A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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  1. Miss Eva Baudelaire,

    Our Dearest Eva,
    You, like the rest of us, will sometimes believe that the world is a terrible place, full of mishap and mayhem. We will tell you: That is not true. There are people out there who start the fires, and then there are those individuals who put those fires out. There is much more good, than bad.
    One day, we'll tell you of the adventures we have faced, and the apprehension of ill-doers, how wondrous and kind nature will never cease to stamp out what is wrong. How bright the world is. But, every family has its secrets, you must wait until you are old enough...we hope that you never read this letter, and that we can explain ourselves.
    What can seem like a series of unfortunate events may merely be a hidden blessing, covered in disguise. Or, the first steps of a journey.
    We know, that no matter what befalls us, people will take care of you, and as long as you remember us, you are home. Life isn't naturally perfect...you make it so yourself.
    We'll always love you. Never forget that.

    Forever—Mum & Dad. XXX

    Concealed in the letter...was a shining, vibrant gold, spyglass.


    Isabella Baudelaire, or 'Isa', had been forced to write the letter above reluctantly, on a very warm summer's evening, just after her seventeenth birthday. Addressed to her only daughter, Eva, who was currently unable to even understand the meaning of a letter. Eva was only three months old, and was in such an infant stage that all she seemed to do was cry at an alarming volume, or tug at one's hair. Isa meant it fully when she stated that 'We hope you never read this letter', as if her child gained the chance; it would mean that she and her husband were dead, and had perished in strange circumstances.
    Isa had come from Lake Lachrymose, meeting him after his new Guardian had died. Isa had been reading in the library, until Eva had begun to wail loudly.
  2. As soon as Klaus heard his daughter wailing, he was up like a bolt and hurrying through the door which joined his and Isa's room to Eva's nursery. He lifted her up, close to his chest, and as soon as she was satisfied that this was her father, the baby girl quietened down, and nuzzled into his neck.

    "Ssh, there baby girl..." He murmured, carrying her downstairs into the library. "Good girl..." He glanced up at Isa, and smiled warmly, flashing her a grin.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.