A Secret World and Forgotten Memories(Angelus and Chungkee_pandita)

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  1. The bass from the music was making his table vibrate as a man with straight black hair cut medium length drank a beer. He seemed to be wait on someone. Unlike the rest of the club, he was dressed simply and fairly conservative in a black graphic tee, dark blue jeans and a pair of high tops. The shirt fit his lean body well. Usually, he despised this kind of places, but he needed a public place to meet his contact. His brown eyes scanned the crowd and shook his head.

    The place seemed to filled with humans, but the man knew better. They were creatures that were from human in the club but currently appeared human. He watched a succubus was trying to seduce a human male. The man could care less as long as the male was willing and ends up staying alive at the end of the day. "Where is Hunter?" the man grumbled under his breath. As if summoned, a male wearing a black collar shirt with a wolf on the back, ripped jeans and a pair of combat boots appeared in the empty chair.

    "About time, Hunter. You know I hate places like this," the man glared at the male across the table.

    "I know, Eddie but I had to check my sources especially for you." Hunter smiled as smile that would make girls weak at the knees. It only caused Eddie to glower at him more. "Here, you go," Hunter handed a scrap piece of paper to Eddie. "She should be open for a few more hours." Hunter then got up and disappeared into the dance floor.

    Eddie finished his beer and got up as he began to head to the nearest exit. Once outside the club, Eddie read the name on the paper. Karin. Her address was written below her name. It was not far from where he was. Eddie smiled and began to walk.
  2. *Only a while longer. She only had to bear with it a while longer. She stepped away from the customers view. But this late at night, they weren't so much customers but rather the drunks that were left behind. It was a quite family restaurant, but after a certain hour the families, the customers, would no longer come. And only the bar section was left open. It was not her responsibility, since her duties where only that of a waitress. Due to the lack of employees for the day, she was left to attend the alcohol.*

    *She was still in uniform. Simple black slacks and a white button up blouse, neatly tucked in. Her hair was tidily secured in a pony tail, which still manage to reach at the length of her shoulders. It was an odd white silvered color. But many just assumed it was merely dyed. No one really knew it was the natural color of her hair. But that was just one of her secrets.*

    *Standing with her back against the wall, she inhaled and exhaled deeply, gathering enough strength to face the demanding drunks at the bar. With a forced smile she resumed her duties.*

    *At last, they were all gone and no one seemed to be coming by. Yet, there was still time remaining before closing. She would wait a half hour more. If no customers were to come in, maybe just maybe, she would be able to close off early. With a smile she took a seat at the stool behind the bar, setting one elbow on the counter and rested her chin onto her palm.*
  3. Eddie checked his sportswatch as he walked. It was starting to get later so that mostly clubs, bars and places only open 24 hours were alive. The street was a bit deserted on the stretch of road he was on. It was a cool night with a light breeze that raised a few small goosebumps on his exposed forearms. That was when he looked at his tattoo on his right forearm. He started at it intently as his eyes scanned over every ink marking. It was a cross with an old padlock over the middle of the cross. It was done in black and white. It was impressive artistically, but Eddie does not remember getting it. Silently, Eddie began to think about the day he woke up on a church pew with a couple thousand in his pockets and no memory of a life before then. He remember his name and that supernatural and creatures of myth were real.

    A passing car brought Eddie back to the world around him. He didn't realize that he was outside the address that Hunter had given him. It was a restaurant and bar. He checked his watch. He had been walking for well over a half-hour. He looked at the hours of operation for the restaurant and bar. The restaurant was closed but the bar was still open for a while. He grabbed the door and walked in. The place was fairly deserted. He shrugged and walked towards the bar part of the restaurant. It was a deserted except for a lone female bartender. He walked over and say a chair or two over from her. "Hi, Can I get a bottle of Heineken?" He gave her a warm smile while he waited.
  4. *That was it. There was no one else. Not a single soul at the bar. She smiled, clapping her hands together and giving out a slight jump. But she had celebrated a bit too soon. Sure enough there was another customer. She let her hands fall, but kept her smile. She had to be polite to the clients whether she wanted to leave or not. She slid quietly of her seat and straightened her posture, awaiting the customer's order. At least this man did not seem like the drunks from before. She gave the man a soft bow after listening to his order. Sure enough she moved over to one of the coolers to fetch the bottle. With a soft smile she set the bottle along with an empty glass and a small container with ice in front of the man.* "Here you. Can i get you anything else?"

    *She awaited for an answer, her thoughts wondering off much like usual. What was this man doing out here by his lonesome? She still did not quite grasp every detail about these humans behavior. But she had live among them quite a bit of time to realize what was usual and unusual about them. Most of the time these men traveled in packs, for what they would call 'a boy's night out.' Eh. It was none of her concern. She shook the thoughts away, returning her attention to the man.*
  5. Eddie shook his head at the girl as she clapped. It would seem she wanted the bar to close and she would be disappointed. After getting the bottle of beer, he took a small swig and smiled. "Thank you. And I am good for right now." He decided to wait a while before asking her about Karin. She might left work for all he knew and he did not want to seem like he was a creepy guy. He took another swig of beer. This one was longer than before. He looked her over. He tried to catch a peek at her nametag but the way it leaned hid the name.

    Thinking about for a while longer, Eddie decided that he probably should have asked what Karin looked like. That would at least given him and idea of who to look for while at this place. He sighed and shook his head before taking another swig of beer. Beer was not his favorite alcoholic beverage, but it was at least decent and something that would not get you too drunk too quickly. "Well, it looks like we are the on--" A small ring of a bell told him that someone else just showed up and the smell told him that this was not someone that should be on there. Eddie quickly turned and saw a tall and skinny man with a shaved head, big ears and pale almost gray skin. Eddie cursed silently then the man yelled. "You might want to run. I will hold him off."

    One might wonder how Eddie would do that at first glance of him. He was of medium height, lean but slightly muscular , and unarmed. The man that just walked him had a wooden axe handle, large forearms and just looked like he could kill without a slightest bit of remorse. Then, Eddie did something that a human would not be able to do. He got up, closed his eyes, put his hands toget directly in front of his chest and began to chant softly in a tongue not of this world. The man charged just as Eddie opened his eyes and pulled his hands apart. A shining katana began to appear between his hands. Fortunately, the man who charged was still off a ways as the katana was summoned. Eddie grabbed the katana and took a defensive posture like a samurai that has been through many battles.
  6. You're welcome. If you need anything just let me know." With that said, she turned away from the man, allowing him his own personal space. Those customers that did happen to come alone, usually wanted to keep it that way. They did not want any waiter hovering over them. At least that was what she came to realize from them. But of course not all were the same. Hopefully he would be the last customer for the night.

    She kept herself occupied, organizing glasses and bottles, making sure the wines where in their correct order. Allowing the man to enjoy his drink. She did not just want to sit there day dreaming. At least not in front of the customers.

    "Hm?" She turned her attention back to the man, only as he spoke. "Can I get you anything?" "Hm?" *She listened, waiting for him to finish his sentence, but there was nothing. He suddenly had just gone silent. "Uh..." She looked intently at him, wondering if this man was ok. "Sir? Are you...." But before she could finish her own sentence, her eyes were now drawn to the new person that had entered the bar. The stranger gave off a rather menacing aura. What exactly was he? Run? She looked back to her previous customer as he spoke. What kind of words were those? Run? Hold him off? But she could only assume that this man knew all too well who the stranger was. How was this tiny man going to hold up against the tall skinny man? Still she did not move, but was rather distracted by the man's sudden behavior. His eyes closed? She listened to his mumbles, but nothing she could understand. But the scene that unraveled in front of her eyes only caught her attention even more. How had he? Where did the blade come from? Suddenly all thoughts had been pushed aside as the stranger came charging towards the man. With wide eyes, quickly she ducked behind the bar.*
  7. The "man" swung his club from the side at Eddie as he reached him. Using the flat side of the blade, Eddie blocked then quickly moved into a slash across the stomach of the man. The man howled in pain for only a moment before turning to face Eddie. Once again, the man swung his club. This time, it was a overhand. Eddie brought his katana up to block again. The man kicked Eddie as he blocked. Eddie grunted and coughed as the wind flew out of him. Eddie took several step backs in hopes of regaining his wing. The man sensing that Eddie was on the defense began to press hard throwing kicks, punches and swinging his club. Eddie blocked, dodged, and countered as the man kept trying to press the advantage.

    Once Eddie regained his wind, he changed tactics and went on the offensive. He slashed, stabbed, kicked and punched as he pushed the man backwards. The man eventually dropped his club when Eddie feinted a slash at his legs. Eddie quickly severed the man's head. Before his head or his body hit the ground. The man disappeared with only his club left. Eddie mutter something and tossed his katana in the air. It faded and returned to wherever he had called it from. Eddie looked around. "You can come out now." Eddie acted really casual like what just happened was a normal occurrence for him. He grabbed his beer and finished it. "Also, can I have another beer please?" He smiled warmly.
  8. Where was she to go? What was she suppose to do? She couldn't exactly just run off and leave the business abandoned with these two insane men. Oh no. How was she going to explain such a situation to the owner if these two got out of hand? Surely enough there would be some damages done. But it wasn't as simple as separating a couple of drunk men. These men were using weapons! She peeked over the bar, only half of her face exposed over the counter, as she took a look at the customer and the stranger. It had already caused her a great shock at the simple sight of the man summoning such a weapon out of mid air. How was it possible to intervene in such a scene?

    To her surprise, things were not as bad as she had expected. The man was quick and seemed to effortlessly avoid any injuries. Was this man even human? Not that it mattered. She wasn't quite as normal herself, but preferred to keep her specialties hidden. For a moment the thought of helping the man crossed her mind, but was quickly pushed aside. No, she had to maintain an image of being only human. Whether she wanted to or not, from her point of view, the man did not need any help. He had so easily brought creature down. She stood up, and leaned over the counter to look at the body, but it was gone? How was it possible? No traces left behind. Nothing. Only his weapon.

    She looked over to the man, who simply took his seat so casually. Like nothing had ever happened. She remained silent for a moment, staring. "...." IT was not until he spoke, that she was brought back to her senses. "I-I'm sorry...." THis time around she only brought the bottle itself and handed it to the man. "You can take it with you... I am going to have to ask you to leave."
  9. Eddie took the bottle and checked his watch. "It is closing time already. But before I pay and leave, I have something I need to ask you? Do you know a Karin? A friend of mine suggested I talk to her and pointed me here." He pulled out a 20 of his back pocket and placed it on the counter. Keeping his hand on the 20, he waited for her to answer and trying his best not act weird or strange to put her off.
  10. "Yes, I apologize. I have to close." *Although this was not true, she could not risk letting another strange incident occur. Especially not like the one she had just experienced. It did not seem safe working at this hour any longer. Hm? The mans next few words took her by surprise. She remained silent for a moment, trying to keep herself calm. Why was this man looking for her? Never, not once had she seen his man before. And how was it possible that this so called friend knew who she was. If anything, she had no acquaintances. She tried to keep to herself as much as possible. Her eyes glanced from the money under the mans hand over to his eyes. * "Sorry I don't know who you're talking about. Why are you looking for this person? If you don't mind me asking?"
  11. Eddie kept his hand on the money and looked at her skeptically. Hunter's information was rarely wrong. Plus, she was asking on why he was looking for Karin. If she didn't know her, why should it matter? He looked at her and tilted his head sideways as he is trying to think. Slowly, he reached across the counter and reached for her name tag. That would answer the question to who she was.
  12. *She stood silent, waiting for any type of response. Come to think of it, it may not have been her greatest idea to ask these questions.* "Sorry, this is none of my business..." *She mumbled, waiting impatiently for the man to lift his hand from the money. All she wanted to do was get as far away from this man as possible. She had no business with anyone, especially not this person.* "Hm?" *Her eyes widened taking notice of the movement. Without much though, she reacted on impulse, quickly taking a hold of the man's wrist and pushing it back down against the counter.* "What are you doing?"
  13. "I can't see your nametag. What kind of professionalism do you have here, Karin?" Eddie asked as he quickly move his wrist free of her hand. "A friend of mine gave me your name after hearing about your unique set of powers." Eddie smiled nicely. "I am in need of help. I can pay if you well if you really need an incentive, but I am just hoping I can talk you into by my story." He lifted his hand from the 20 he had put on the counter earlier. "I have no memory of who I was before waking up in an old Catholic church pew here in Chicago. I had knowledge of my name, of this other world that you belong to, how to defeat them and how to handle weapons like the one you saw me use earlier." He took a swig from the beer. "I have my name and a lot of cash in my pockets when I woke. I have powers that no human should have even in they know of the secret world, not mention this weird tattoo." He pointed to his right forearm and showed it to her. He sat down and sighed. "I had no identity in this world when I tried going to the police. I am a ghost of sorts." He downed the rest of his beer before giving her a chance to speak.
  14. *She released hand, lowering her head down nervously. He knew. She chuckled, looking down at her name tag. She had forgotten such a small object pined to her shirt. * "I'm sorry...." *She apologized for the rude behavior, and remained standing in place. She was quiet, listening so intently to the man's story.*

    *She was aware of similar incidents, memory loss, creatures with strange abilities, people new to this world, but never had she heard anything like this man's story. How could someone just wake up with power and money and not have the slightest clue as to who he truly was? But the one comment that left her flabbergasted was the fact that he knew her secret. This man and his friend knew what no other soul was aware of. She gazed down over at the money and kept quiet for a moment longer after the man had finished speaking. "I don't need you to pay anything..." *She slid the money across the counter back to the man.* "You can keep it. Don't worry about the drinks." *She was flustered, sad, angry, a whole combination, unable to sort out how she was feeling at the moment.* "I'm sorry. That's an interesting story, but I can't help you."
  15. Eddie chuckled softly. "I am not expecting you to recover my memories. I was hoping that you could cast a spell or something to help me gain some information on who I was and why I am here of all places." He shook his head and took out a blank card and a pen. Writing down his name and a phone number, Eddie left the card on the counter. "In case you change your mind." He left the empty beer bottle on top of the card then picked up a the club that was left. Walking out of the bar, Eddie scratched the back of his head before turning to head home. He hummed a small tune as he walked.
  16. *All she could do was nod softly as she listened to the man. But still she could not help but wonder how this man knew the fact that she possessed such abilities. Or simply the fact that she existed in this world. At last the man had left, leaving only a card behind. She lifted the bottle and took the card. It was not like she was planning to contact this stranger. Either way she kept the contact information. As soon as the man stepped out she proceeded to close the bar. Those were enough strange visits for the night. After all had been properly secured she begun her walk home, looking over to the card in her hands.*
  17. It didn't take long for Eddie to get back to his place. He just jumped on the Metra train that ran late that night. During the train ride, he wondered if he was ever going to get a call from her. He was a stranger even though he did save her life and the bar. She only knew his name and that he had some weird powers with a matching story behind it. He shrugged but he needed to find someone he could trust to help in and most magic users were fairly liberal with their contracts.

    Getting off the train, he took a small detour down a side alley. He grabbed an old drum and put the wooden club in it. He found a small thing of gasoline and pour it on the club. He grabbed a few old newspapers from the recycling bin and tosses them on for good measures. Noticing a few homeless nearby, Eddie lit the fire and smiled at them. "Enjoy folks." He turned his back and walked away heading towards his home.

    Once there, Eddie closed and locked the front door behind. He undressed slowly and jumped in the shower. Then, he headed to bed for the night.
  18. She kept the card within her hand, glancing down at it everynow and then. And so her thoughts begun to wonder. Her home was at quite a distance, but taking a taxi would be enough to arrive home early. Although this time not only were taxis rare at this time, but she had managed to missed the only one in sight. It did not matter though. She needed the walk. There were too many things on her mind. And one being the thoughs of this stranger. Again she looked down to the card, looking intently at the name and phone number. Why had she kept it? Was she thinking of calling this man? No that was not it. But what was it? Had it been the fact that this had been her first encounter with someone not completely human. She was aware there where other beings out there. But never had she come across one. They all kept hidden from the world, and so did she. And she preffered to keep it that way. The less everyone knew about her, the better it would be to be.... to be what exactly. She let out a soft sigh as her eyes now glanced up only to make sure she was on the correct path home. Soon enough she was out at the front door of her house. Still her eyes focused on the card. Maybe she would call. Maybe she could help in someway. Somehow it felt rather comforting being able to talk with someone and not hide who she truly was.*
  19. Eddie yawned as he heard his alarm go off. He slept relatively well that night after the fight. That orge was unexpected especially since he was only visiting someone that might have been able to help him. He shook his head as he crawled out of bed. He changed into a pair of athletic shorts then headed towards the backyard. Picking up the bamboo blade laying near the backdoor, Eddie began to go through the forms that he learned and practiced daily. If one was to watch him, it would like he was in the middle of a tough fight.

    Practicing for several more minutes, Eddie works up a small sweat then begins to do exercises like pushups, situps and other non weight oriented training. He takes a moment after finishing a set of crunches to take a drink of water and cool off before walking inside. Jumping into the shower, Eddie began to wonder if Karin would actually give him a call or what she would do period.
  20. She exhaled deeply sitting atop her bed as the covers rested along her waist line. She gazed into the dark room, as her fingers fiddled with the card from that man. It was morning, and not the slightest bit of sleep had she been able to obtain after her last shifts incident. Coincidentally today was her day off from work. If this man knew others would surely come to know of her existence.

    With a sigh she set the card aside and continued to get out of bed. Maybe a nice shower and a walk would keep these things off her mind. With that in mind she continued her plan and stripped herself of her clothing and stepped into the shower. If this man knew of her workplace, was it possible they knew of her home? Maybe it had all just been some misunderstanding.
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