A Sequel to The Dark Knight Rises?

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    A Dark Knight Rises Sequel?!? [LINK]

    So I came across this website (and above-linked article) and it got me thinking...

    Okay, the finale of The Dark Knight Rises seems rather conclusive. Bruce Wayne fakes The Batman's death, and honestly, who gives a crap about Wayne at this point? He's considered dead, and before his death, he only had an estate to give away-- which... was. We see him in the end at that little cafe in France, enjoying time away and his retirement with Selina, yadda-yadda.

    But what about... Years later?

    We've seen this story. The Dark Knight Returns, one of the greatest comics ever written, was about this. Bruce Wayne has retired his cape, but Gotham has fallen again, and the man just cannot stand idly by. So, as an old guy that's falling apart, he re-dons the cape to once again save Gotham!

    It's not a far-fetched story by far, and while similar to Rises (an older, injury-ridden Wayne taking up the cape after years away), I wouldn't mind seeing a much older Wayne coming back. I'm talking, grey-haired, wrinkled, and walking with an obvious limp. Someone who's borderline haggard, but so totally pissed that it drives him into that badass Batman Begins/Dark Knight Batman (Rises was... Well, that's another discussion). Perhaps Blake, as Batman, dies or is broken by The Villain, and no one else can begin to fill the role. Thus... The Return.

    Thoughts? :D
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  2. I loved the Dark Knight, I'd be all for this movie! :3
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  3. Damn straight!!

    And I know Ben Affleck is supposed to be playing the old, grizzled, hardened Batman I'm describing above for the new DCCU that's trying to be established, but... I want to see a return to the Nolanverse. It was just so good. I'd like to see Bale a bit bigger again with Old Man Strength, with Old Man Makeup... It'd be too cool. TOO COOL.
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  4. Maybe Robin would make an appearance in it as well. I'm not a big DC fan, other than the Batman movies and games.

    But I'd watch it in theaters. It can't be any more of a letdown than the Civil War will be.
  5. No thanks, it's fine as it is. DC is starting to find their own style after all these years, Batman has his own place in their plan now, this wouldn't fit.
  6. I don't know. It's cool and all, but would it really go well together with all this new stuff they're planning? Moviewise.
  7. Oh, definitely. This movie will never, EVER get made.

    But considering what I'm seeing?

    I'd rather see this than that.
  8. That poster looks so fake an approproate demeaning metaphor eludes me.
  9. It's as fake as Andy Kauffman's Funeral.
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