A Second Chance

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  1. I scrolled through other topics to make sure there wasn't one of this nature already started. I'm pretty sure I didn't miss one, if I did oh well. I was inspired by @underpressure's thread here:

    DISCUSSION - What advice would you give your younger self?

    If you had a second chance to do something over again what would it be? If you feel comfortable sharing, why would you do that something over.

    Me personally if I had a second chance to do something over again it would be spending more time with my mom. Appreciating every moment even if at the time I was too busy because now that I don't have the chance I hold deep regrets.
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  2. I'd go back and pay more attention in World History back in highschool. The subjects are more fascinating to me than they were at the time, like the fall of rome and the warring states period, and he was always a fine storyteller. Dr Morgen struck a balance between the historical retelling focused on economic and social movements of countries and narratives about key players in the events that went down there. Plus, I feel kinda bad for the guy, and wish I tried even harder. He was a field medic in Vietnam, and a father of four, whose children have all left home.
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  3. It's honestly hard for me to say. There's so much I think back to and wish I did some other way, but then I wonder if I would be the same me if I had taken different choices than the ones I had.

    Nevertheless, I do believe if I could go back maybe thirteen years, then I'd force myself to complete highschool. It would have helped my self confidence some, I believe. I would also make sure to get my driver's license. Back then it wouldn't have been such a fear factor just thinking about it. :'<
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  4. I'd restart my marriage.
  5. Aside from not messing with the past in fear of the effects on the present, I'd...

    Actually, I would say I'm pretty confident with my life so far. Nothing major I would do over. Although I will keep this thread in mind the next time I find myself procrastinating.
  6. I wouldn't want to redo anything major, though life wasn't always the best it turned out to be something I can be happy and proud of.

    If there was one thing though, I would've made a better effort to make friends in college. Just because some of them turned out to be pretty interesting people once I got to know them post-college, and it might've made the college experience a little more interesting and perhaps better.
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  7. not try to kill myself


    not let my parents put me on SSRIs when I was barely eleven. I still wonder how much that affected my development. I want to know who I would be without them. I don't blame them for it though. They were scared and my doctors recommended it so they listened to them.

    and not fuck up every single friendship in my life somehow I guess
  8. Honestly take Geology and Biology in collage. I took what I enjoyed the most and didn't think how that would effect what I wanted to do in the future (Plus I failed two) - Now I've decided that I want to do Paleontology I totally regret taking the subjects I did because now I gotta take the looooong way round to uni :{

    However, taking the subjects I took, did get to travel to London and to go science fairs, so not all bad came from!
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  9. Er, some things coulda gone better, but honestly I feel that if I have time to excessively spend on regretting mistakes I have time for working on how not to fuck up in the future.

    Well, that and the first thing that came up was not going to a useless graduation ceremony because it was the polite thing to do and use the time/money for travelling to Shanghai instead.

    ... Yeah, I need to plan that trip.
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  10. Eh, I wouldn't really give myself a second chance since everything I did back then got me to where I am today. However, if I had to give myself a second chance, I would raise my hand and ask questions in my algebra one class. If my dad wasn't so scary back then, I'd also ask him about his divorce with my mon.
  11. I would wait two years before going to college. I took two years, and after that had to stop for medical reasons, only to learn that starting the next year, everyone from my county was offered at least two free years of college if they decided to go to the school I went to.
  12. I dunno, I might wanna do over my entire high school experience, because it was kinda just a complete mess and probably the lowest point of my entire life thus far, especially in the later years. But, like, I made it through okay, and I'd like to think that getting through those hardships is what really helped me grow as a person. Ideally I would want to, but if reliving those 4 years were to fundamentally change who I am, I wouldn't do it. It just depends on whether or not I get to retain the memories of my previous "attempt".
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  13. I'd change nothing. Mistakes and all the suffering that came with them taught me the lessons I take for granted now which make me a better person.

    There's no sense in focusing on what could have been--only what is.
  14. Tell my parents to pull me out Sophomore year rather than halfway through Freshman year. Yes, I would have been slightly more depressed. Yes, I would have been a lot more busy, but I wouldn't have to retake Algebra 1 this year, Algebra 2 next year, and Geometry over the summer just to get all the math requirements to go to college.

    Moved the longboard out of the room I was in before I leaned against the wall. Yes, it was an accident, but it cost me $375.
  15. There's a lot I'd like to change, but the changes I'd make would fundamentally change who I am.

    If I could, though, I'd talk more to one of my friends from junior year in high school. He was depressed, things happened, and I never even noticed. Everyone tells me he was a good actor, but what a shit friend I am anyway.
  16. There was a time that I could have seen Koko B. Ware in person. I let my anxiety get in the way of that. I really shouldn't have let it win. But you live, you learn and all that jazz. I still got to meet Doug Walker so some things turned out alright.
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