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  1. Psychics. Men and women blessed with the powers of the cosmos. They have the power to shape the world, and change the fate of all. The psychics are divided into various sects, classified by the type of abilities the possess. Some are accepted, some are ostracized, all are feared.

    Aranohana is a small village in the land of Sokai. Very poor and isolated, it was the last place the Emperor would expect to find the last hope for his people. However, his seer had never been incorrect before, but, her words were always so cryptic. In a last ditch effort to appease his people and show them that their future still had hope, he sent a small group of these "psychics", on a journey to find this last hope. These brave souls would be promised a single boon from the emperor upon returning successful, and would become legends to the people of Sokai.

    This story revolves around the small group of psychics sent on this quest, whom must face many dangers while answering the riddle of the seer in order to ensure the future of Sokai. Upon discovering the answer, they are to return to the capitol, to receive their just rewards.

    Sects I may add more later. By the way, you MAY create your own personal sect, but, it must be approved by me first.
    • Pyro

      Pyros are psychics that have the ability to manipulate and create fire. As a novice, a pyro is capable of manipulating any fire that is present in the environment, while also being able to generate heat from their body for various purposes. An adept pyro is able to create fire from their body, usually through their hands or feet. The heat their body can generate is enough to cause first degree burns. A master pyro is able to create fire from their entire body, and is even able to breathe jets of flame like the dragons of old. Flames from a master can cause third degree burns, and prolonged exposure can lead to incineration.
    • Hydro

      Hydros are psychics that have the ability to manipulate and create water. As a novice, a hydro is capable of manipulating water on a smaller scale from a moderate source of water, such as a puddle or larger. An adept hydro is able to manipulate water on a larger scale, while also being able to draw water from other sources. A master hydro is capable of manipulating large volumes of water at once, while also being able to draw water from virtually any source. Additionally, a master hydro can pull water from the very air around them, converting the vapor in the air into it's liquid state.
    • Terra

      Terra are psychics that have the ability to manipulate earth. As a novice, a terra is able to manipulate small amounts of earth within about 15 meters and trigger small tremors. An adept terra is able to manipulate moderate amounts of earth, trigger more severe tremors, and convert sand into rock and vice-verse. Limit of 30 meters. A master terra can manipulate large amounts of earth, trigger earthquakes of varying severity, and convert any form of earth into other forms, such as rock to sand, sand to dirt, etc... Additionally, a master terra can manipulate minerals, even rarer ones like diamond.
    • Shifter

      Shifters are psychics that at the peak of the full moon shift in an animal form. A novice shifter is guaranteed to shift during the full moon. This change occurs against the will of the shifter, and can occur at any time during the night, but is guaranteed to occur if the shifter is in direct moonlight. A novice shifts only into a full animal form. An adept still shifts only during the full moon, but can shift into either a full animal form or a hybrid form. A master shifter can shift at any time, assuming either a full animal form or a hybrid form. Additionally, both forms are substantially stronger than before, granting them superhuman strength and agility, as well as great regenerative abilities.
    • Mender

      Menders are psychics with the ability to heal themselves and others. A novice can treat light to moderate wounds of themselves and others, although healing tends to take a fair amount of time, and as such, cannot often be done during fights. An adept is capable of treating most wounds, even severe wounds. A minor wound can be healed in seconds, a moderate wound in minutes, and a severe wound can take a matter of hours depending on severity. Adepts can heal prevent fatalities from some injuries, and can create antidotes from their blood for most toxins and even some diseases. A Master mender is capable of treating nearly any wound in a matter of minutes, even stopping potentially fatal injuries in a short span of time. Additionally, they can create the same antidotes as adepts, but can also affect many natural ailments. For example, a master mender is able to slow down the aging process in themselves, allowing them to live far longer than even other psychics.

      Custom SectsYou can create your own sect (abilities) for your character. They must be approved by me first, however. Bear in mind that if I like it, I may give NPC's a similar ability. It is extremely rare in this world for any power to belong to a single person.
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  2. Well, I may be a bit of a newbie at this, but I do express interest in the entire psychic thing, dividing the psychics into different sects would make it a little easier to get my character in here somehow >.<
  3. There we go. Hopefully that's a bit better.
  4. alright o-o I'll see what I can do. Hmm, would there be a way to manipulate energy itself? In a way where it can be modified into many useful things, but perhaps there may need to be drawbacks too, just to stop it from being too OP XS, but none of the current ones seem to fit just quite yet, sorry for being a bit picky X_X
  5. I am thinking about making a sect that can create constructs of energy. It would of course have it's share of drawbacks though. For example, the levels would determine it's hardness, how much it can handle, how versatile it is, etc... You wouldn't say, be able to fire beams of energy or anything, though. How's that sound?
  6. Sure, XD pretty much what I had in mind, It'll work quite well! Quick question; as much as you aren't able to fire beams of energy, what are the limits to the "projectiles" that might be able to be constructed temporarily, and would it be possible to channel the power through a weapon or something?
  7. I would think that lower levels could coat an object in energy, instead of constructing it. As far as projectiles, it'd be easy to create a throwing weapon and use it. The construct would likely fade after a short time, but, it'd make sense for it to be able to remain for a short time.
  8. Added two more sects.
  9. Yay! Any ETA on the final one, and perhaps a character sheet? >.< *gets overly anticipated*
  10. Within the next couple hours or so. Gotta get the computer. Haha
  11. Should be too long :D Can't wait!
  12. Added the final starter sect. I am intending on putting up a sheet shortly.
  13. Hmmm, one last question. Would there be a way to balance out and achieve a combo of certain sects with the addition of a few custom abilities? I may need a little help with balancing it all, but I'm kinda curious o-o
  14. Actually yes! I was going to include that in the CS. In this concept, characters can learn from the various sects, creating their own unique combination of abilities. However, there will be limitations. You can only achieve master level of at MOST two sects. Additionally, you can only start with at most three ranks. Which means you can have an adept and a novice, a single master, or three novices. As the story/ies progress, characters will be allowed to learn more and grow.

    Custom sects will be ruled a little differently though. Is this making sense so far? Other questions?
  15. Yeah, I think that should suffice, as for the custom sects, I guess we need a few boundaries XS
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