help the dragon. "Shit, where did I put it?" It was in a simple jar, there was no way she could lose it so easily. "Damn it, damn it, why can't I find it?!" The young woman felt like she was panicking. Her heart was beating faster at each glance she took toward the wound. "There's snakes with scales that are indistinguishable from some dragons... You didn't have to do this, you idiot!" She felt angry at the dragon, wondering why in the hell it would hurt itself, and in turn her, just to give her some scales! Finally she found the jar, tearing it open and dipping her hand into the herbal salve. She started to spread it across the wound, shaking. "You stupid beast! There were so many other options!" She seethed, though most of her anger grew out of worry.
  18. Spitfyre was panting now, that had taken more energy and magic than he had thought. Of course he knew about dragon snakes he just wanted to be extra sure. He watched her through pain filled eyes as she applied the slave. "I...apologize..." he said, gasping.
    Tearing out his own scales had drained him. It had depelted some of his magical core. Unless he could get to the home valley, his wound would fester and the scales would never grow back.
  19. The salve wasn't helping. Why wasn't it helping?! Panic and fear were running rampant through her mind. "Shit, how do I make this better? How do I help you?" She practically demanded, glaring at the wound. She certainly couldn't drag the dragon anywhere, nor could she try and get someone to help her. She felt useless. Completely and utterly useless.
  20. Spitfyre closed his eyes and his head dropped heavily onto the ground. "I need to get to the home valley. That is the only way to heal me." He moaned. "Go outside. Call for my sister. Her name is Lazulis." He nodded at the entrance to his cave.