A Seraph to Serve You

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Anything and everything. I love them all in style but I am always a fantasy lover.
When you fall from a high place it's liberating and terrifying isn't it? What happens when you land through? If you're a human...you die. If you're a demon that means you're falling into a lower level of Hell. If you're an angel though...your wings break, turn black, and drag behind you, growing heavy. Now angels are designed for only one purpose, to serve their lord, they can't handle it or cope well when they have no one to serve, as a result they easily kneel before others; human and demon alike; since demons tend to walk among humans; and they kneel to them for one reason, they need someone to serve. Once they've healed they're able to fly and fight, as a result they are used for all kinds of entertainment, no matter how awful.

Alexandria is one of these fallen angels, but she is very different, she is a Seraph, an angel with six wings and more abilities than a normal angel. She is a rarity and is much more expensive than anyone can afford. She is simply under the care of a brothel owned right now but is kept far hidden out of sight...because three of her wings are black while the other three are colored with rainbow feathers. She is going insane keeping away from someone to serve though and one day flies to an angel fighting arena...where she meets you.

You are a person who keeps an eye on the angel fights. Question is...are you someone who wants to free the angels of their shackles, a creepy pervert who just wants to corrupt an angel, or are you interested in having an angel to participate in these fights for you...after all winning these fights nets you big money and fame to go with it, all the best owners are famous. That's your choice.

Okay with that outta the way, I'm up for playing this any way, you pick how you want to be, I've got several ideas for how it can go in all scenarios. PM me if you're interested!
Not open for further replies.