A Second Chance: Life after Death after Life



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RP Description(ish)--

. The almighty God Hades has been a bit overstocked on the souls of the damned as of lately. He has decided to reanimate the bodies of the most interesting people he has encountered over his years as God of the Underworld. Those people are all of you.
. You have been brought back to life for a second chance and only you know about it. To everyone else, you never existed until today, but this is unbeknownst to you. You're basically starting life over as an immortal half dead soul forever doomed to walk Earth disguised as a human being until the day you are killed. But, lucky for you, the only things that can kill you are other souls.

Details and Other Things--

. You've only been back one day and you haven't got much to show for it. You didn't come back with any memory of your past life, a home, a job, or even a decent set of clothes. Hades agreed to let you come back on two conditions: That you would try and hunt and kill the other souls without a clue as to who they are, and that you would attempt to relive your life better than your last one. You were able to be granted one power that normal people would not have. That power had a cost. Ex: The power to make people temporarily forget about something, Price: inflicting physical pain upon yourself. (If you've ever watched "Darker Than Black", you'll get what this kind of is.)

Rules and Application Sheet--

  1. Your character cannot come back to the world in a tuxedo or something like that, no matter what.
  2. Your character cannot have a power that helps them find other souls.
  3. Your character must be original. No ripping off other people or shows.
  4. Be as detailed as possible in your application, I love knowing about people characters.
  5. You cannot have "that one certain person" that remembers you or who you remember after you are reborn.
  6. If you get bored with this RP, PM me and I'll have Hades send you back to the Filed Of Asphodel.
Life and Death Section--
Name(First and Last)​:
Age At Death/Rebirth:
DoD(Date Of Death)​: Cause/Location of Death: Story(from birth to death)​:
Personality(During Life)​:
Appearance Section--
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Hair Length:
Skin Tone:
Accessories(Scrunchies, piercings, etc.)​:
Second Life Section--
DoR(Date Of Rebirth)​:
Place Of Rebirth:
Apparel Upon Rebirth
Personality(After Rebirth)​:
Special Power: