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  1. So this has been bugging me for almost a year now, and I've finally gotten the guts to admit I want to do this.

    Basically, the setting will be a 'Sci-Fi/Fantasy' mix, and I would really recommend reading at least this entire thread if you are interested.


    Allow me to explain!
    The time base would likely be around 2800-3000, right when human technology begins to dominate all known culture. Me, the Human girl, is just your average civilian trying to enjoy life for what's it's worth, and by chance bumps into your character and a friendship develops.

    However, unknown to me, you are not even human! And given your devious nature, you plan on finding a way into luring me away so that you may 'steal my soul.'

    But here's the catch, although you are a reaper, you begin to doubt your nature, and actually fall in love with my character. And the coven that you're in does not like this one bit.

    You try to protect me, while all the same keeping it a secret. But on one night, the secret is broken, and the shock revealed.

    There are generally no limitations in your character, the only thing is that they appear mostly humanoid, as the current era has developed a taste to play god, and have been creating and changing people into mystical creatures that have always been in the back of the minds of humans for millennium, and have successfully created these following races.

    Elves. Fae. Vampires. Angels. Lesser Demons.

    Werewolves. Phantoms. Giants.

    • Your character may look like anything in the Green zone.
    • Your character may be either Male or Female.
    • Your character may wear virtually anything you want them do, as long as it legal.
    • Your character may have any personality you want, provided that they are able to engage in conversation with my character at will.
    • Your character may Not look like anything in the Red zone, they are the enemy.
    • Your character may Not harm mine in any intentional way unless it is to save them. You love her, and want to protect her.
    • Your character may Not do anything that will immediately mark them as a public terror by the government, let's avoid the God Modding please.
    • Anything in the Smut category will be limited, and the maximum I'm willing to go is a "Closed Curtain" scene, where there will be a shade out and a skip to dawn.
    • And above all else, you have to use common logic.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to Pm me or post a reply here. Much more will be added when prompted, and I'm not afraid of ant suggestions.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.